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7 Tips for UK Spouse Visa Application

July 13, 2023BY Faisal Mustafa

Spouse visas authorize British citizens, permanent residents, or persons with Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) to bring their spouses to the United Kingdom. It gives the partners the right to reside and work in the UK. The benefits of a UK spouse visa include the two and half year stay it permits (can be extended), the capacity to work with no restrictions, and the potential to acquire ILR after five years of stay.

Visa application mistakes and failure to meet the stipulated requirements may result in a spouse visa refusal. Implementing the right techniques can help boost your visa acceptance chances. Here are seven tips for a UK spouse visa application.

1. Hire an immigration attorney

Acquiring UK spouse visas is a complex and time-consuming process. The lack of sufficient information and several grey areas may create a roadblock for most people looking to join their partners in the UK. Solid legal representation lowers the possibility of performing potentially damaging errors that result in sudden application rejection or issues upon arriving in the United Kingdom.

Hiring a qualified and skilled UK immigration attorney is the best solution. These professionals are specialists in all UK immigration law aspects and knowledgeable in the complexities of the UK Spouse Visa application process. They’re always up-to-date with the newest immigration laws and regulation changes to ensure their clients’ applications are compliant and error-free.

A UK spouse visa attorney offers advice tailored to your specific situation. They assist you in completing and arranging your visa application, reducing the risk of omissions or mistakes that may lead to a rejected application or delays. Their expertise usually boosts your approval chances due to their ability to spot potential issues and weaknesses in your visa application and resolve them proactively.

2. Understand the spouse application laws and procedure

Failure to understand some legal spouse visa requirements may result in oversights that cause application rejections. It may also cause you to get stuck mid-way through your application preparation. This could mean you understand the regulations but not the many application steps involved.

Getting the process and laws wrong can lead to stressful, unpleasant experiences and higher refusal chances. Before starting your application procedure, read and understand the spouse visa application laws, regulations, and process. If you need clarification or help understanding these issues, consult an immigration lawyer.

3. Prove your relationship

The existing United Kingdom immigration laws require spouse visa applicants to prove their relations are authentic and subsisting. Under the UK Family Visa class, partner visas include:

  • Unmarried partner visa: It’s a visa for partners who’ve been cohabiting with British citizens or settled persons for at least two years
  • Married partner visa: This visa is for married partners of settled people or British citizens. Their marriage or civil partnership is recognized in the United Kingdom
  • Fiancé visa: It’s a visa for fiancés of settled persons or British citizens planning to marry their partners in the UK. The visa is valid for only six months

To prove your relationship, you must submit multiple documents to the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). The proof you submit should be at most four years old; its sources should be verifiable or official and show that your relationship is genuine. The documents you must submit for a spouse visa application will depend on the specific visa you’re applying for. Some of the documents you can send to the Home Office are:

  • Utility bills, council tax bills, or tenancy agreement indicating that you share bills or stay at the same address
  • Civil partnership or marriage certificate
  • A letter from your dentist or doctor verifying that your address is the same
  • Bank statements from joint bank accounts

You should also write a proof of relationship letter including your relationship timeline, details of when and how you met, your plans to stay together in the UK, and how your relationship has grown. You can also submit a portfolio of extra information proving that your relationship is real, including photographs, texts, and evidence of travel together.

4. Provide proof of income

You must meet the set financial requirements to qualify for a UK spouse visa. The visa sponsor (the partner settled in the United Kingdom) or the two of you have a yearly income of not less than £18,600. If you have kids who are not Irish or British citizens, don’t have pre-settled status, or aren’t permanently settled in the United Kingdom, you must verify that you have extra income. You can meet the financial threshold by combining income from:

  • Employment
  • Savings
  • Non-employment, such as rental income
  • Pension
  • Maternity pay
  • Self-employment
  • Benefits

5. Pass the English language test

Understanding the English language is one of the requirements you must meet for a successful UK spouse visa application. You can prove your knowledge by sitting for and passing the accepted English language exam. You don’t need to do the test if you can show your English language knowledge through eligible academic qualifications taught in English. You may be exempt from the English language requirement if you’ve been in the United Kingdom for five years on a family visa and wish to extend it as a parent or partner.

If you’re above 65 years or have any mental or physical condition that keeps you from attaining this requirement, then you’re exempt. People from the majority English-speaking countries may not be needed to complete the English language test.

6. Ensure documents not originally in Welsh or English are translated

The UK spouse visa application needs several supportive documents, including educational, financial, and personal. The UK government requires such documents to be originally written in Welsh or English. If written in any other language, the documents should be accompanied by a complete Welsh or English translation that the Home Office can independently verify.

Some documents you can get translated for a successful visa application include valid travel documents, past travel documents, financial documents proving you have sufficient income, and legal residence confirmation.

7. You must show intention to stay in the UK permanently

A successful spouse visa requires you to convince the UKVI that you and your partner plan to stay together in the UK permanently. You and your spouse must commit to living in the United Kingdom permanently after your visa approval.


UK spouse visa application is time-consuming and complex. However, implementing these tips can help ease the process.

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