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9 Checklist to Apply for Federal Skilled Worker Program in Canada

July 14, 2020BY Faisal Mustafa

Skill worker program is an important gateway to get permission for permanent residents in Canada. One of the main aims of the program is to create a skilled workforce that can greatly contribute to the Canadian Economy.

Skill and professional workers are much needed for Canada. When you first come to Canada, you need some special skills for getting Canadian work permits as well as citizenship. As a skilled worker or professional, you may have several options to go. You can apply for the federal skilled worker program or Quebec worker program. To know details about the federal skilled worker program, keep reading.

9 Things to Check Before Applying for Federal Skilled Worker Program

Federal skill worker applications are accepted based on their ability to be commercially established on immigration to Canada. The successful applicant of the program will get a visa that will allow them to live in Canada permanently.

As of 1st January 2015, all applications are being processed by the express entry selection system. It is a system to select the right skilled people for Canadian immigration. It is completely an electronic system which consists of many programs like the federal government, the provincial government, and the Canadian employees.

1. Factors of selection for the FSWP

Six selection factors are available to measure the skilled worker for Canada. IRCC uses 6 factors that give points and select under the federal skilled worker program. To qualify, you should get at least 67 marks.

If you have the required qualification for that, you can submit the file to the express entry pool. Once you have submitted the file to the express entry pool, you can rank it. Finally, if you obtain below 67 marks, you will not gain permission. To score better, you can follow some steps.

  • Improving language skill
  • Get another degree of the relative field like a diploma or certificate
  • Receiving an offer of arrangement in Canada.

By doing this, you can get good marks in the federal skilled worker program.

2. Communication expertise

It is essential to know at least one official language of Canada. If you know both English or French, it might help you to have a job in the Canadian market place. You might gain a maximum of 28 points if you have excellent knowledge in both English and French.

You might have the ability in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. You must achieve the maximum level if you CLB 7 or NCLC 7 for 1 official language. And to obtain the second language, you should have minimum CLB 5 or NCLC 5 in all areas.

3. Calculating language points for the 1st official language

1st language speaking listening Reading Writing
CLB 9 6 6 6 6
CLB  8 5 5 5 5
CLB  7 4 4 4 4
CLB below 7 Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable

4. Second official language

You will obtain only 4 points in case the second official language provided that you must complete al least CLB 5 each of all sections.

5. Educational qualification

As you go to school here, you have a certificate or diploma degree. It helps you to have a good score. This selection system is divided into 2 parts.

  • Secondary School
  • Post-secondary school

If you complete your education abroad, then you need an education credential report from an approved agency which will show your educational qualities are equal to Canadian education. You should attach your Canadian credential or foreign educational credential report during the time of application.

6. Work skill

You will gain the points according to the number of years you have spent while doing the work in Canada. Your experience will be counted if you meet the following criteria.

  • you studied in Canada
  • you were studying
  • being self-employed

National occupational classification (NOC) is a list of occupations in Canada and is used to classify the Canadian job market and Economy. It includes all responsibilities, duties, skills that are required for a particular job.

7. Planning employment in Canada

You might have points if you have an offer from the Canadian employer. You should achieve the job offer before you apply for the federal skilled worker program. A valid job offer has the following characteristics.

  • The offer will be a continuous job not contractual or seasonal
  • Your job offer must be the list under NOC.

At the same time, the authority should be convinced about the following facts.

  • You can be able to do the job that you get the offer
  • You must be able to get licensed or certificated to work in Canada.

8. Adaptability

You and your partners and any member who will immigrate with you to Canada can earn points for adaptability. You and your partner can gain 10 points together. It depends on some elements. These elements check how well you and your spouse can settle here.

To these points, you, along with your partner, must submit language test results from an approved agency during the time of application. The result will be valid for 2 years. So must apply before expiring the valid date.

Moreover, you will have to complete two years of the full study i.e.15 in a week. At the same time, your spouse or common-law partner have to complete at least two Academic full studied years. Furthermore, they must have good standing results during that time.

Your past work records are also important. You should work here at least a year of full-time work. Similar to your common-law partner or spouse must work here at least a year in Canada.

9. Check before you apply

You have to check all the basic requirements before applying for the federal skilled worker program. The basic requirements are as follows.

  • One year of a continuous full-time job
  • Have a valid job
  • Gain Canadian language test marks.
  • Achieve a degree from Canadian school or secondary school
  • Score 67 marks out of 100 according to the selection grid.

These are the basic requirement of the federal skill work program.


The federal skilled worker program is significant to have a permanent resident visa for an immigrant. Before applying here, you need some basic requirements. These requirements are essential for the am employee because the selection process highly appraised by these facts.

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