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Apply for Post Graduate Work Permit in Canada

May 24, 2020BY Dale Carroll

Are you almost done with your graduate studies and want to work in Canada? You have to apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.

This open work permit will offer you the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in Canada. Any Canadian work experience on any of the professions from the National Occupational Classification (NOC) list will qualify you for permanent residency.

If you want to work and stay in Canada after graduation, apply for a PGWP. This is an intricate process where you need professional help. Thus, contact Immigration in Canada to get help for the application process.

What is Post Graduate Work Permit Program (PGWPP)

The Post Graduate Work Permit Program (PGWPP) is an excellent opportunity for international students who have completed their program of study from any designated learning institutions (DLI) in Canada.

The permit is an open work permit that will allow fresh graduates to get a job, preferably in their field of study. This opportunity is a chance for them to gain Canadian work experience. This experience will enhance their opportunity to become a permanent resident or Canadian citizen in the future.

If a fresh graduate gets to experience in any of the professions listed in the National Occupational Classification (NOC) list, it will qualify them for permanent residency. They will become permanent residents through the Canadian experience class of the Express Entry.

Who can apply for Post-Graduation Work Permits

Any international graduate student in Canada with a study permit can apply for the PGWP. A student will have 180 days after receiving the final marks from applying for this permit. Your study permit must be valid at some point in those 180 days to be eligible for the application process.

Any international graduate student who meets requirements for a post-graduate work permit in Canada can apply for it.

  • The student should have a valid study permit at the time of the application
  • Full-time student in a vocational, post-secondary academic, or professional training program at a Canadian DLI
  • The student was authorized for off-campus work without a permit
  • The student never exceeded the allotted working hours

These are the new rules for post-graduation work permits in Canada effective from 14 February 2019. The old guideline is applied for all the applications lodged before 14 February 2019.

If your application has been refused based on the old guideline, you can apply for reconsideration under the new rules. The guidance for PGWP is based on paragraph 186(w) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR).

Processes for applying Post Graduation Work Permits (PGWP)

You can apply for a PGWP either inside or out of Canada. In both cases, you have 180 days after getting your

  • Transcript
  • Diploma
  • Degree, or
  • Official school letter

Your study permit must have enough extension to end at any point during these 180 days.

Study permit WILL expire

In many cases, the study permit will expire before the student gets any of those documents. According to Canadian immigration rules, you can either

  • Leave Canada and apply for your PGWP, or
  • Apply for a visitor record to extend your stay in Canada

Study permit HAVE expired

If your study permit expires and you haven’t changed your status to a visitor, you will get 90 days to apply for PGWP and restore your student status. In this case, you have to apply online and pay the fees.

Length of PGWP

The length of your PGWP will depend on the length of your study. If you were a two-year-long post-graduation program, you might get a PWGP valid for three years. Make sure you know the validity and take the necessary steps to extend it if required.

PGWP fees

The online application fee for a PGWP is CAN $ 255, and the student-status restoration fee is CAN $ 350. It is not necessary to apply in a separate application to restore your student status. Until you get your PWGP, you cannot work for any employer.

You will have to pay extra for biometrics. The fee for biometric data processing is CAN $ 85. You have to go to the nearest visa application centre (VAC) to give your biometrics. The fees need to be paid with the main application.

You will get a confirmation letter saying where and when you have to go for the biometrics. It is necessary to show this letter before you proceed to the biometric collection.

You can check for the nearest biometric collection points for your convenience.

Extension of PGWP

As long as you have PGWP valid, you can get the work experience. However, many students ask us can I extend my post-graduate work permit in Canada. The answer is yes, you can. You have to apply for a paper application.

Requirements for PGWP

If you want to apply for a post-graduate work permit in Canada, you have to answer several questions in the application form. They are related to your educational background and immigration status.

You may need academic documents from your school to prove your student status and educational standing. Both the questioner and documentation will help the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada to assess your application and make a decision.

Requirements for post-graduate work permits in Canada may look straightforward; however, it is always better to check and process them by a professional immigration law firm. Any issues in the application will make the processing lengthy and working difficult in Canada.


Now you do not have to worry about how to apply for post-graduation work permits in Canada. You know the eligibility and requirements.

However, when you are in transition from student to professional, it is not easy to maintain all those paperwork while you are searching through job sites and getting ready for interviews.

A professional help, in this situation, will not only make the process smooth but will also give you space to concentrate on the high priority tasks.

Get help from Immigration in Canada to apply for a post-graduate work permit in Canada. We ensure efficiency and professionalism at its best.