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All about automatic Visa Revalidation Canada

September 15, 2020BY Faisal Mustafa

There is a special visa facility for some F-1 students in Canada, an automatic visa revalidation process in Canada. This procedure allows  F-1 students to trip less than 30 days to countries connected with the United States border.

It also allows them to re-enter on an expired visa provided with authentic documentation. However, the visa holder has to ensure that s/he had not applied for a new visa during this period of visit.

Automatic Visa Revalidation: Travel to Canada without H-1B stamp

Canadian citizen does not need any stamp to travel to Mexico within 30 days. You should not need any H1B visa in your passport, but you might need some other necessary documents.

If you are a citizen of the United States, you might have some additional facilities. You can easily visit Canada and return to the United States if you have an H1B Visa stamped on your passport.

Can an illegal citizen in the United States will be able to enter Canada?

As long as the immigration officer finds you not criminally inadmissible, he contains good health and financially supports him to stay in Canada as a visitor. So you have a chance there if you fulfill all of these conditions.

Can you re-enter the US with an authentic I 94 an expired visa?

Some nonimmigrants will need to apply, and sometimes they have to reissue the visa to enter the United States. It will happen when their existing visa is getting expired.

However, they have possession of a valid admission stamp on a specific paper form i-94. We all know that automatic revalidation is goes to only a limited number of visitors.

Who must reapply visa at the Unites States consulate?

Normally the nonimmigrant traveler with an expired nonimmigrant visa needs to apply for getting a Canadian visa. Let me tell you about the popular categories that need revalidation.

  • People who are applying for a new visa which is not being issued
  • If your new visa was denied
  • Mistakenly you are out of the United States for over 30 days
  • If this person has a travel record of traveling to other countries unless Canada, Mexico, or some other adjacent Island
  • If this guy is the citizen of a declared terrorist country like Syria, Iran, Sudan, and some other countries. These people are not included under the visa revalidation process.
  • If this man has an F student visa and J visit visa and has a history of traveling to Cuba
  • If this guy has a student visa and travels from outside of the United States rather than traveling from Canada, or Mexico.

Entering Mexico with an expired United States Visa

If you are traveling to Canada or Mexico, the students and most probably exchange visitors who are carrying F and J nonimmigrants status can travel easily with an expired visa. They will not face any major problems here.

Remember one thing in your mind that you can visit most of the Islands but not all Islands. It is especially advised to visit the islands near the Caribbean Sea.

Is it possible to travel within the United States with an Expired Visa?

Keep a thing in your mind that you need a visa to enter into the United States but not flying within the United States. If someone asks you, can you fly within the United States with an expired visa?

Yes, you can. Keep one thing in your favor that your passport and I-20 is in your favor. If it contains any problem, then you can not travel there.

  • A person will be eligible for automatic visa revalidation if he follows these requirements
  • Let me tell you some categories that will be able to do automatic visa revalidation.
  • If this person is absent from the United States for almost 30days or a less period
  • If this guy will not visit the United States or Canada. Travelers who contain F-visa and J-visa are fully allowed to travel to the nearby Islands.
  • You should not have any pending or rejected the application in the pipeline.

This person should not be a citizen of the country who sponsors terrorism. These countries will not be eligible to enter the United States, Canada, or any nearby countries.

Final Words

There are certain conditions for automatic visa revalidation in Canada. If you need that, first readout all the rules and guidelines. I hope this article will help you know the details regarding automatic visa revalidation and all others.

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