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Top 7 Benefits of PR in Canada

August 11, 2020BY Immigrationincanada

If you are thinking of settling abroad, then Canada is the best choice for you. Canada offers foreigners permanent residence (PR).

PR of Canada is the golden deer and one of the most cherished abroad residence for anyone. It is one of the leading economic countries, and a big economy means a lot

Life is secured there, and its dwellers enjoy top-class citizenship. All these benefits have made Canadian PR very beneficial.

In this article, we will bring up the reasons and benefits why you should try to get the Canadian PR. Let’s take a look and check if it is worth trying.

Benefits of PR in Canada

PR means permanent residence, which is a kind of immigration status for foreigners in Canada. It is the first step in becoming a Canadian citizen.

Categories of Permanent Residence

Canada gives PR in 11 categories. You can get the PR status by fulfilling all the conditions of at least one category. Let’s get an overview of the categories.

  1. Express Entry: It is a system to find out the most skilled and experienced persons from the applicants. The Canadian government gives them permanent residence.
  2. Skilled Workers for Quebec Province: Quebec province does its own immigration works. So, if you are skilled and want to move to Quebec, it will be easy for you.
  3. Skilled Workers for All-Around Canada: You can also be nominated by any other province or territories of Canada.
  4. Sponsored Family Member: After becoming a citizen, anyone can apply for this. You can apply for the PR status for your family members. You can also sponsor your spouse or partner, children, parents, and even grandparents.
  5. Caregiver: Canada is taking immigrants who will provide care to the Canadian people who need it. You may have to give care to children, or senior citizens, or to the people who need medical help.
  6. Agro-food Sector: If you are interested in agro-food related jobs, you can be nominated for this category.
  7. Educated from Canada: You can get the PR quickly if you have completed your graduation from a school from Canada. And also if you worked or studied in some selected countries of the North Atlantic region.
  8. Entrepreneurs: Canada is an entrepreneur enthusiast country.
  9. Cultural Activists & Athletes: If you are a cultural or athletic activist, you can get the PR.
  10. Supporting Smaller Canadian Community: To support their local economy, many smaller Canadian communities take immigrants.
  11. Refugees: Canada gives shelter to refugees.

Top 7 Benefits of PR in Canada

PR Canada is your passport to a better life. Once you get the permanent residence status, you enter to this. Here are the most eye-catching benefits of Canada.

Freedom of choosing your living place & workplace:

When you get the permanent resident status, you are allowed to go anywhere in Canada. And you will have the legal rights to work anywhere in Canada you like. This means you can change your location at any time, and the place where you settled first after coming to Canada does not affect that.

Say, you have settled in Montreal after coming to Canada and doing your job here. But later you have got a nicer job in Toronto, and so you want to move there. No one will interrupt you. You are not abounded to stay in a fixed province or to work under a specific employee.

Universal Healthcare:

Canada provides universal healthcare to not only its citizens but also to the permanent residents. Canada has a publicly funded, national health insurance program so that people irrespective of their living place in Canada.

Every permanent resident meets the provincial requirement will get this health care coverage. This includes every medical necessity except for unnecessary dentistry and medical service, ambulance, and prescribed medicines cost.

Bringing Family to Canada:

After becoming an eternal dweller, you can take initiatives to bring your family to this country. The PR status gives you this right. So you can sponsor your spouse, common-law partner, and dependent children and let them stay along.

If you want to come to Canada through express entry, you have a better option. In that case, you can apply for your family for PR along with you.

Becoming A Canadian Citizen:

Getting this status is the first step of getting the citizenship status. Once you get the permanent residency, you move to Canada. Then you have to live there at least 3 years within the next 5 years of getting the permanent residency. No more hardships then and you can apply for Canadian citizenship.

Low Chance of Getting Lost This Status:

Once you get the PR status, no one can take it away from you. There is only a little chance of losing it. You must have to oblige your residency rules and commitments unless you lose it. And of course, if you make a serious crime, you will lose it.

Keep in mind that you must have to stay for 2 years every five years to renew your residency status. Otherwise, you will be disqualified to restore it. Again, if you have any problem with your residency status, you can not enter Canada.

Education Facilities:

Each permanent dwellers have the right to get an education there. They are provided education free of cost until they reach their eighteen. Then they have to pay for their education costs, but the cost is also PR friendly.

Canada has the world’s top-class universities. For example, the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, the McGill University, etc. In universities, immigrants have to pay the lowest.

For example, look at the tuition fees for the McGill University in the 2019-2020 session. For Quebec residents, the tuition fees were one-third of other Canadians and one-tenth of international students.

Zero Tax:

Canadian government do not put taxes does the newly arrived residents’ riches. But you might have to pay income taxes.

Let’s Give A Try!

Canada offers its permanent residents s some exclusive and newcomers friendly offers that are not offered by others. It has a friendly economy to grow your business there. You will have the utmost medical facilities.

This country provides needed help to its senior citizens. You will get top class education facilities there, and you and your family’s safety is ensured there.

Most importantly, the intake procedure of permanent residents is neutral and criteria based, and it is not corrupted at all. So you can get the chance depending on your ability. So why waiting for more? Let’s give it a try. Best of luck to you!

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