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The 20 Best Things to Do in Langley, BC

October 10, 2021BY Faisal Mustafa

Are you an immigrant who is interested in coming to British Columbia? Are you wondering what you’ll be able to do once you get here?

One of the best and most overlooked places to have some fun is Langley, BC. There are many places to go in Langley! Here are some of our favorite Langley attractions and activities.

Things to Do in Langley on the Weekend

Don’t be a homebody if you move to Langley! There are too many amazing things to do. 

  • Go on a Wine Tasting – Langley is full of amazing vineyards. You can tour the wine, taste the wine, and sometimes find some incredible food to go with it.
  • A Horse, of Course – Langley is the “horse capital of BC.” It’s full of equestrian centers, any one of which will rent you a horse for a day and set you loose on a trail. 
  • Take a Cruise – A river cruise, that is. Head to The Quay at New Westminster, then hop on board the night cruise or day cruise of your choice. 
  • Golden Ears Provincial Park – If you have a desire to surround yourself with some incredible natural landscapes then it’s hard to go wrong with Golden Ears. It’s open year-round, and offers breathtaking mountain views, access to Alouette Lake for water sports. Go camping, or just head out for a picnic. 
  • Head to Peace Arch Park – You can walk over to the United States without a border check if you’re doing it at the Peace Arch. It’s situated on the international boundary and was built to commemorate a commitment of peace between our two nations. When you’re on the US side, you’ll be in Washington State Park. 
  • Go Golfing – Langley plays host to several golf courses, including the Belmont Course, which is a full-length championship course open to golfers of every experience level. 
  • Give Yourself the Spa Treatment – There are plenty of spas to enjoy in Langley. CAVE Cures and Therapies is one such place; it has clinical counselors working right alongside massage therapists to help you achieve maximum relaxation.
  • Enjoy the Gardens – Head to Erikson’s Daylily Gardens to enjoy 3,000 varieties of day lilies. You can even bring some plants home by visiting their nursery.

Things to Do with Kids in Langley

Langley is an incredibly family-friendly place, and not just because it’s a safe community with an outstanding educational system. Check out these incredible activities. 

  • Take a Farm Tour – There 50+ working farms in Langley. The Langley Circle Farm Tour is one of the easiest ways to tour the best ones. This is a self-guided tour where you’ll encounter free range turkey products, shrubs for your garden, U-pick berry fields, farmstead cheeses, alpaca farming, and more. There are enough farms on the tour to keep you and the kids busy for many weekends. 
  • Hit the Fort Langley National Historic Site – Take a tour of what Langley was like in the 19th century by visiting a recreation of a fur trader’s village. Costumed actors help kids experience live-action history through a variety of hands-on activities.
  • Head to the Park – There are 17 neighborhood parks in Langley. The one the kids like best tends to be Brydon Park, because it has a large adventure playground. 
  • Head to Aldergrove Credit Union Community Center – This amazing community center includes a massive pool, a waterpark, an ice rink, and a fitness center. That means there will be a little something for everyone.
  • Bowl the House Down – The Alder Alley Bowling alley offers 10 lanes of bowling. You’ll enjoy a retro 1950s diner theme, complete with all the food you’d expect. 
  • To the Bat Cave! – Enjoy a family-owned-and-operated bat cage which is, in fact, called the Bat Cave. It’s open till 9pm. Don’t wanna bat? Watch your kids enjoy themselves while you kick back with hot dogs and popcorn at the tables and chairs, and maybe sneak a look at the real game on the big screen TV.
  • Revel in a Slice of Aviation History The Canadian Museum of Flight is right here in Langley, and yes, children are welcome to touch most of the planes. 
  • Catch Some Air – Langley is home to Extreme Air Park, the largest trampoline park in Canada. Your kids will work out plenty of energy while bouncing around 42,000 square feet of trampolines. 

Things to Do with Langley at Night

Okay, admittedly, Langley isn’t a nightlife hot spot. But there’s still some fun activities for you to consider for your next date night. 

  • Catch a Concert – Live concerts are available most weekends at the Bez Arts hub. You’ll catch local singers, bands, and comedy shows. Bez Arts Center also offers dance classes, music classes, film training, and more. 
  • Make Your Escape – E-Exit escape rooms will challenge you with a variety of themed escapes such as the Laboratory Escape or the Himalayan Cavern. 
  • Catch the Latest Blockbuster – You never have to worry about social distancing at the Twilight Drive in. Candy and popcorn are available, and the theater plays movies regardless of the weather. 

We’ve only scratched the surface!

There are dozens more activities to enjoy in Langley! If you move here, you’ll have to work hard to get bored. If you run out of things to do in the local area, you can take a bit of a drive to enjoy some of Surrey’s activities, or Vancouver’s. 

The amazing activities are just one of the things that can make life in BC absolutely amazing. 

Ready to enjoy everything Langley has to offer?

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