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Surrey Immigration Litigation Lawyers

Are you in a civil dispute with another fellow immigrant? Is this a non-criminal case? Are you uncertain how to strategize and plan to move forward with the case?

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Surrey Refugee Protection Lawyers

According to the law of the 1951 Refugee Convention and the 1967 Protocol, refugees have the ultimate right to seek shelter or asylum in a safe land away from the dangers in their own country.

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Surrey Temporary Residence Lawyers

Canada has been a popular destination for people around the world for its immigrant-friendly culture. People across the globe come here for education, work, and even for traveling.

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Surrey Citizenship Lawyers

With numerous wars going on, seeking citizenship in safe countries is nothing new. Do you want to know if you will fit into any category of seeking citizenship? Then look no more; you are in the right place.

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Surrey Permanent Resident Lawyers

Do you want to immigrate to Canada? Are you moving with the purpose of working or for higher studies? Are you wondering how to become a permanent resident in Canada?

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