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Citizenship processing is always breathtaking. However, Canada has a transparent outline on how to apply for Citizenship compared to other nations. You can also take help from one of our top qualified citizenship lawyers to sort out your problems related to citizenship application.

Obtaining Citizenship by Birth

If you were born inside Canadian territory, you are considered a Canadian citizen. A child being born inside Canada from non-citizen parents can also become a citizen of Canada.

Permanent Resident Status after Living

To avail of a permanent resident (PR) status in Canada, you have to be eligible to apply for permanent resident status. Another way to avail of a PR is an application for Express Entry. You can apply for a PR status in Canada if you have secured a minimum of sixty-seven (67) points out of a hundred.

You have to earn points in the following sectors:

  • Age – maximum points 12
  • Education – maximum points 25
  • Language skill – maximum points 24
    (For official languages: English and/or French)
  • Work Experience – maximum points 15
  • Adaptability – maximum points 10
  • Employment arrangement – maximum points 10 (additional, not mandatory)

You can look for the detailed distribution of the points to know more.

Remember, you have to stay for 730 days within five years to keep your PR valid.

Things you need to do to become a citizen through naturalization

To acquire Canadian Citizenship through the immigration process is known as getting Citizenship through the immigration process. You have to know the following things if you are planning to become a Canadian citizen through the Naturalization process:

  • You have to apply for immigration to Canada
  • After arrival in Canada, reside inside Canada for a certain period
  • You have to earn the minimum eligibility points to apply for PR
  • You have to gather all the required documents neatly
  • You have to apply for Canadian Citizenship

To know detailed information on this matter, we recommend you to take advice from an immigration consultant.

What Happens to Naturalized Parents’ Children?

If you are a Canadian citizen through the naturalized process, your children can become citizens of Canada. However, the law states they require to be under 18 to become citizens automatically after your naturalization.

Your child will be a Canadian citizen even born outside of Canada if one of its parents has been a citizen before birth.

Note that your non-Canadian adopted child will become a citizen when you become a Canadian citizen through naturalization.

If you face any legal complications regarding your child’s Citizenship after your naturalization process, your smart move is to take legal assistance.

What happens to Naturalized Parents’ Original Citizenship?

The Canadian immigration and citizenship laws have a relaxation policy about your Citizenship from another country. That means you can keep your Citizenship from another country even after availing of Canadian Citizenship.

However, you may require to give up your Citizenship if the citizenship act of another country does not allow dual Citizenship.

You can contact the embassy or the office of the high commission to verify the issue.

How Is the citizenship test?

The Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada authority tests before approving your citizenship request depending on your age and application. For some age groups, candidates have to take both the test and the interview.

Similarly, people from specific age groups are exempted from taking the test, but they have to interview.

Citizenship – After Living In The Country As A Refugee

After living in the country as a refugee, you might be able to apply for Canadian Citizenship.

The citizenship process after living as a refugee in Canada is extremely complex. It is highly recommended that you take legal help from an immigration lawyer on this matter.

What does My Citizenship Application Status Mean?

Your citizenship application status means the current stage of your citizenship processing after application. After you have received the acknowledgment of receipt (AOR) or email from IRCC, you can check the latest progress of your citizenship application.

If you have not received any AOR after document submission, kindly contact the immigration and citizenship authority.

Citizenship Application Requirements

To submit a citizenship application, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • A permanent resident
  • Proof of living in Canada for 3 years within five years
  • Based on application type, evidence of tax files
  • Proof of passing the citizenship test
  • Proof of any official language proficiency (English or French)

You can make an on-paper application for Canadian Citizenship. You can also consult an expert immigration lawyer for further guidelines.

Who Can Represent Me on My Citizenship Application?

According to the existing immigration law of Canada, a hired person, through giving remuneration, should be authorized to represent. Usually, you can enlist any of the following people to represent you on your citizenship application:

  • Your immigration lawyer
  • Notaries (including paralegals)
  • Students at law
  • ICCRC – Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council

If you still have more quires on this matter, you should consult an immigration lawyer.

What If My Citizenship Application is Refused?

You can apply again for your citizenship application after being denied. To do so, you have to:

  • Include all required documents and forms with the new application
  • Pay fee for the further application processing
  • Make sure that you qualify to apply

There is no waiting time to reapply. There is no appeal division for citizenship application refusal. However, you can file a lawsuit for judicial review in a Federal Court of Canada. You’ll get 30 days to take this step.

How Long does It Take to Process Calgary Citizenship?

Your citizenship application time cannot be exactly determined. Various types of citizenship applications take different times to process and complete.

For instance, citizenship grant processing takes around 12 months. Resumption of Citizenship takes 16 months. A search of citizenship records takes approximately 10 months.

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To submit an excellent citizenship application, you can consult one of our highly qualified lawyers to reach out to us. You can call us at (403) 538-3460 or email us at [email protected]. To have an in-person consultation session, kind book an appointment.

We guarantee that you will always be on the right track with assistance from our devoted legal team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our experienced legal team has prepared the following set of frequently asked queries. Read them to clear similar doubts.

How much does a citizenship lawyer cost?

The charge for an immigration lawyer depends on few variables. They are types of application, number of consultation sessions, and number of applicants.

Do Lawyers help with Citizenship?

Yes, an experienced lawyer can help you fill-up the application form appropriately and provide the necessary guidelines regarding the process.

Can any lawyer do immigration?

It is strongly recommended that you hire only a registered immigration lawyer for your citizenship application.

Is online Citizenship application faster in Canada?

Technically, applying online is faster than applying on paper. The processing starts immediately after online submission. However, the processing time takes time, regardless of how you apply.

Do I have to wait for five (5) years to apply for Canadian Citizenship?

Usually, you have to wait for five years to apply for Canadian Citizenship. However, the time varies based on application type, so consult an immigration lawyer to know that.

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