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If you have been a permanent resident (PR) in Canada long enough, you may be eligible to apply for full citizenship. This would allow you to vote, run for office, and obtain certain high-security clearance positions just like any other citizen could.

If you want to obtain citizenship then you’ll want a skilled immigration attorney by your side. We can help you make your application as strong as possible before you submit it, smoothing the process and giving you your best chance of success.

Obtaining Canadian Citizenship as a PR

You may apply for citizenship if you are:

  • A permanent resident.
  • You have lived in Canada for 3 out of the last 5 years.
  • You have filed and paid your taxes properly every year that you were in Canada.
  • You have passed your citizenship test.
  • You can prove adequate language skills in French, English, or both.
  • Your permanent residence status is in good status.
  • Your presence in the country is not under review for immigration or fraud reasons.
  • You are not under a removal order.
  • You have filled all the conditions of your PR status.

The Canadian Armed Forces also has a fast-track program with additional requirements.

Before filling out the application or taking the test you should meet with a qualified citizenship attorney. We can help you identify and resolve any outstanding issues that might stand between you and citizenship.

Adopted Children of Canadian Citizens

Adopting a foreign-born child does not automatically make that child into a citizen, though the adoption process will make the child into a permanent resident. Parents may apply for citizenship on the child’s behalf, or the child may apply for citizenship themselves when they turn eighteen years old.

Canadian Citizenship for Refugees

Refugees become permanent residents when their claim is approved. Once they have been granted PR status and have lived in the country long enough they may apply for citizenship like any other PR, and must meet all the same requirements.

Citizenship Application Requirements

You’ll need to start an application online. While it is still possible to send in a paper application this can lead to delays and problems.

You’ll be asked to send in the following documents.

  • An Application for a Citizenship Certificate
  • A citizenship photograph.
  • Two pieces of personal identification, such as a passport, a driver’s license, or a health insurance card. One must have your photo on it.
  • Proof of a fee payment.
  • If you are changing your sex or gender, you must make a Statutory Declaration.
  • If you’ve changed your name you must provide a proof of legal name change.
  • Your Canadian birth certificate or your country-specific birth certificate displaying the name of your Canadian parent, if applicable.

Your situation may require other documentation. Speak to your attorney about what you’ll need to gather before submitting your application. You can expect to wait about six to twelve months before your citizenship application will be fully processed.

What Happens to the Children of Naturalized Parents?

Your children will remain PRs until they undergo the naturalization process themselves. The exception would be children who are born after you become a citizen. Those children become Canadian citizens by right of birth.

Being born in Canada makes you a citizen even if your parents are not naturalized citizens or citizens by birth.

What Happens to the Original Citizenship of Naturalized Citizens?

It depends on your country of origin.

Some countries make you relinquish citizenship in their borders when you adopt Canadian citizenship. Canada does not require this: you may hold multiple citizenships in Canada.

For example, you will lose Chinese citizenship if you become a Canadian citizen. You’ll lose your citizenship in India as well, though you will be able to register as an Overseas Citizen of India to receive a multi-entry permanent visa that allows you to act as a permanent resident of India while taking away your political rights.

What is the Canadian Citizenship Test Like?

The test may be taken online. You should give yourself half an hour to do the test.

The test consists of 20 questions. You must get at least 15 of them correct if you want to pass. It will cover the rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizens, the basics of Canadian history and political systems, Canadian geography, and questions about your region.

The test itself is designed to assess your basic language ability as it would be difficult to pass the test if you were unable to understand the questions.

To study for the test, we recommend downloading a copy of the Discover Canada guide. This free guide has all the information you could possibly find on your citizenship test. Memorize the information inside, and you should be well-prepared when the time comes.

What Does Each Citizenship Application Status Mean?

If you log onto your account online you’ll see one of three citizenship statuses. They are “in progress,” “closed,” or “congratulations.” They’re pretty self-explanatory!

If your application status shows as “closed” you should contact your citizenship attorneys right away. If we move fast enough we can ask that you receive a judicial review of the decision courtesy of the Federal Court of Canada.

While there is no waiting period for reapplication, it’s always a good idea to figure out why your citizenship application closed first. That way you and your attorney can work together to rectify the problem, giving you a better chance of winning citizenship the next time you apply. This will also save you money, as it costs $630 each time you want to apply for citizenship.

Get Help from a Citizenship Immigration Attorney Today.

Working with our immigration attorneys will give you your best chance of seeing your citizenship application approved. If you make a mistake it can be harder and more expensive to fix that mistake later.

Our attorneys have decades of experience with immigration law, and have helped thousands of individuals become Canadian citizens.

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