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Are you planning to submit an immigration application for family class sponsorship in Calgary? Then you have come to the right place to know the details related to family class immigration sponsorship.

What is family class immigration?

Family class immigration is an immigration program aimed to make a smooth reunion of a Canadian resident or citizen with his/her family living outside Canada. Under family class immigration, you can sponsor your spouse, common-law/conjugal partner, parents, offspring or adopted offspring.

How to Sponsor a Family Member to Calgary in Canada?

You have to follow the guidance and regulation of Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Firstly, you have to qualify as a sponsor to apply for immigration for your close family members.

According to the IRCC outline, to be an eligible sponsor, you must:

  • Be 18 or above.
  • Have permanent residency or Canadian citizenship.
  • Reasonable income to provide fundamental living expenses of the sponsored person.

After meeting the eligibility of becoming a sponsor, you have to take steps according to the IRCC guideline.

Family Sponsorship Process

As an eligible sponsor, you have to submit an application for your relatives. Simultaneously, the sponsored individual has to apply for permanent residence.

The family sponsorship process can be summarized in three stages. They are:

  • Selecting the most suitable application package
  • Making the payment for your application fees
  • Final submission of your application

If you lack adequate experience in family sponsorship immigration, we recommend hiring an immigration lawyer.

Requirements to be a Sponsor

The IRCC clearly states the following criteria to become an eligible sponsor for family immigration:

  • Minimum age 18
  • A Canadian citizenship
  • A permanent resident
  • A listed person in Canada under the Indian Act.

You may also be counted as disqualified to sponsor under the following ground:

  • You are serving jail time.
  • You require social assistance.
  • You have not been up-to-date with your child support.
  • A court declared you bankrupt, and the status has not changed.
  • You have not cleared the immigration loan.
  • You have violated sponsorship guidelines in a previous sponsorship process.

To assess your eligibility as a sponsor, you can hire an immigration lawyer.

Who Can You Sponsor?

You can sponsor your close family members. Below is a list of people you can sponsor for the family immigration process:

  • Orphaned brother
  • Orphaned sister
  • Orphaned nephew
  • Orphaned niece
  • Orphaned grandchild

They have to be blood-related. In addition to them, you may sponsor a maximum of one person related by blood or adaptation.

We recommend that you consult an immigration lawyer to know who is eligible to be sponsored and an individual exception to the IRCC law.

Spousal Sponsorship

You can submit spousal sponsorship with or without taking legal help. Remember, if you agree to be a spousal sponsor, you are obliged to sign an undertaking. The undertaking is an acknowledgement of your obligation as a spousal sponsorship to provide for your basic needs.

The basic needs you need to cover are:

  • Food, apparel, accommodation and other daily expenses.
  • The federal health care system does not cover vision care, oral treatment, and other medical care.

To know more about other necessary things, contact one of our expert immigration lawyers.

Sponsoring Your Child

To sponsor your child, you must:

  • Provide them with financial support.
  • Ensure that the child does not require social assistance from the government.

To know other legal obligations related to sponsoring a child, you should consult an immigration lawyer.

Also, note that there are different rules to adopt a child outside of Canada.

Who is Eligible for Family Class Sponsorship?

According to IRCC rules and regulations, an individual should meet the additional requirements. An eligible person for family class sponsorship should meet the following criteria:

  • The person cannot be accused of a severe criminal offence.
  • He/she cannot be a threat to Canada on security grounds.

Overall eligibility for getting sponsorship is determined by the individual’s ability to contribute to Canadian society and the economy. You can talk to a legal consultant to know more about a person’s eligibility for family class sponsorship.

Requirements for a Sponsor (Canadian citizen or permanent resident)

According to Canadian immigration laws, you are qualified to be a sponsor for family class immigration if you have:

  • A Canadian citizenship
  • A permanent residence

So a sponsor can be either a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. In addition to these, you as a sponsor have to be both socially and financially eligible.

Why is Legal Help for Family Sponsorship Important?

Legal help will facilitate your application processing for family class immigration. Legal assistance for family sponsorship is important because:

  • You can fill up forms and documents appropriately without any error or mistake.
  • You will have zero chance of omitting essential documents.
  • A clean and accurately submitted application will have a higher chance of getting approved.
  • It will save you money for reapplying.
  • You can always get instant advice in each stage of the processing.

To keep your immigration sponsorship process hustle-free and straightforward, taking legal help is a smart choice.

Who Has the Right to Make an Immigration Appeal?

According to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, the following people has the right to appeal:

  • The sponsor
  • The denied applicant

To get a precise idea of this, please hire an immigration lawyer.

How Long Does an Immigration Appeal Take?

There is no fixed duration to resolve an immigration appeal. However, a typical appeal for immigration takes from eight (8) to 18 months.

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With our expert immigration lawyer, you will never be in doubt about immigration through family class sponsorship anywhere in Calgary.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can read the commonly asked question below to know about your query.

How Much Income Need to Sponsor Family?

To sponsor one person in Canada, you $26,426 as the bare minimum annual income.

How to Sponsor a Family Member to Come to Canada?

You can read the Family Sponsorship Process section to know the details.

What If My Sponsorship Application is Refused?

If your sponsorship application is denied, then you can apply again. However, you cannot apply again if the decision letter explicitly states that.

How Long with The Sponsorship Application Process Take?

Depending on your application type, the processing time varies. You can consult our expert lawyers to get an estimated time.

Who Has the Right to Make an Immigration Appeal?

Usually, the sponsor or the applicant has the right to appeal.

How Long Does an Immigration Appeal Take?

Usually, an immigration appeal takes 8 to 18 months to have a final verdict.

Can I Sponsor My Sister in Canada?

Yes, you can sponsor your sister (first blood) in Canada.

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