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Litigation means the process of filing a lawsuit. Normally, when parties cannot resolve disputes on the mutual agreement, the claim is taken to court. Then the court ensures a fair and undisputed outcome.

However, the litigation process can, sometimes, be more than a little lengthy, in addition to being complex. If your issue is concerned with immigration, you can take legal assistance from one of our Calgary immigration litigation lawyers.

What is Litigation Lawyer?

A litigation lawyer is a specialized legal practitioner. A litigation lawyer is also known as a trial lawyer. Generally, you need to hire a litigation lawyer when you are a defendant in a lawsuit. A litigation lawyer can investigate and appeal a case over a civil dispute.

Normally, you cannot counter the accusations brought against you by the plaintiff (the person who files a case against you). You are called a defendant under the legal system. You need to hire a legal expert to talk on behalf of you to defend yourself.

Whenever you want to settle a disagreement in court, you need to hire a litigation lawyer who is an expert in that particular area. An immigration litigation lawyer argues in the courtroom on behalf of you. He/she either defend you from a charge brought against you by the immigration authority or claims a fair solution against the authority’s decision.

Is a Litigator the Same as a Lawyer?

To a common person, a litigator and a lawyer are always synonymous. But there is a slight yet solid difference between a litigator and a lawyer in the world of legal practices.

The function of a litigator defines him/her and makes him/her different from a lawyer. The functions of a litigator are:

  • To file a civil lawsuit against a party for you.
  • To defend you from charges brought by a plaintiff against you.
  • To save you from loopholes of the legal system in the court proceedings.
  • Governed by the Civil Procedure Rules, 1998.
  • To only deal with a legal matter of a litigator’s specialized order.

On the other hand, a lawyer has a more extensive range of knowledge on various legal matters. A lawyer is like a general consultant who has good knowledge of multiple legal situations but is not any specialist. However, you usually go to a lawyer to gather primary ideas on a particular legal matter.


What does a Litigation Lawyer do?

A litigation lawyer fundamentally defends you in the courtroom or argues your claim in the courtroom. In the previous section, you have got what the function of a litigation lawyer is. A litigation lawyer needs to follow a structured procedure aligning with the Civil Procedure Rules, 1998.

What a litigation lawyer does is given below:

  • Starting the litigation process by filing a claim or defence.
  • Preparing necessary documents (like claim form and statement of the case).
  • Notifying objection to claim formally.
  • Providing pre-trail guidelines to a client.
  • Defending or arguing during the trial.
  • Submission of an appeal if necessary.

These are some of the general steps a litigator has to follow. In a real-world scenario, a litigator has to do many other things too. For instance, a litigator investigates or examines the evidence or case details.

Types of Litigation Lawyer

Types of litigation lawyers are limited by the number of segments of civil disputes in the legal system. Some of the most common types of litigation lawyers are:

  • Corporate & commercial litigation lawyer
  • Immigration litigation lawyer
  • Personal injury litigation lawyer
  • Civil litigation lawyer
  • Tax litigation lawyer
  • Family litigation lawyer

Based on legal jurisdiction, the types of litigation lawyers changes.

Civil Litigation Lawyer

A civil litigation lawyer deals with disputes that are not subject to a criminal lawyer.

A civil lawyer specializes in:

  • Powerful diplomatic reply to defend the client
  • Display of sharp wits immediately in the courtroom
  • Excellent and effective negotiation skills
  • In-depth knowledge of civil laws

A litigator lawyer helps you resolve disputes that are not classified as a criminal offence.

Commercial Litigation Lawyer

A commercial litigation lawyer deals with the litigation process of commercial disputes. A commercial lawyer excels in the following areas:

  • Sound knowledge of financial rules and terms
  • Simplifying the complex equation of commercial deals and disputes
  • Determination to maximize clients interest

A commercial litigation lawyer is always on a busy schedule, as he/she has to handles seemingly unlimited commercial disputes.

Corporate Litigation Lawyer

A corporate litigation lawyer is almost identical to the role of a commercial lawyer. A simple difference is that a corporate litigation lawyer only gets involves in corporate disputes.

On the other hand, a commercial litigation lawyer deals with personal, commercial disputes. However, a commercial litigation lawyer can also deal with corporate commercials disputes.

A corporate litigation lawyer is usually a bit more expensive than other litigation lawyers.

How will a Litigation Lawyer Help You?

A litigation lawyer helps you primarily speaking in the courtroom on behalf of you.

A litigation lawyer usually performs the below tasks to help you:

  • Preparation of claim in the court
  • Correcting the language of your written papers
  • Provide training to talk in the court without any legal loopholes
  • Maximize the chance of getting the outcome in your favour
  • Investigate the case and claims
  • Accurately assemble your pre-trail documents
  • Effectively submit your appeal request

Hiring a litigation lawyer is usually expensive, but the sooner you hire one, the more you save.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can read the below FAQs prepared by our expert immigration litigators to have an advanced idea.

What Does a Litigation Lawyer Deal With?

A litigation lawyer deals with resolving civil disputes in a courtroom.

What is the Difference Between a Litigator and a Lawyer?

A litigator is a legal representative who works in a specific field of law. A lawyer is a general idea on many diverse branches of legal matters.

How Long Will It Take to Resolve an Immigration Litigation Process?

Usually, it takes between 8 to 18 months to resolve a litigation case. It is always recommended to hire an immigration lawyer.

How Much Do I Need to Pay for the Litigation of a Case?

You normally need to pay more than lawyer consultation fees to litigate a case. Plus, hiring a litigation lawyer is also expensive.

What is a Reasonable Settlement Offer?

A reasonable settlement offer is a mutually agreed amount that is offered to resolve a civilian dispute.

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