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How to apply for a special type of work permit?

If you are already inside Canada, then you can apply for a special work permit under the following situation:

  • You have a valid study or work permit
  • Your spouse, conjugal partner, or parent has a valid study or work permit
  • Your post-graduation has expired or will expire within the next 120 days or four months
  • You are eligible for a post-graduation work permit with a valid study permit
  • You are recognized as Convention Refugee or a protected person by IRCC

To apply for a special work permit, you have to follow the below procedure:

  • Stage 1: Arrange all your necessary documents and tool
    (this includes your debit or credit card.)
  • Stage 2: Follow the guideline
    (specifically Guide 5553)
  • Stage 3: Formulate your answer for the online tool
  • Stage 4: Be aware of the fees you have to pay
    (Remember fees change based on permit type and other variables.)
  • Stage 5: Prepare your online account
    (You need the same account to pay fees, application submission, and check application progress)

You can also apply on paper under the following condition:

  • Due to a disability, you are unable to apply online
  • For a technical error, you cannot apply online

You should follow Instruction Guide 5553 to apply on-paper or online.

Can I become a permanent resident?

Canada has many programs that allow you to become a permanent resident. If you fulfill the requirement for any of the below programs, you can become a citizen through any of the programs:

  • Express Entry System
  • Provincial Skilled Worker System
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Federal Skilled Trade Program
  • Start-up visa

You can check the detailed requirements to become a permanent resident.

How to Hire Foreign Workers Residing Outside of Canada

You have to follow three fundamental stages to hire foreign workers. They are:

  1. Submission of an employment offer or getting a LIMA
  2. Instruct the worker to apply for a work permit
  3. Acknowledge the worker what to expect from their application

You may need different types of procedures for different workers.

Temporary Foreign Workers

When an employer hires workers from outside Canada to cover their temporary labour shortage, they are called temporary foreign workers.

International Students

International students need to take work permits to work while their studies are ongoing. In some cases, international students are allowed a post-study work permit for a certain time.

Permanent Workers

Usually, recent graduates are the significant source of permanent foreign workers. An employer needs to show the foreign employee’s permanent resident application in support of a permanent placement.

Calgary Foreign Worker Applications Processing

For employing foreign workers in Calgary, both the employer and employee should follow the work permit guideline and IRCC visa instructions.

First of all, you have to select the type of employee you want to hire – it can be temporary or permanent foreign workers. Then you have to identify the location of the prospective foreign employees. The process becomes easier if the employee is already residing inside Canada.

There are five types of specialized applications for hiring foreign works in Canada. They are:

  • Express IT
  • Global Talent STEM
  • Academics
  • Agriculture
  • Caregivers

An employer can also hire under general applications for a wide range of professions. In this case, an employer must follow the federal rules for high and low wage streams.

In most cases, your application needs an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) approval to process.

For your application-specific processing, hire one of our skilled immigration lawyers to complete your application correctly.

Labour Market Opinion (LMO)

An employer of foreign workers must take approval from Human Resources & Skill Development Canada. A Labour Market Opinion (LMO) is required to get a general overview of a foreign worker’s contribution to the Canadian economy.

An approved Labour Market Opinion is called a positive LMO. This means the authority is satisfied with your prospectus of hiring foreign employees for a particular position. A neutral LMO means that the authority is not sure of the employee’s contribution to the Canadian economy.

Employer Responsibilities Continue After Hiring

The employer has responsibilities toward temporary workers after hiring. A common set of responsibilities of an employer after hiring are:

  • To examine their work permit
  • To acknowledge employees of their expiry date
  • To maintain placement agreement throughout the employment duration
  • To prepare medical insurance
  • To ensure a safe workplace
  • To ensure the mental and physical wellbeing of the employees
  • To ensure fairness in evaluating the employees
  • To promote workplace solidarity and equality

The employers have to review and adapt to the new changes.

Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) is program conduct by the federal government of Canada. This program aims to facilitate Canadian employers to hire necessary skill power when that is not available from the inside population.

The TFWP has the following four bodies under its control:

  1. Live-in Caregivers
  2. Seasonal Agricultural Worker
  3. Skilled workers
  4. Low Skilled Workers

The common features among all the four segments of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program are:

  • “Closed” Permits: it means they only operate to assist the listed companies or employers.
  • Government Approved: Each employee must have legal approval from the Canadian government.
  • Duration of Employment: each placement should specify the start date of employment. At the same time, the employer also provides an estimated date of expiring the placement.
  • Canadian Employers: a foreign worker can be hired only if the Canadian government has formally requested to hire them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our expert immigration lawyers have prepared a set of most commonly asked questions. You can read them below to know about common issues regarding work permits.

What is the employer compliance fee?

The must-pay fee for hiring a temporary foreign worker is the employer compliance fee. An employer needs to pay the fee through International Mobility Program.

Do Canadian companies hire foreign workers?

Canadian companies hire foreign employees from outside or within Canada. Especially, the multi-national companies employ an abundance of foreign employees.

Is it easy for foreigners to get a job in Calgary?

It is usually competitive for a foreigner to get a job in Canada. However, based on your skill, it might be relatively easy for you to get a placement.

What jobs are in demand in Canada?

Jobs related to IT and medical fields are currently in high demand in Canada. Namely, doctors, nurses, softer developers, pharmacists are a few of them.

What Guidance will be given to employers?

Employers will be given instructions on how to treat foreign employees and ensure worker rights.

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