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Can a Student Work in Canada?

January 29, 2020BY Dale Carroll

Most of international student is concerned about working while studying in countries like USA, Canada, and Australia. In Canada, a student can work while studying in Canada but there are some limitations on it. A student in Canada can work there but his or her visa has to include the rights to work in Canada.

An international student can’t work full time until his study programs starts. Before admitting to anywhere for Study, a student won’t be allowed to work there. Let’s have a brief discussion on various criteria and conditions to work in Canada as a Student.

Rules and Regulations to Work in Canada as a Student

There are some basic rules and regulations while working in Canada besides studying. An international student is allowed to work in Canada besides his study only for 20 hours a week. He is allowed to work anywhere in his or her study place, off-campus or on campus. A student can work for full time in their semester breaks.

Anyone can work between their studies in Canada but they must meet some requirements. As per the current immigration rules in Canada, an international student can do work on campus without a work visa. But they must fulfill the criteria below:

  • Must to hold a valid study permit
  • Students who  enrolled for full-time
  • Must have a valid SIN (social insurance number)

Off-Campus Work

To work off-campus students need to meet some other requirements. An international student can work off-campus as well without a work visa if they meet the following criteria:

  • They have to have a valid study visa
  • They have to be a full-time student who has enrolled in a degree program
  • When an international student’s study program is at least six months or more than that and which guides to a degree, diploma, or certificate.
  • The student has to hold a valid SIN (social insurance number)

Working in Canada besides study is a great opportunity for students. They can make money for their expenses for studying and also accrue experience to hunt jobs for later on. For work as a student doesn’t need a work permit to work in Canada.

Work for Full Time in Canada

International students in Canada with a study permit who are enrolling full-time in a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) can work off-campus without a work permit. That’s mean an international student can work anywhere besides his study.

There are some apparent condition to work in Canada besides study. In Canada, an international student with full-time registration status and a valid study permit are eligible to work under some circumstances.

  • They are allowed to do on-campus work
  • They are allowed to do off-campus work
  • They can apply for Co-op work permit
  • They can work through a Post-graduation work permit which is valid for 3 years
  • They can work under Work permit for a spouse or common-law partner
  • A Social Insurance Number is required for working in Canada
  • International students have to pay annual income tax for any money they earn while working in Canada

Why You Need to Work

An international Student usually works between their studies for full filling their needs in Canada. Education in Canada is not a joke, and it’s quite expensive.

Many students work in Canada to collect the money for study. So a student can work in Canada while studying.


Working while studying in Canada is a popular picture, and a student must not hide that fact from the society. Because we shouldn’t forget that studies come first, and a student shouldn’t feel fear or shy to ask for early leaving or off time that they can utilize during exam times or for assignments and projects.

Moreover, the labor rights are the same as the other workers in Canada, and a student should be aware of his or her every right given from government with the range of the minimum salary in their province.

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