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Can I Sponsor My Nephew to Canada – Family Sponsorship

May 15, 2022BY Immigrationincanada

Sponsorship opens the possibility for your family members or other relatives to immigrate to Canada. People often take their direct relatives. But you might need to sponsor a niece to Canada, or it’s your nephew who you want to support. So, let’s help with the question- can I sponsor my nephew to Canada?

Can I sponsor my nephew to Canada?

You can sponsor your nephew. Not only that, you can sponsor your niece and nephew both. But there is eligibility for that. Note that, nephew or niece- the details here are the same for both.

Circumstances when you can sponsor

In terms of sponsoring nephews, there are criteria that one must meet. Check the points below and know about the conditions.

  • Firstly, the nephew must be related to you. That is, they must be linked to you through an adoption process or simply through blood.
  • You may only sponsor a nephew whose parents have died.
  • Your nephew must be under the age of 18.
  • They must be single. Furthermore, they must not be involved in a marital or common-law relationship.

Circumstances when you can’t sponsor

You already have the answer to can I bring my nephew to Canada. But you must know when you can’t help your nephew/niece to shift to Canada. Check the following aspects.

  • If one of their parents is alive
  • No whereabouts of the parents
  • The parents can abandon them; in that case, you can’t sponsor them
  • Their parents are alive, but someone else is providing or taking care of them
  • If their parents are imprisoned or somehow incarcerated

How can I sponsor my nephew to Canada

After knowing that you can help a nephew to come to Canada, now you need to know how to sponsor. Look at the sections carefully and learn how to sponsor your orphaned or adopted nephew.

Are you an eligible sponsor for your nephew?

You must meet all of the following criteria in order to sponsor your nieces and nephews.

  • First off, you must be a Canadian citizen or a Canadian permanent resident.
  • You are currently living in Canada. You must live in Canada if you want to sponsor your niece or nephew.

In other words, even if your nieces or nephews live outside of Canada, you must sponsor them while residing in Canada. Surely, you are allowed to travel to see them. Hence, you need to keep the duration of the visit short and be in Canada to sponsor them in an appropriate process.

  • You must be at least 18 years old to participate in a sponsorship program.
  • You must accept the ‘Undertaking’ obligations. By this- you agree to a 10-year commitment when you sponsor your nieces or nephews to come to Canada.

The moment your nephew arrives in Canada, the undertaking process begins. Note that they are not permitted to use social assistance during those ten years. However, you will have to pay the Canadian government if they do.

  • You do not have a restraining order
  • You are not an unliquidated bankrupt
  • You must not have any criminal records inside or outside of Canada. You have never been involved in any domestic violence against your current and former family members. Also, you didn’t abuse anyone. Or you have no history of any significant crime.
  • You do not receive social assistance unless you are disabled. Social assistance by Section 2 under immigration regulations means- any money, service, or goods provided by the province you are living in. However, if you are disabled and taking help from a disability program, you can’t sponsor your nephew.
  • If you’ve been declared bankrupt, you won’t be able to sponsor your niece or nephew. You can only process when you are discharged from bankruptcy. Because after the discharge, you won’t be owing any money accumulated prior to filing for bankruptcy.
  • You owe no money to the Canadian government.
  • As a sponsor, you earn the minimum required income. The minimum necessary income is based on your most recent tax year. Let’s say you’re sponsoring in 2022. So, they’ll look at your income from the previous year.
  • You must be a lonely sponsor. Regardless of their status in Canada, a lonely sponsor lacks these relatives: spouse, common-law partner, conjugal partner, child, mother or father, or grandparents.
  • Also, you can’t have any aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews who are already Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
  • Unless there are compelling humanitarian or compassionate (H&C) reasons. There are applications available for foreign nationals seeking special permission to become permanent residents in Canada, typically from within Canada.

Can I sponsor my nephew to study in Canada?

Sponsoring for immigration and sponsoring for studying in Canada are different. Moreover, it’s a wrong idea that someone can sponsor for study. Because there is no such thing as sponsorship for study, the right idea, you can do the funding.

Considering that, anyone can pay for studying. That’s why you can take responsibility for the financing of your nephew’s study. Eventually, your nephew has to get admitted to a Canadian school and qualify for a student visa and his own.

Can a Canadian citizen sponsor a family member?

You can sponsor a family member as a Canadian citizen. Canadian citizens and permanent residents can support the following types of family members.

Your sponsorship application could be delayed if you have a complicated case or the visa officer requires additional proof of your relationship.

  • A spouse
  • Conjugal or common-law partner
  • Children
  • Parents
  • Grandparents

Also, dependent relatives of qualifying relatives may be sponsored by Canadians. Furthermore, Canadians may sponsor a brother or sister, but only if they are unmarried and under age 18.

How long the process of sponsorship takes?

From start to finish, sponsorship applications take about a year to process. They are usually processed in 12 months, but depending on the nature of your case, it may take longer.

Is your nephew inadmissible to Canada?

Some people are not permitted to enter Canada. As a result, they are considered “inadmissible” in Canada. Your relative’s visa or eTA could be denied if he is found inadmissible. He could be found inadmissible for several reasons. Check the list below.

  • A treat to the national security of Canada
  • Violated human rights or any international rights
  • Committing any form of crimes
  • Medical reasons
  • Financial reason
  • Provided false information
  • Failed to comply with Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA)

Final remarks

Now that you know about sponsoring your nephew, you can file the sponsorship application with a complete set of documents and forms.


Look at the queries below. In case you have any further confusion, they will help you to have a better idea.

Can I sponsor my niece and nephew to Canada?

Yes, you can. In terms of direct relatives, you can sponsor your sister, brother, aunt, and uncle. But, you help them in a very specific circumstance. Besides, they need to meet the criteria for the particular criteria for sponsorship. However, you can sponsor your niece and nephew.

Once again, it’s possible in some specific circumstances. Considering that, you can help your orphaned niece and nephew. Also, you can help your orphaned sister, brother, and grandchildren. You need to make sure if they meet the criteria for your help to immigrate to Canada.

Can I sponsor my niece and nephew?

You can only sponsor your niece and nephew if they are orphans. There are a few more conditions as well. For example, they must be related through adoption and blood.

In addition, both of their parents had passed away. They must also be under the age of 18. Finally, they need to be unmarried and not in common law or conjugal relationships.

Can I apply for a visa for my nephew?

You can’t apply for your nephew’s visa as a sponsor. All you can do- send him a sponsorship letter. Yet, your nephew can appoint someone if he is unable to submit the visa.

For that, a use-of-a-representative or a global consent form is necessary for authorizing a perspective individual to submit his visa.

If it’s a tourist visa, you can help a family member or a friend to apply. In order to help them, you need to send a letter-of-invitation. At the same time, you can help a relative or friend apply for an eTR (Electronic Travel Authority). That means you can apply for an eTR. But you must mark that you are applying on behalf of someone. Note that, whenever you are visiting Canada, you must confirm the purpose of the visit.

Can I sponsor my nephew to Canada over 18?

You can only sponsor a nephew who is under the age of 18. Furthermore, you can only assist a nephew or niece whose parents have died. The eligibility implies that they must be connected to you in some way. As a result, you can sponsor an adopted or orphaned nephew.

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