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The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

July 5, 2020BY Immigrationincanada

The Canada Revenue Agency is the revenue services provider for the government of Canada. It works for the Canadian government along with territory and provincial government. It mainly works for tax, tax law, and tax policy.

It also contributes to the social-economic and social being of the Canadian. This agency is responsible for the administration of law tax, pension plans, and employment insurance, and tobacco. It works a lot of government programs and closely related to the social-economic and well-being of Canadians. Let’s know a more

History of the Canada Revenue Agency

Generally, the Canada revenue agency applies the tax law, which is a concern of the Canadian government. The government of Canada formed it in 1886, but it had many names. The name was changed with times, including the department of national revenue, inland revenue, and so on.

Finally, in December 2015, The Canadian revenue agency was officially formed and separated from the customs matter. Now it only focuses on the tax law along with the social-economic and well-being program.

The basic function of the Canada Revenue Agency

The Canada Revenue Agency is responsible for the administration of tax law and tax policy. It also works on the social-economic program along with social well-being for the Canadian people. The Canada Revenue Agency collects taxes from various forms.

They collect mainly income tax, exercise tax, payroll tax, and so on. But the Canara revenue agency does not collect provincial tax like gas, property, sales, and municipal as well.

Organizational importance works

The Canadian revenue agency has some criteria based on some crucial functions. Due to the rapid changes in technology and society, the Canada revenue agency divides 5 significant parts of its role. The features are as follows.

  1. Service
  2. Security
  3. New ideas
  4. Employee
  5. Compliance

The CRA mainly gives importance to these matters.


The Canada revenue agency has several roles in work on the tax matter issue, and it provides services to its client smartly. It focused on lessening the red tap along with increase the experience of the taxpayers. Finally, it gets benefits the receipts.


The Canadian people trust the CRA and give all relevant information. The Canada Revenue agency keeps all the data safe and offers the highest importance to it. It has a system to detect all the branches along with all offices.

New ideas

New ideas are critical factors for improving service quality continuously. They always take new ideas to make better service quality. A good environment creates such an acceptable thing.


The Canada Revenue Agency has an excellent process to recruit people. It has a plan like strategic recruitment, ongoing employee development, succession planning, leadership, and experiences. All these are to create a healthy workforce.


The Canada revenue agency takes this issue very seriously. The agency always tries to address all issues seriously and try to provide feedback timely as well. The Canada revenue agency uses an advanced analyst and intervention program to resolve all non-compliance issues.

These are the essential internal organizational function that the Canada revenue agency does. Along with these functions, the Canada revenue agency does some core functions based on tax law issues.

Administrative work

Under the Canada Revenue Agency act, The Agency sets out mandate, structure, and authorities. It also establishes organizational structure including a minister, a board of management, and a commissioner.

The Canada Revenue Agency has responsibility on some issues like organization policy, internal audit, management, and so on. Moreover, it has the power to get involved in a contract, an agreement between the government and public organizations depending on policy, budget, and resources.

The minister of National revenue

The minister exercises power regarding regulation and provides a report to the parliament. He is also responsible for all activities of The Canada revenue agency.

The board of management

The board of management looks after the whole organization. Moreover, it manages its overall resources, services, people, and contract. The board is also focused on the corporate business plan.

The board doesn’t involve day to day management and has no confidential taxpayer information. The board has 15 members to serve. The governor in council appoints them. The members of the government are as follows.

  1. The chairman
  2. Commissioner
  3. 11 directors appointed by the provincial governor
  4. 2 directors by the federal government

The commissioner of the revenue

The commissioner or the chief executive officer is the head of the agency and looks after the whole organization and responsible for the day to day work. He helps and advises the minister on many issues. Therefore, he enjoys the status of a deputy of a minister.

The deputy commissioner

The deputy commissioner works in the absence of commissioner and helps and the commissioner. The minister also appoints him too. He does all the works which are assigned by the commissioner. He is responsible for importing day to day activities of the Canada revenue agency.


Ombudsman is an independent position of the Canada revenue agency. He directly reports to the minister and looks after the overall operation of The Canada Revenue Agency. He is responsible for improving services and keeping the taxpayer’s bill of right, which is set by the agency.

Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of any organization shows the real picture of the administration.

The Canada Revenue Agency has 12 headquarter branches and 5 regional corporate offices. Five headquarter branches are related to technical and policy to the CRA’s program. The remaining chapters provide services to the taxpayers.

The Canada Revenue Services to the Canadian

The self-assessment tax system is one of the best and most effective methods that ensure a high rate of voluntary compliance and receive the due payment of taxes.

Therefore, it provides up to date information by various service channel to make all easy for Canadian to pay taxes timely and get the benefits. However, over the last several years, The Canada Revenue Agency has improved services and make a proper channel of providing services.


The Canada Revenue Agency is a government organization. It is responsible for tax issues. Moreover, it is related to many social programs. It has an excellent organizational structure along with service commitment. It always welcomes new ideas to make easy everything and make better services to the taxpayers.

We are experienced in immigration issues and proudly serving people globally. We aim to make the immigration process as easy as water.

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