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Common Canada Student Visa Refusal Reasons

April 15, 2020BY Immigrationincanada

You might be thinking to apply for a student visa but don’t know the common Canada student visa refusal reasons then this article is appropriate for you. Canada is a dream country for international students. In this country, there are enormous opportunities for a student. If you are an international student, world-class education systems are there for you. The world’s top-ranked universities are there. On the other hand, you can get a lot of money by doing a great part-time job while you are studying there.

For these reasons, a significant number of applicants apply for a Canadian student visa, and it has been a complicated process. In this article, we will discuss common Canada student visa refusal reasons and how you can overcome this problem.

Top refusal reasons for the student visa in Canada

For getting a student visa in Canada, you have to fulfill some essential requirements given by them. If any of them does not meet their condition, your application for a visa will be refused. Here we are giving you the top eight refusal reasons for a student visa in Canada:

Letter of Acceptance

Before applying for a Canadian student visa, you have to obtain a letter of acceptance (LOA), which will give the host school you where you want to be admitted.

The school has to be under the registered Canadian educational institution. If the visa officer has any doubt about your letter of acceptance, he will reject your application. That’s why you have to more careful about the letter of acceptance.

Financial Capability

Financial capability is another important issue here. Bank statements are one of the most important documents here. You have to give it to them as their requirements.

If the officer finds you are not capable enough for being a student of any institution in Canada, you will not be able to support yourself financially, and then you will be rejected. You have to show them that you have enough capability to fulfilling your needs while you are studying here.

Academic Qualifications

Academic results and qualifications are big things here. Less academic scores will be a big problem here because you are going to be a student of the world’s top-ranked institutions.

So, you have to fulfill their result requirements. You must have sufficient credit and score according to your educational institution, where you will be admitted. If your results meet their requirements, you will easily get approval for your student visa from them.

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Insufficient Documents

You have to provide them a lot of documents, including a valid passport, recent photos, letter of acceptance, citizenship certificate, academic transcripts, etc. Make sure all the forms are filled up carefully.

Gather all the documents before you apply. And all the documents are needed in your interview for the visa. So, carry all of the documents you need for an interview on that particular day. Any mistake in your documents will be a reason for the rejection of your student visa in Canada. So, You must be careful about it.

Change in your Study Program

They will check your study background. You have to be the same background student that you want to study for. If they find any problem with it, they will reject you.

If you’re going to change your study program, then do some other procedures. You have to be able to explain why you are changing your study background. If they find it reasonable, they will allow you to do it.

Language Efficiency

In Canada, they will give you a standard score on IELTS and TOEFL. You must have that score for applying. It’s an essential part when you want to study abroad.

It certifies you that you have excellent language efficiency which is needed. The score varies from institution to institution. If you have a high score on IELTS and TOEFL, you will be able to apply to any university you want.

Staying After Completing the Study Program

You have to make sure that you will leave Canada after completing this program. You must convince that visa officer. If you want to stay in Canada even after this program, you have to apply for it separately.

Travel History

They will inquire about your travel history. If you have any terrible reports in any country while you were traveling, it can be a cause of your rejection.

These are the main reasons you would be refused to get a Canada student visa.


A lot of student wants to study in Canada and apply for it over the year. 30% of them are rejected due to a lack of things that are needed for meeting their requirements. We have mentioned the common Canada student visa refusal reasons and all of the essentials you need to meet.

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