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Canadian Citizenship Application Status

July 1, 2020BY Immigrationincanada

Are you thinking about moving? Or even better! Are you thinking of changing your citizenship? In order to be a legal citizen of a country is quite a work. It requires you to meet some particular requirements to be able to apply for citizenship.

What do you think it requires for you to be a Canadian? Like every other country in the world, to establish yourself as a Canadian citizen, you need to match up to the requirements and fill up the application form. Let us look at some of those requirements and the ways to get a quick update on your Canadian citizenship application status.

Canadian Citizenship Application Status Requirements


It is stated that to be qualified enough to be able to apply for Canadian citizenship, you must be at least 18 years old or above.


The laws here are more complex yet important. An individual must not be subjected to an immigrant investigation or any inquiry or order processed from the Canadian officials to deport from Canada.


The amount of time you spent in Canada is brought into question and serves as an essential factor during the process. For any individual, a required physical presence of 3 years which is 2095 days out of a time-line of the five years as a permanent resident is a must.

It is also important to note that to be able to qualify as a permanent resident in Canada, within the time-frame of 60 months of applying the days are counted as half days till 365 days towards physical presence necessities before becoming a permanent residence.

There are further factors that you should be careful about, which include not getting yourself into any trouble with the law. If you serve your time in prison for any offense you committed in Canada and as well as out-of-country traveling time then this may severely hamper your full residency time. Hence the most efficient method to calculate your actual residency time is by using the IRCC Residency Calculator.

Language Abilities

Any individual aged between 18 to 54 years old are required to be able to demonstrate the ability to communicate in either of the two prime languages in the country. This means you need to be able to speak in either English or French to meet the requirements to become a Canadian citizen.

Test for Citizenship

To acquire the citizenship of Canada, the applicant has to complete and pass the citizenship test if the person is aged between 18 to 54 years old.

Documentation for Income Tax

In order to become an established citizen of Canada, it is mandatory that the applicant has paid for 3 years of taxes during his or her 5 years of stay before applying.

Criminal History

You may lose your eligibility to apply for Canadian citizenship for a period of time if found guilty or involved in any criminal activity in Canada or anywhere outside.

How to Apply for Canadian Citizenship

There is a series of tasks that you need to carry out to be able to apply for citizenship, which includes:

  • Fill out a citizen application form and then print it
  • Before proceeding read out the application guideline carefully for any queries
  • Complete the entire form and then pay your application fee. Make sure to keep the receipt
  • Mail all the necessary and required documents to the citizenship case processing center.

Confirming the Citizenship Status and Getting Ready for the Test

The citizenship and immigration Canada will confirm whether your application has been processed or not. After receiving the confirmation, you will be able to check the application’s status. Then start preparing for the assessment and start studying early. This official citizenship test will assess how much and how well you know about different aspects of Canada.

The Test for Citizenship

Again the Citizenship and Immigration Canada will notify you beforehand informing you of the schedule of your test. That is the time and date. The IRCC will decide the structure and pattern of your test. This decision will be based on factors including expertise in English. So you have to prepare for a written or oral test on these factors.

You are required to bring along the original copies of the necessary documents that you had submitted with the application. Do not forget to bring a passport and essential relevant travel documents for the last 4 years preceding your application.

If the candidate fails the written test but successfully meets other citizenship criteria will enable him to sit for a second assessment. The second test is usually held 4-8 weeks following the initial test; however, the wait is uncertain as it may be prolonged. If you have any other commitments on the day of your test, it is solely your responsibility to let the IRRC know beforehand for a reschedule.

If you fail the next test as well, then the IRCC will inform you about your next step by forwarding a notice to you. They ask you to take a hearing with the officer responsible.

The Canadian Citizenship Ceremony

Here is the last step of the process. After establishing yourself as a qualified individual by meeting all the requirements you need to become Canadian citizenship, you will be told to attend a ceremony to perform the oath of citizenship. This information will be provided to you by notice.

It is a must to bring all your original immigrant documents to perform the ceremony.

You will take the oath of citizenship in a platform full of people to achieve citizenship just like yourself. By taking this oath, you are conforming to the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. Ensuring the promise, you will be declared to be part of the country, and you will receive your certificate.



Becoming a Canadian citizen is not a difficult task if you follow all the given instructions and guidelines properly. Also, keep updates of your Canadian citizenship application status regularly. Make sure to give this article a good read and enable yourself to prepare to be a qualified Canadian citizen in no time with the right dedication and focus.

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