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All About Canadian Investor Visa

August 23, 2020BY Faisal Mustafa

A country like Canada is a golden place for foreign investors. The country is full of natural resources and a good government system that attracts many people to invest here. As a result, more and more people want a Canadian visa to live here.

The Canadian government removes all investment-related issues and makes it very business-friendly. If you are looking for information regarding a Canadian investor visa, keep reading this page.

What are the types of Canadian Investor Visa?

People look for a country to invest money in some countries where the land is blessed with natural resources, a good political system, a better business environment, and an easy requirement set.

Canada is such a country where people can easily invest their capital. Every year the country takes many immigrants. However, the majority of them come here for business purposes.

The country has many investor Visas available. The most common forms of them are as follows.

  • Start-up visa
  • Entrepreneur
  • Investor

The Canadian government allows a foreign business person to start a business in Canada. Both the foreign businessman and the Canadian people have benefits here.

The prosperous people from the different parts of the world come to stay here for a better business environment and get profit very easily.

At the same time, these business activities create huge job opportunities for Canadian people. It makes the country great to the world.

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Start-up visa

A start-up visa is a common form of business or investor visa that allows you to do business anywhere in Canada as well as to get immigrated here with family. But before that, you must prove all requirements. In this connection, your must-have business innovation, job creation, and capable of international competition. When your application process is going on, you can also apply for a temporary work permit.

Successful applicants are connected with the private sector, where they are provided with related information for doing business here. At the same time, they are allowed for living with their family.

If you are interested in doing business in Quebec, this alternation isn’t easy for you. You must follow others for doing business there.

Requirements for the start-Up visa

You can’t get a start-up visa when you apply for it. Before that, you must meet some basic requirements that allow you to give a start-up visa here. Let’s know them in detail.

Letter of support and commitment

A letter from a designed organization from Canada is a must for an applicant. This application says that you have the required capital and investment for a particular business.

Moreover, this letter takes responsibility. You must show your money and investment capital to the designed organization.

The organization provides all the required information to the Canadian immigration department directly telling about you in detail.

Capital required

An applicant must have CAD 200000 if the investment is from the designed organization. On the other hand, he must secure CAD 75000, if the money is from the designed angel investor group. The applicant may not give any in the immigration process in this regard.

Language capability

The applicant should be an expert to communicate either in English or French. The country allows only these two languages. So, you should have good knowledge of whether in English or French. Moreover, you must meet CLB 5 in this connection before applying for a visa.


An applicant must study in a post-graduation institution at least one year in Canada. Before applying to this institution, you have to prove your good position in this regard. After all this, you have to show your transcript, degree, or diploma degree while applying for a visa.

Settlement funds

The Canadian government removes all barriers from the investment process and makes it super easy for all foreign investors. The country also allows the investor to live here with the family. But the government doesn’t provide any financial assistance to the investor in this term.

So, the applicant or the investor must show that they have enough funds to settle here. People who invest here want to take their family members with them, and the number depends on the number of funds you have.

Security and medical issues

Like other immigration processes, the investor, along with his family member, must go on the security and medical examination. The Canadian government will check that your medical issue either makes the Canadian health burden or not. Your history of life is also examined with great care that you may not create any problem in the future.

Provincial nominee program

The provincial nominee program allows all applicants to come near the border, live or do business anywhere in Canada. If the applicant has the skill or work experience, the provincial nominee program is a good program for them to stay here.

The people who want to stay here and who like to start their business have at least one type of visa. The places where you can start up your business are as follows.

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • Northwest Territories
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Saskatchewan
  • Yukon

There are the best places in Canada where you can start up your business by investing your valuable money.

Immigrant investor visa

This program is no longer available right now. This program was terminated on June 19, 2014, and all applications of this backlink have also been ended.

  • Under this program, an investor must have at least 1.6 million net properties.
  • Managing experiences.
  • Willing to take government securities of 200000 Canadian dollars.

As an immigrant applicant, you must invest at least 800000 Canadian dollars to have a visa for permanent residents anywhere except in Quebec province. It will allow you for 5 years only. After this period, all money will be given back to you.

Ending Facts

Canada takes many immigrants every year. Among them, the majority of them are for business purposes. The government of Canada is taking more and more immigrants from many countries.

However, getting an investor visa is very easy to have here in Canada. As the government removes all barriers to foreign investment, everything is very easy now from business issues to family immigration.

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