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10 月 27, 2019通過 Faisal Mustafa

Nowadays, immigration in foreign countries is a hot topic. It can be for job, study purpose, and lastly, for getting a settled life. Among all the countries Canada is on the top of the choice list.

When you decide to immigrate to Canada, you have to search for what is the process of migration and where to migrate. Again you must know what are the requirements because the rules and regulations vary from province to province.

Let’s have a look at the immigration process about some Easiest Province to Immigrate to Canada.

Provincial or Territorial visa program: Easiest Province to Immigrate to Canada

Canada has ten provinces and three territories to the north. The most immigrants received by regions in 2017 are described below to figure out the most accessible area to immigrate-

Ontario: Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

Toronto is the capital/biggest city in Ontario. Ontario has its immigrant nominee program, which is the easiest way to get PR. It is famous for its high ITA (Invitation to Apply) because of filling up the labour gap.

It invites more applications regarding technological and innovative job opportunities with lower CRS score than before. There have substantial job opportunities for foreigners. Inventive brain and technologically skilled people get the priority here.

The Express Entry process is simplified in Ontario. For accomplishing the process, it is needed to have an account in the Express Entry. There have three critical streams of EE system-

  • French-speaking skilled worker stream
  • Human capital priorities
  • Skilled Trades stream

For different jobs and education purposes, there have several options for getting a visa. The different visa options are given below-

  • D. Graduate stream
  • Master Graduate Stream
  • Corporate Stream
  • Entrepreneur Stream
  • Job Offer for foreign workers, international students, and in-demand skilled employee

French-speaking skilled employees stream

Every year the most significant number of foreign workers, especially from Asia, come here to build up their career and to live here. The OINP is working to increase the candidates’ number.

Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)

Nova Scotia has started a new EE (Express Entry) system in the last year. That’s why its popularity is increasing than before. Because of giving labour market more priority, NSNP has gained popularity in a short period.

It selects the candidates for having the required capability and experience. The candidates who are suitable for the job demand will be nominated for the immigration.

Before all of these, the applicants seeking a better job must have an account or self-profile in the Federal Express Entry stream. The first call of the NSNP labour market was for Financial Auditors. On March 20, 2019, the second call was arranged, which was searching for French-speaking skilled worker.

NSNP is recommended as the main PNP to live and to settle with the family. Generally, when anyone decides to live in another country, at first, he searches for cost of living, job opportunities, accommodation facility, etc.

Nova Scotia is enriched with some best places to live and settle with the family. It has affordable accommodation system, huge job opportunity, calm and sound locations with recreational and proper education facilities.

The Provincial government is more helpful to assist in developing your communication skills by providing the necessary information, to fulfil the required qualification in the working area.

Some possible ways exist here To immigrate to Nova Scotia –

  • Federal EE system
  • NSNP system
  • AIPP (Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program) system
  • Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)
  • The Saskatchewan province works for immigration through the SINP system. It has two key subcategories-
  • Job in-demand subcategory
  • Express Entry subcategory

Both categories are popular with the international job seeking applicants. The applicants must fulfil the requirements demanded in the job circular. Recently, Saskatchewan changed SINP in-demand job list on April 04, 2019. In the new SINP, it is included a new 13 occupations based on different demands. SINP was a popular PNP to get immigration quickly in 2019.

The ways to immigrate to Canada

Easiest Province to Immigrate to Canada?

In Canada, there have four ways to get immigration to Canada. The interested person can choose one of them after meeting up with all the requirements.

Express entry

Express entry is basically for skilled people who can get the PR. It is determined (permanent resident) visa based on their age, working and technological skill, experience, knowledge, language capabilities, and other qualifications. It is the quickest way to start the visa application.

Provincial nominee programs

In every province, there has a PNP (provincial nominee program) by which they can nominate the particular candidates in consideration of their specific economic demand. If any area needs computer programmers, they can change the PNP on this.

Accessibility for International Student

Canada has outstanding schools, colleges, and affordable tuition offers. The talented international students are welcomed positively. The Canada government possesses a positive attitude for the newcomer having education purposes.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIP)

The Atlantic immigration pilot program is basically for the international employers to Canada’s Atlantic region. As Canada focuses on international employers to develop their country, it will be the best opportunity for job seekers. But you have to get a job offer from an employee working in any Canadian company by proving your eligibility.


Final Word

Canadian Provincial governments focus on increasing employee applicants to cover their high labour gap. The provincial emigration process mentioned above are the Easiest Province to Immigrate to Canada. Apply now to migrate to Canada.

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