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Common Mistakes to Avoid in Express Entry Profile

December 21, 2023BY Faisal Mustafa

Have you ever thought of getting approval and going to Canada? Then, you must go through the Express Entry System. This system is very significant as it allows or rejects people for immigration. Whether you are going for education or a job proposal, you must create an Express Entry profile and share all the information, including your education, work experience, medical conditions, criminality, etc.

While creating the Express Entry profile, you may experience Express Entry errors. This may happen for various reasons, including wrong work experience, false educational credentials, etc. In this article, we have shared 10 common mistakes that candidates make while creating their profiles. This will help you recognize the mistakes and create the profile without errors.

What is Express Entry?

Express entry is a system of the Canadian government that allows the candidate to manage applications for permanent residence. In an express entry profile, the candidates share their age, work experience, education, language proficiency, and other relevant details. 

The selected candidates receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence in Canada for a specific timeframe. 

10 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Express Entry Profile

Canadian immigration is a completely complicated online process. So, while applying this, you may have Express Entry errors. Here are 10 common mistakes that you should not make while making the Express Entry profile: 

Wrong Work Experience

Work experience is the most important thing in the Express Entry program. You should have sufficient work experience so that your application is approved. The job titles, job descriptions, and date of employment should be accurate and complete. Applicants need to record their work experience and provide the correct information. 

Not Having an Updated EE Profile

Your Express Entry profile should be updated. Take some time to update your profile and ensure accurate information. If there are any changes to your educational qualifications, job profile, work experience, medical condition, or others, you must update them on the profile.

Incorrect Educational Qualifications

If any candidate provides information about his/her educational qualifications that he/she didn’t achieve, then your Express Entry program can be canceled. This may also happen when the educational achievements are not equivalent to the Canadian education system. 

There can be serious consequences for providing false educational credentials. The Canadian authority can ban you permanently from immigrating to Canada.

Seeking Exemption from Language Proficiency Tests

The language test is compulsory for any of the Express Entry applicants. But no exemptions are allowed here. The applicants must go through an IELTS general test to get their approval from Canada. While you seek an exemption from the language proficiency tests, the authority can disqualify you from receiving an ITA.

Sending Documents in Other Languages 

As the official languages of Canada are French and English, the documents should be submitted in English or French. Otherwise, you will experience Express Entry errors, and your application will be denied. You must include the original document, the translation, and the translator’s affidavit to approve your application.

Incomplete Travel History

Some people may not find it important to include the parts of their travel history. They find it insignificant to include their travel history. Some candidates may think that the countries are in the same geographical area. As a result, they will face Express Entry errors. 

Calculating Full and Part-Time Hours

You should be aware when calculating the work experience because the work experience can also be miscalculated. Many candidates count the number of hours to make up 1560 per year. 

While doing the miscalculation, you may reach the total hours, but you won’t be qualified for Express Entry. This is the wrong way of calculating the working hours; hence, there can be Express Entry Errors. 

Using the Wrong Payment Option 

The Canadian immigration service has a unique set of payment options. Don’t submit the permanent residence payment. Otherwise, it will send the application back to you or delay it. You must pay through an online payment system and pay in Canadian dollars. Submitting your application with an inaccurate system can also return the application to you. 

Incorrect National Occupation Code 

Choose the correct National Occupation Code (NOC) corresponding to your work experience. This is a significant part of your Express Entry Application. Your work experience must be related to a specific NOC. Your job description and skill type should be matched with the Canadian one. 

Hiring an Unlicensed Canadian Immigration Advisor

You must hire a licensed representative to increase the chances of being accepted. Hire a good advisor to assist you with the whole application process. Some unlicensed advisors may charge you for excessive fees while you can’t make an effective application.

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Solutions to Fix the Express Entry Error

You must be very cautious while applying for Canadian Immigration. Still, you can experience failure because of some common mistakes. Here are a few solutions to fix the Express Entry errors:

Waiting Too Long to Submit

You should apply as soon as possible if you have all the qualifications. If you do not apply for the Express Entry Pool, you can miss out on the immigration opportunities.

Employment Letters that Don’t Prove Work Experience

Your employment reference letter must include job title, dates of employment, salary, average hours per week, and a detailed list of employment duties. There should be proper evidence, including your skills and accomplishments.

Having Less than 1 Year of Experience in Your Primary NOC Code 

Don’t include an NOC code in your express entry profile that shows less than a year of experience. Include an effective NOC code that proves at least 1 year of work experience. 

Final Thought

Many people desire to go to Canada. They must go through the Express Entry system. This is how the required information is shared with the Canadian government for approval. 

You must follow all the guidelines to get your Express Entry Canada approved. The system is complex, so applicants must hire a licensed advisor to help them with the procedure. If you face an Express Entry Error, consult a professional to complete your immigration. 


How do I get a high score on Express Entry?

You need to hire a professional advisor to boost your Express Entry Profile. Provide accurate information to increase the possibility of getting approved.

Why my Express Entry score is zero?

The Express Entry System has some requirements to be fulfilled. If your profile does not meet all the requirements, your Express Entry Score will be zero.

What is the minimum IELTS score for Canada Express Entry?

The minimum IELTS score for Canada Express Entry is 6.0. For each section of the IELTS, you must have a minimum language proficiency of 6.0 for Canada.

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