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Express Entry Canada Requirements

July 11, 2020BY Faisal Mustafa

Canada is the first target of immigrants.  In this country, you will be served free healthcare services. People there have a per capita income of more than 52,000 dollars. In total, Canada offers its residents a better and secure future.

But Canada is not taking people randomly. They make sure that any of the immigrants are not a threat to the Canadian community. They follow some specific procedures to select only skilled people from the applicants. And express entry is one of the best ways to move Canada if you have skills. In this article, we shall discuss the express entry and its requirements.

Express Entry Canada Requirements

Canada finds out the competent ones from vast applicants. This country is always open to skilled people. The express entry is one of the most common pathways for capable foreigners to move to Canada.  It is a federal government program.

Express Entry

Express entry is an online-based program to admit immigrants. This procedure works faster than other and that is why this program is called express entry. Canada is running three economic express program at present. They are-

1. Federal skilled worker program:

Most of the foreigners come to Canada along with the pathway, federal skilled worker program. In this program, you will be marked mainly according to your language ability, education, and work experience.

2. Federal skilled trades program:

If the Canadian government needs any technical people, they give a circular. For example, electricians, plumber, chef, etc. But this opportunity is rare.

3. Canadian experience class:

People working in Canada without permanent resident can apply in this criterion.


You have to attain the following requirements in order to be eligible for the express entry program for skilled workers.

Minimum Requirements

There are 3 minimum requirements you need to meet for being eligible. They are-

1. Skill Level:

Canada has its own national occupation classification (NOC). They graded almost all essential works and main jobs. If you have an occupation among O or A or B grade, you will be qualified. Manager, director, etc. are O level occupations. These are the managerial jobs. A class jobs are engineer, doctor, architecture, chemist, etc. For this criterion, university degrees are required. B level jobs are technical jobs. For example electrician, plumber, cook, etc. For these works, you mostly need experience and diploma or college degrees. And each of these professions has a description. And your current job description has to match with the given description of that job in the NOC. Search for national occupation classification on the internet for detailed classification. And check if your work is granted as any of these classes.

2. Language Ability:

Canada has 2 official languages. They are English and French. I’m you want to go to Canada, you must have to know one of them. For English, you have to IELTS exam. IELTS has 4 segments. They are reading, writing, listening, and speaking. And you have to have a minimum of 7 band scorers in each segment. It is needed to meet the Canadian language benchmark. Your IELTS can not be old for more than 2 years on the day you apply for the PR status. You can give your IELTS exam in many institutions. Or you have to take the exam for French.

3. Educational Credentials:

Of you have studied outside Canada, you have to submit your educational credentials. Certificates and mark sheets are mainly needed. There are a few organizations that check the educational credentials on behalf of the Canadian government. You must have certificates equivalent to or higher than the secondary or post-secondary certificates of the Canadian education system. The higher education you have, the more it will be easier for you to get into Canada. You have to submit them for assessment to a designated organization mentioned by the Canadian government. If you have done your study in Canada, you should have a Canadian certificate or degree. It has to be from any secondary or post-secondary institution in Canada.

Proof of Fund

You have to show that you have enough dollars to settle in Canada. You have to submit the written prove. The more family persons you take with, the more it has to be. You will do not have to show it if you have a legal work permit or job offer in Canada. You will need about 20,000 dollars proof of funds for a family of 3 members. Check for the proof funds amount for express entry on the website of the government of Canada. You have to count your spouse or partner and children are dependent on any of you.


Canada check the admissibility of immigrants. IRCC checks for medical and security issues.

Selection Factors

There are 6 selection factors. These factors are-

1. Age:

You will get Mark according to your age. If you are under 18, you will get no points for your age. People between 18 to 35 years old will get the highest mark. And it is 12. The score will decrease later 35 gradually up to 46. If you are aged 47 or more than that, you will get 0 points.

2. Language Skills:

IRCC measures your language skills according to the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) for English and Niveaux de competence linguistique canadiens (NCLC) for French. You have to get 7 points in each section for a language. For 2nd language, you have to get 5 points in each section for getting points.

3. Working Experience:

You will get up to 15 points for 6 years of working experience. The points will degrade gradually for less working experience.

4. Job Offer:

A valid job offer will add up to 10 points in your sheet.

5. Education:

You will get up to 25 points for your educational credentials.

6. Adaptability:

You will get up to 10 points for availability for the following cases-

    • If your partner gets the needed score in either French or English
    • Either you or your partner studied or worked in Canada
    • If you have relatives in Canada
    • If you have got a valid job offer

IRCC will sum up your total points. The present pass mark is 67. It varies with time.

Best of Luck!

Canada is a country of 9.98 million square kilometers in North America. This country has great potentials. This multiethnic nation is working to make a better future Canadian community. To do so they are promoting many striking facilities which attract people over the whole world. Express entry is one of them. Check if you fulfill the requirements for express entry. And fly to Canada!

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