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How to Hire Foreign Workers with an LMIA ?

mai 8, 2022PAR Immigration au Canada

LMIA is the shortest form of labour market impact assessment. It’s a document that helps company owners to appoint foreign employees temporarily.

Following this process, hiring temporary foreign labourers needs the approval of the Canadian government.

So, want to hire foreign workers with an LMIA? Let’s know the process of hiring foreign workers with an LMIA.

Rules of Hiring Foreign Workers with an LMIA

Employers generally use the LMIA to fill up the vacancy status of local workers with foreign workers. But it requires some basic rules to follow from employers.

Employers cannot apply for LMIA directly. When any company runs add campaign for required employees on a particular post, they meet local workers first. If the local employees do not fulfill the vacancy, employers may look for temporary foreign employers.

This basic is the rule of hiring foreign workers with an LMIA. However, some exceptional situations open the gate to hiring foreign workers differently.

Hiring Foreign Workers with an LMIA?

For most conditions, the employers need government permission to issue LMIA documents. However, issuing an LMIA document needs a reasonable explanation on the application letter.

To hire foreign workers, employers apply to Canada’s employers and social administration for LMIA. The application letter is known as the confirmation letter of requirements of foreign workers.

After getting the permission, the employer becomes the LMIA holder and opens the gate for the appointment of employees. The employee can now apply for a ‘work permit’ holding the offer letter.

Generally, employers publish the LMIA status on the company’s website. By visiting the website, employees apply for that position.

After receiving the offer later, employees can now apply for a work permit from the regulatory body of the Canadian government.

Then the regulatory body will check the validity of this job application. If there find things normal, they will create no further issues. Alternatively, a temporary work permit will not be granted in case of a fraud appeal.

The process of hiring foreign workers with an LMIA is fully determined by the newly introduced rules of 2022. Under this new rule, two types of appointment rules of available. This appointment rule is divided by the salary range of employees. There are-

  • Low wage range

When the employer appoints ten temporary workers with LMIA, they can offer 10% less to the temporary employees. That is a low-range LMIA appointment.

  • High wage range

Providing hourly basis salary according to the wage law of states is known as a high wage range.

The Application Process of LMIA Workers

Generally, employees search for a job on the portal. The filtering system works based on employers’ requirements and employees’ skills. Subsequently, the application process moves forward to the authority.

According to the new rule of 2022, every applicant needs to pay $1000 as an application fee. Surprisingly, the application cost was under half of this amount in previous years.

After a successful interview, the foreign employees get a work permit from Canada. To get a successful appointment for a vacant position with a foreign worker, both employers and employees need to follow the rules of LMIA.

How does the LMIA System work?

Well, LMIA indicates the labour market impact assessment of Canada. This system counts existing numbers of labourers, vacant job posts, and filling positions with foreign workers.

Canadian citizen gets priority over temporary foreign workers. After their appointment, the opportunity comes for foreign labour for only the remaining vacant set.

Generally, LMIA is a popular way of finding and offering jobs in Canada. Obviously, Canada’s low danced population cannot fill all the vacant positions. Therefore, the incorporation of foreign workers is essential.

From finding vacancy reports to applying the foreign workers and appointment of temporary workers, this whole system magnificently works with LMIA.

To be an LMIA employee, foreign workers must fulfill government obligations properly. Only valid documents and proper explanations avail jobs for them.

Consequences of LMIA Application

After a successful LMIA application, employers may see three different types of outcomes. These are listed below.

  • Positive outcome

In case of a positive answer, the employer is fully entitled to have temporary foreign workers in his business.

  • Neutral outcome

The neutral outcome from the employers and social administration also opens the gate to the appointment of temporary foreign workers.

  • Negative outcome

If the answer is negative, employers cannot appoint any temporary foreign workers. If the employer doesn’t have valid reasons and capacities to appoint temporary foreign workers, it may also happen.


In a less populated country like Canada, foreign workers have a tangible impact on job sectors. Here, LMIA works as a proper system to fill up vacancies. Although LMIA is a complex and time-consuming system, it works a better formula for all involved parties.


Get the relevant answers to queries about LMIA from the below section.

How long is LMIA Valid?

The LMIA contact is valid for at least six months. However, before the expiry date of six months, the LMIA requires renewal. Otherwise, the employer needs to apply again to get the permission of LMIA. To avoid these problems, renew the existing LMIA to increase the validity date.

Which Employer is Eligible for LMIA?

Any legitimate business holder can apply for LMIA with valid reasons for appointing temporary workers. Moreover, that person has the capability of paying the workers. After all, the business has to be a valid one.

Reasons for Hiring Foreign Workers?

The main reason for hiring foreign workers is to fill up the existing vacancies of a particular business. As less population of Canada will not able to fill up all vacancies.

When to Apply for LMIA?

Employers can apply for the LMIA just before 6 months of starting the job post. Completing the whole process takes a couple of months.

How Many Posts Can You Apply for With LMIA?

For one vacancy, employers can apply for single or multiple posts. It depends on your evaluation process.

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