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Settle in Canada

If you are an immigrant and want to settle in Canada, there are ways. Know about the procedures and criteria to settle in Canada.

Know Canada

Know more about Canada; know your rights as a new immigrant in Canada. Do your works efficiently and in the most convenient way.

Services & Information

Get a Permanent Resident Card

A permanent resident Card is an official identity of a resident. It is necessary for a resident in many ways, like to travel or visit to another country or to enter Canada. New rules about permanent residency card, a Canadian resident ...

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Get a Permanent Resident Travel Document (PRTD)

A permanent resident Travel Document is an official form which is needed if you travel outside Canada or you are entering Canada. Again, if you are outside Canada and want to visit Canada by Bus, Boat,

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Change your address

When you are living in Canda, you might need to change your address sometime. For example, if you need to switch your area because of a job. However, there are many ways available to change the address.

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Start Your Living in Canada

The life in Canada is well organized, and the government offers private facilities to the residents. As soon as you became a Canadian Resident or Citizen, you will find all the facilities provided by the

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Find Immigrant Services

If you are a newbie in Canada, you must need an immigrant service to ease your works. In Canada, everywhere, there are many immigrant services agencies. You can contact them either by mail or by phone call. You also find all the

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Apply for citizenship

Recently Canada has been allowing applying in Canada. They are offering permanent residency. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) controls all the processes. However, to become a permanent citizen ...

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First Tax Year in Canada

In Canada, if you have legal permission to live in Canada by the immigration authority, you might be able to pay your tax and get the benefits from it. After one year, you need to pay the taxes or have to file

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Protect yourself from fraud

There are some specific methods to migrate. It has to be adopted when migrate. It involves purposes and procedures together with essentials that

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Protect Yourself From Fraud or Scam

As a newcomer in Canada, there has chances to be a victim to scam like fraudulent, telephone phishing, E-mail Pishing, etc. An immigrant must be careful about the fraudulent or Scam.

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Traveling outside of Canada as a Permanent Resident

After getting your permanent residency card, you can visit outside Canada by using your PR card or Permanent Resident Travel Document. You have to show this card in the boarding

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Give up (renounce) Your Permanent Resident Status

If you have dual citizenship and you are not willing to live in Canada, you can renounce your citizenship status. However, to quit your nationality, you must have to go through a

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Find the Best to Learn about Canada

To know about a new country as well as a new culture, it may become sometimes tiresome. A fun way can help you to learn new things more quickly and conveniently. In Canada, there are many sites and

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To get all the services and facilities in Canada, you must have to

  • Proof of your staying in Canada
  • Your Visa, passport or other valid document
  • Approval from IRCC
  • Your bank statements
  • An address and approval of stay from the province


Record your trips outside Canada

As a temporary resident, you can record your trip so that you can use it when you apply for permanent residency in Canada. You can register your visit history like bus, air, or train, inside ...

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Welcome to Canada

Canada is a land full of beauty. It is enriched with its culture as well as history. It is one of the most visited countries in the world. Every year millions of visitors visit Canada to know about its culture and history.

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Living in Canada

Living in Canada is really impressive. All the process in Canada are well orgazinsed. You might find everything you need on the website. There are many organisations and resources you will find to learn about Canada.

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    Frequently Asked Question

    To get permanent residency, you have to live for at least three years in Canada. You also need some other documents to apply for Citizenship.

    In generally takes six months to get the citizenship after taking the Citizenship Test and Interview.

    People aged between 18 to 54 have to take the citizenship test and Interview.

    Oath taking ceremony generally takes 45 to 60 mins to complete. However, the time may vary upon the number of applicants and citizens.

    Yes, any Citizen who is a Canadain Citizen can renounce his citizenship status if he wants. He may apply for renouncing the citizenship under certain conditions.

    The answer is yes. You can again apply to resume your Citizenship status though you have renounced it once.

    The total fees for applying for Citizenship in Canada is CAN $ 630. Among the prices, $530 is for processing fee, and $100 is for the right of  Citizenship fee. But for minors aged under 18, the processing fee is $100.