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How do I Extend My Non-immigrant Stay in Canada?

December 4, 2020BY Immigrationincanada

Getting a non-immigration visa for Canada or any other country is a bit hard and hazardous. On the contrary, the extension of the non-immigration visa date is comparatively easier.

If you are in Canada with your non-immigrant visa and need to stay there for some more days than the visa expiration date, you can easily do it by following some particular instructions. In the next section of the article, you will get detailed information about this issue.

Application for Non-immigrant Stay Extension

If you want to extend your non-immigrant stay in Canada, you have to apply as soon as possible. Although people call it the extension of the visa itself, it means extending your visa date. You are just having your staying date extending on your visa stamp extension form.

As you are a non-immigrant in Canada and want to enhance your time of staying in that country, you must follow all the legal procedures necessary for this field. You have to file your application in the IRC Coffice, which stands for Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada. They will provide you the later updates on what you need to do and cordially help you in all your tasks.

Reasons to Extend Visitor Visa in Canada

When I’m Eligible to Apply

In order to apply for extending your non-immigrant stay in Canada, you have to fill out some specific criteria. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to apply for an extension. Your eligibility revolves around the following criteria,

  • You must have to fulfill all the necessary legal procedures for your non-immigrant visa for visiting Canada.
  • Ensure you have not committed any occurrences for which the IRCC office can restrict your reentry with the same visa procedure.
  • You must need to free from all the accusations which make you ineligible to apply for the visa extension.
  • An IRCC officer must have to declare you as an eligible person for getting permission for reentry. Sometimes, the officer might identify you as ineligible for reentry until you have your new visa.
  • Remember to file the application for extending your visa date before your non-immigrant visa expiry date has been finished. You can do it before 90 days of your visa date expiration. If it is not possible for any reason, make sure to apply at least 30 days earlier.
  • Your reasons for visa extension must be logical. You must have to clarify that you are delaying for unavoidable reasons which are not under your control.
  • Still, you are staying as a non-immigrant and not trying to be a permanent resident.
  • You are not violating the IRCC authorization process.
  • No formal removal proceedings are associated with you.
  • Another thing is a status violation. When you violate all the mentioned criteria and continue your job authorization, your status has been violated. You must clarify the issue that you are not doing such things.

Necessary Documents

To file your application for extending your non-immigrant visa date, you need to submit some necessary documents. For example,

  • One copy of your ETA form
  • Your application form, including the fee
  • Copied form of your passport(all the pages must be there)
  • Your form might need some additional documents. Check the form properly and submit all the necessary documents.

According to the visa form, additional documents might change depending on your non-immigration visa status and the purpose of your visit to Canada. Such as,

  • Visitors for business purposes
  • Visitors for pleasure and enjoyment
  • Attendants or informers for any government or diplomatic purposes
  • Treaty traders’ dependents and inventors)
  • Personal workers of foreign government policy and other official purposes
  • Entertainers, players, and athletes
  • Religious workers or preachers)
  • Extraordinary people or aliens

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Process of Extension

After applying with all the necessary documents for non-immigration visa date extension, the IRCC will receive and review it thoroughly. They will check all your documents and verify if needed.

If your reasons and documents are valid and logical enough, they will permit you to extend your stay in Canada. You will get a receipt of their permission provided by the visa office. The number on your receipt is for online verification of the receipt. You can check it out if you want.

In case your application has been rejected by the authority and meanwhile your visa date had been expired, you need to leave Canada as quickly as possible. You will fall under of status category until you leave the country.


So, now you have a thorough idea of how you extend your non-immigrant stay in Canada. You have to be very careful about your visa expiration date so that you can apply for the extension having sufficient time in your hand. Be very valid and logical with your reasons and specific with your documents. Try to avoid all kinds of violent acts in Canada.

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