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How Long Does It Take to Become a Canadian Citizen?

April 29, 2020BY Immigrationincanada

The process of getting Canadian citizenship is very complex and lengthy. You need to meet a lot of requirements to apply for Canadian citizenship. You have to be physically present last 1095 days in Canada within the five years before applying for citizenship.

Besides, you may have to wait a long time even after applying for your Canadian citizenship. If you want to know about the whole process of applying for Canadian citizenship and especially the time requirement of the process, you have come to the perfect place.

In this article, we will broadly discuss the process and how long does it take to become a Canadian citizen. We hope it will be beneficial for you.

How long does it Take to become a Canadian Citizen?

A lot of people want to become a citizen of Canada over the year. Canada is one of the most beautiful and developed countries in the world. This country’s citizens get a lot of facilities for living and working.

That is why this country is preferable for a lot of people over the world. Anyway, if you want to become a citizen of Canada, firstly you have to apply for this. Time-table is a big issue here. You have to fulfill their time requirements which are broadly given below perfectly:

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  1. The time before applying: Before applying for Canadian citizenship, you have to meet their eligibility period. That means you have to stay a certain period physically in Canada. The minimum amount of time you need to stay in Canada for being a citizen is 1095 days within the last five years. It is recommended that you stay more than 1095 days in Canada before applying for avoiding some problems and complexities.
  2. Time after applying: Time requirements after applying is varied from application to application. It is generally dependent on how good your application is and how much qualified you are. You get the processing time easily on the CIC website. They will give you an estimated time. In some emergency circumstances, you can apply for urgent citizenship. Here you are allowed to dispatch your application. Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada will consider your immediate request if you have the following reasons for getting citizenship. These are given below:
    • Applying for a job: Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will consider your application if you need citizenship for applying for a job. They will prevent you from losing the job by providing your citizenship certificate. Generally, the Canadian government is very conscious of its citizens.
    • Applying for Study: If you want to apply for a school, college, or university to get admitted for studying, Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship, Canada will consider your application and provide you the citizenship certificate as soon as possible.
    • Travel for a life and death situation: If you need to travel for a life and death situation like for the illness of any member of your family. You are not getting a passport of your current nationality; in these kinds of cases, you will get a necessary citizenship certificate.
    • Success by the court: If you applied for citizenship previously, and now your application is found to be successful by the federal court, you will get your citizenship certificates very fast if you apply for getting it urgently.

In these situations, you will get your citizenship certificate in a short time.

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Process of becoming Canadian Citizenship

Besides this time requirement, you need to know about the process of becoming a citizen of Canada. It will help you to be more clear about how long does it take to become a Canadian citizen. Here we are giving you the process of getting Canadian citizenship. The steps of the process are given below:

  • Permanent resident certificate: The first thing you need to apply for Canadian citizenship is the Permanent Citizenship Certificate. That means you have to be a permanent resident of Canada. This is a very challenging step because of a lot of criteria you will get for being a Canadian permanent resident. For getting this permanent resident certificate, you need to immigrate to the country by using one of several Canadian immigration programs.
  • Neutralization: The next process is neutralization. It is the longest process of getting Canadian citizenship. It means that you must stay 1095 days in the last five years in Canada. That means you have to stay for three years in Canada to get citizenship of Canada. You need to satisfy them with your income tax obligations. Being a temporary resident is also countable for this process. But they only count half of the days you temporarily spent in Canada.
  • Citizenship application: The next step is to fill up the application forms for citizenship in Canada. You will find all of the required forms on the website of Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada. When you are notified that you are eligible for Canadian citizenship, you need to prove your language ability in English or French. If you can make them happy with your language efficiency, you will be reached the Canadian language benchmark level four.
  • Tests: After completing all these steps, you have to take some examinations for proving to yourself that you are perfect for getting Canadian citizenship. The authorities will give you a fixed time for the reviews and tests. In the tests, generally, you will get some quizzes on various facts like the symbols of Canada, history, geography, etc. of Canada. Once you pass the tests, you will be able to get Canadian citizenship by a ceremony. In this ceremony, you must take the oath of citizenship, and you have to sing the national anthem of Canada.

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Mainly these are the steps of getting the Canadian citizenship process. It will help you to estimate the time requirements for which you are here.


Getting Canadian citizenship is a very complex and lengthy process. You need to spend three years qualifying for citizenship. Besides that, many other steps you have to pass for getting it. That is why we can say that it is a lengthy process to get Canadian citizenship.

In this article, we have identified how long does it take to become a Canadian citizen. We hope that after reading this article, all of your confusion regarding these things are cleared.

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