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How Much Do Immigration Consultants Charge in Canada

March 15, 2023BY Faisal Mustafa

Looking for an immigration consultant in Canada? But don’t know how much immigration consultants charge in Canada? Then this blog will put you at ease.

The cost of hiring an immigration consultant in Canada varies based on permanent residency to Provincial Nominee Programs. Depending on the type of services and complexity, the fees charged by immigration consultants can vary widely.

In this article, we will examine the charges for immigration consultant services and explain the benefits of a consultant assisting you with your immigration process.

Who Is an Immigration Consultant?

Immigration consultants offer people or companies immigration-related services. They provide immigration information related to preparing documents, filling the forms, gathering all the papers, submitting the application, and advice regarding immigration policies.

Why Need an Immigration Consultant?

You might not need a consultant if you know what you’re doing. Without a consultant, it is possible to effectively immigrate to Canada and obtain a work permit, a student visa, permanent residence, etc.

There are some situations when you cannot handle the pressure and need an immigration consultant. 

The reasons you need to hire an immigration consultant are given below:

Find Helpful Information

With the proper information, your visa application will proceed. When you fill out the form and submit the application, provide accurate information.

For instance, your application will only be accepted if you know what documents to submit. An authorized immigration consultant will arrange all necessary documents and fill out the immigrant forms.

Save Time

It can take a lot of time to apply and track your application. You might miss something that will cost you if you don’t have the time to handle it. An immigration expert will take care of everything. You only need to sign a few papers and take the necessary exams to pass. 

Apply Through Complex Programs

Although some programs are simple, others are complex. You will face a lot of difficulties when you go through them. For instance, using the Provincial Nominee Program is a great option for candidates with low CRS scores because it awards 600 extra points.

Nevertheless, the process is complex when you meet Express Entry (EE) requirements and enter the EE pool. An immigration advisor can help you eliminate the confusion.

Avoid Rejection

Your application needed to be completed. If you miss out on the necessary papers and fill out the paper incorrectly, your application may get rejected. A certified professional will examine the papers and handle the process correctly.

How Much Does Canadian Immigration Consultant Charge?

Depending on the services necessary, an immigration consultant in Canada may charge different amounts. For instance, a consultant might bill an hourly rate for consultation while others offer a flat rate for each application.

On the other hand, some consultants may discount you if you apply for a work permit and permanent residence. 

Here is a breakdown of the fees of an immigration consultant for you so that you can find it easily. 

Type of Service Estimated Fee Range (Approx.)
Initial Consultation $50 to $250
Temporary Residence Application $500 to $2000
Temporary Residence Application with prior refusal $1200+
Permanent Residence Application $2000 to $4000
Express Entry Program Application $3000 to $6000
Provincial Nominee Program Application $4000 to $8000
Study Permit Application $1500 to $2000
Study Permit Application with prior refusal $2500+
Spouse sponsorship $3500 to $5000
Child sponsorship $2000 to $3000
Family Sponsorship  $2000 to $3000

Note that, these costs are based on the immigration consultant and the services they offer. Certain immigration advisors may bill hourly rates rather than flat costs.

So, it is important to choose an immigration consultant wisely. Also, confirm that the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) authorizes immigration services.

What Are the Services an Immigration Consultant Provides?

There are several services a Canadian immigration consultant can provide. Let’s explore the services you can expect from an immigration consultant.

Check Profile Status

The evaluation of your profile is one of the most significant services offered by a Canadian immigration expert. It means the immigrant consultant will examine all of your documents and determine whether you qualify for immigration to Canada under a certain program.

To decide whether you are a strong candidate for immigration, the consultant will assess your work experience, educational history, financial circumstances, family status, and other aspects.

Temporary Residence Application

A temporary residence application is an application for a temporary visa. The application procedure may change depending on the type of visa or work permit being requested.

An immigration consultant can guide the client through the application procedure, assist with preparing the required paperwork, and submit the application to the proper government agency.

Depending on the immigration expert, the cost for a temporary residency application might range from $500 to $2000.

Permanent Residence Application

An application for permanent residency in Canada is referred to as a permanent residence application. The application procedure might be difficult for permanent residents.

Depending on the immigration expert, the cost of a permanent residency application might range from $2,000 to $4,000.

Visa Application

An immigration consultant can help you apply for either a temporary or permanent visa. This entails assembling the required documentation, organizing your immigration application in a way that complies with Immigration Canada’s specifications, and ensuring that your submission is free of errors.

Depending on the immigration program and the quality of services you need, immigration consultant costs for Canadian visas can vary.

Immigration Advice and Guidance

An immigration consultant can offer suggestions and guidance on immigration laws and procedures. However, many immigration consultants provide various services to meet your unique needs, so be careful to discuss your unique immigration goals and priorities with a consultant.

Resume Writing

A strong CV is essential if you’re looking for work in Canada. It should highlight your talents and expertise. An immigration expert can help you prepare an excellent CV that showcases your qualifications and highlights your talents.

The immigration consultant can also offer advice on how to prepare for job interviews and other facilities of the job search process.

Submission of Application

If you find it hassle or time-consuming, an immigration consultant can apply to the government office. With so much paperwork to complete, supporting documents to submit, and meeting dates, it is a challenging and drawn-out procedure.


In summary, based on the service experience and credentials, the rates paid by immigration consultants in Canada can vary. A few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars can be charged for immigration consultant services in Canada, as stated in the table.

Try to select an immigration consultant who is certified by the ICCRC. If you want more information regarding immigration charges, you can always visit the ICCRC website.


What services do immigration consultants in Canada provide, and why might I need one?

Immigration consultants offer services like profile evaluation, assistance with applications, visa support, advice on immigration laws, resume writing, and application submission. You may need one for accurate information, time savings, and avoiding application rejection.

How much does it cost to hire a Canadian immigration consultant, and what factors influence the fees?

Costs vary based on services. Consultants may charge hourly or flat fees for consultations, applications, and programs. Estimated fees are provided, influenced by the consultant's experience and service complexity.

What are the benefits of hiring an immigration consultant, and how do I choose the right one?

Benefits include accurate information, time savings, assistance with complex programs, and increased approval chances. Choose a certified consultant with relevant experience, credentials, and services aligned with your immigration goals. Discuss your unique needs with the consultant for the best fit.

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