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How Much Does It Cost to Become a Citizen of Canada?

July 20, 2020BY Faisal Mustafa

Very few nations are as developed as Canada. Therefore, many people get immigrated to Canada to lead a better life. When they get a permanent work visa and start living here permanently, they think about getting the citizenship of Canada.

However, it requires some precondition and fees. People sometimes get worried about the documents for applying and charges. Here you get all information. To know the cost to become a citizen of Canada, continue reading.

The requirement for being Canadian citizenship & how much does it cost

Generally, people apply for Canadian citizenship when they meet the basic requirements for being that. If you are thinking of applying, you must meet the basic needs. So, let’s know about them.

  • Eternal residents
  • Lived more than 5 years
  • Fills all taxes if need to fill
  • Pass the test of knowledge, capabilities and right about Canada
  • Language ability

Eternal residents

For becoming this, you need to be a permanent resident of Canada. This process must not fall under immigration or fraud reasons. Before applying to be Canadian citizenship, you should review all documents whether you are eligible or not.

Live for more than 5 years

You must live in Canada at least for 1095 days for applying for citizenship here.

Filling all taxes

You need to fill all taxes before applying to Canada during the last five years till the date you have applied.

Language skill

Canada has two official languages. They are English and French. If you are 18-54 years aged on the day you sing for application. You must show that you can communicate with people one of these languages.

Pass the test of knowledge, capabilities and right about Canada

If you are 18 to 54 years aged on the day you sign for the application. You must give an exam for proving your responsibility test.

How Much Does It Cost to Apply for Canadian Citizenship

The application fees following the last update on January 24, 2019, is $630. In the year of 2015, the fees were upgraded $300 to $530.

So at present, an applicant needs to provide an additional $100 as the right-of citizenship fee. However, the amount is refundable if your application is not granted. The additional costs do not apply to the citizens who have applied or already have citizenship before January 1, 2015.

The government has increased the fees giving the logic that the applicants will bear all expenses themselves.

According to CIC (Canada citizenship and immigration department), these additional fees will help the government to support processing costs which are estimated to $555 for each application. On the contrary, the total saving for the government will be $41 million in a single year.

If an applicant applies for Canadian citizenship after January 1, 2015. The fees will be as follows. If the applicant is an adult or grant of citizenship, he must process the following fees.

  • Processing fees: $530
  • Right of citizenship: $100
  • Total fees: $630

In the case of Minor or grant of citizenship, he has to give $100 as processing fees only. Again, in the case of an adult or awarded of nationality, he has to pay only $100. Moreover, for adoptee or grant of citizenship, he needs to pay $100 for minors and $530 for adults.

The total picture of the fees is as follows.

Adult or grant of citizenship Processing fees Right of citizenship fees Total Fees
Adult or grant of citizenship $530 $100 $630
Minor or grant of citizenship $100 n/a $100
Adult or grant of citizenship, statelessness n/a n/a for minor and $100 for adult n/a for minor and $100 for adult
Adoptee or grant of citizenship $100 for minor and $530 for adult N/a for child and $100 for an adult at the time application $100 for minor and $630 for the adult
Adult or renunciation of citizenship, section 9 $100 n/a $100
Adult or renunciation of citizenship, section 7.1 n/a n/a n/a
Resumption of citizenship $530 n/a $530
Adult, minor, and proof of citizenship $75 n/a $75
Searches of records under section 29 $75 n/a $75

These are the total cost that is required for an applicant during the time of application and further process.

Revoking the Canadian citizenship

The Canadian government could revoke you if the government or respective authority found someone as fraud, mispresenting himself, and willingly hide information during the time of immigration or application process.

It is very important for an applicant because it delays getting citizenship for Canada Immigration people. If somebody’s citizenship was revoked, he might wait for 10 years or more. Before cancelling citizenship, the government will give notice to the applicant.

They will send him a letter where all details were presented about something wrong. However, the authority will give him 30 days for a response or explain all to them. If the applicant has a legal explanation, they will provide him with a letter for 60 days response to summon evidence.

Application documents and process

To become a Canadian citizenship, you must meet the following criteria.

  • Prove that you can speak and write at least one official language. Either English or French.
  • Permanent residents
  • Stayed at least 1095 days in the last 5 years
  • Filled all taxes

The application process isn’t as simple as we think. You might require many documents to meet for the procedure.

  • Download the file and fill the file giving the required information.
  • Include all supportive documents.
  • Pay fees for the application process.
  • Then mail your application to the central intake office in Canada.

These are the process of becoming a Canadian citizen.


When you get the permanent resident visa and work permit in Canada, you might think about the process of becoming a Canadian citizen along with its cost. Every year a lot of people get immigrated to Canada for jobs then get citizenship here.

The whole process requires some documents, precondition, and some fees. Fees are classified and allotted according to the types of the applicant and vary. Now, you know how much it does cost to become a Canadian Citizen. So, apply if you are one of the lucky people.

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    Frequently Asked Question

    To get permanent residency, you have to live for at least three years in Canada. You also need some other documents to apply for Citizenship.

    In generally takes six months to get the citizenship after taking the Citizenship Test and Interview.

    People aged between 18 to 54 have to take the citizenship test and Interview.

    Oath taking ceremony generally takes 45 to 60 mins to complete. However, the time may vary upon the number of applicants and citizens.

    Yes, any Citizen who is a Canadain Citizen can renounce his citizenship status if he wants. He may apply for renouncing the citizenship under certain conditions.

    The answer is yes. You can again apply to resume your Citizenship status though you have renounced it once.

    The total fees for applying for Citizenship in Canada is CAN $ 630. Among the prices, $530 is for processing fee, and $100 is for the right of  Citizenship fee. But for minors aged under 18, the processing fee is $100.