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How Much Does a Pharmacist Make in Canada?

May 10, 2020BY Immigrationincanada

How much does a pharmacist make in Canada is a very common question when a pharmacist is planning to move to Canada. According to a survey conducted by US News, Pharmacy job is the third healthcare job in the world. In Canada, pharmacists get a lot of facilities with a very handsome salary.  Canadian government listed pharmacists as a high demand occupation in Canada.

That is why a lot of people want to become a pharmacist in Canada. If you’re going to be the same one and want to know about all the things regarding pharmacy jobs in Canada, you have come to the right place.

Here in this article, we will discuss the pharmacist’s job and how much do pharmacists make in Canada. I hope it will be advantageous for you.

How much does a pharmacist make in Canada?

The pharmacist plays a huge role in Canada’s health care system. A lot of facilities you will get if you can be a pharmacist in Canada. A pharmacist gets one of the most handsome salaries in Canada. According to a journal named pharmacy journal online, pharmacists earn an average of 95,000 CAD in a year. The average hourly payment is 47.77 CAD. They also get some bonuses that are excluded from here.

Their salaries start at 50,608 CAD per year, and the most experienced job holders get around 120,000 CAD per year. Their positions also vary Their payments. Generally, a travel pharmacist is paid the most around 158,000 CAD in a year.

Then the second one is a registered retail pharmacist. He earns 153,000 CAD over the year. Then it comes to an inpatient clinic pharmacist. They earn around 140,000 CAD in a year, and the annual earning of a pharmacy director is 137,000 CAD.

These are the average income of pharmacists in Canada. That is why this is one of the most alluring professions in Canada. A lot of people want to be a pharmacist in Canada over the year.

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How to be a pharmacist in Canada?

If you want to be a licensed pharmacist in Canada, you need some requirements which are given below:

A Bachelor Degree

if you’re going to become a pharmacist in Canada, you must have a bachelor’s or doctor’s degree from one of the ten universities in Canada. It is essential to have degrees from one of the ten universities in Canada. For that reason, a lot of people want to study in Canada only to get a pharmacy job. This is one of the most lucrative jobs in Canada.

Completion of the national board of examination

You have to complete a national board examination from the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada for being a licensed and certified pharmacist in Canada. But if you are a resident of Quebec, you don’t have to complete this national board of examination.

Internship program

You have to practice your bookish knowledge through an internship or apprenticeship. This is another essential requirement if you want to be a pharmacist in Canada. You must complete practicing after your degrees. It is essential for being an expert in this profession.

Fluency in english or french

You have to be fluent either in English or in French for getting a pharmacy job in Canada. It is also vital in any kind of job in Canada. If you can’t communicate with your patience of your customer, how will you do your work correctly?

That is why they require fluency in English or French. Generally, they give a standard score in IELTS or GRE for evaluating your fluency or efficiency in English. If they give you any standard score, you must have the score for getting the job.

The provincial-level regulatory authority direct regulates pharmacists. They are directly responsible for granting a pharmacist license, checking the competency of the pharmacists, etc.

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Duties and responsibilities of a pharmacist

Forty-two thousand licensed pharmacists are working in more than 10000 pharmacies in Canada. Seventy percent of them work in community pharmacies. As a pharmacist, you will get a lot of responsibilities. That’s why he has a lot of duties and responsibilities. We are giving some duties and responsibilities to them:

Checking prescription

The main duty of a community or hospital pharmacist is checking prescriptions for the customers. The main reason for checking the prescriptions by a pharmacist is providing the proper dose of the medicines.

Assemble the prescribed pharmaceutical products

A pharmacist has to compound all the prescribed medicines for the customer. He has to calculate, measure, and mix the proper quantity of the products.

Distribute pharmaceutical products

Pharmacists distribute to the customers the prescribed pharmaceutical products or the other healthcare professionals and notify them of the indications and side effects of the products.

Advising the customer

Advising about the products, their pros, and cons, its side effects is another important responsibility of a pharmacist. People can be notified about the products by them.

Supervise the activities of pharmacies

Pharmacists have to control, supervise, and coordinate all the actions of a pharmacy. They give directions to the pharmacy assistant, technicians, and other kinds of staff.

Order and maintain the stock

He has to maintain and control the stock of a pharmacy. If the stock of any product is finished, he has to notify the reading authorities.

Research for the new product

An industrial pharmacist has to participate in the research of new products for developing the quality of a new product.

Test new drugs

An industrial pharmacist has to test the pharmaceutical products before distributing them in the markets.

Promote pharmaceutical products

Pharmacists are involved in promoting products to healthcare professionals.

Control the quality

He has to control the quality of the products for the betterment of the people of a community.

Evaluate the packaging

He is also involved in the packaging, labeling, and advertising of pharmaceutical products.

Mainly these are the duties and responsibilities of a pharmacist. You will get a lot of facilities with a handsome salary. That is why, as a pharmacist, you have a lot of duties and responsibilities.


A pharmacy job in Canada is a very demanding and alluring job. It is one of the most prioritized jobs in the healthcare system in Canada. That is why their payments and other facilities are also very lucrative.

In the article, we identified how much do pharmacists make in Canada. Hopefully, it will help you to determine the salary of a professional pharmacist in Canada.

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