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How to Apply for Canadian Citizenship?

December 4, 2019BY Dale Carroll

Migration in Canada for Citizenship!

The past couple of years has been sensational in the history of Canadian migration. More than 3 lac people have been already migrated through Skilled migration, and almost every month thousands of students are migrating in Canada from the different places in the world.  Migrating in Canada might sound complex, but it’s not that complex to understand or proceed when anyone gets an expert consultant for help.

There are some processes to migrate in Canada according to the type of visa he or she wants to apply.  Each and every Visa type has its own terms and laws.

How Can One Migrate to Canada Through Skilled Migration Under the Steam of Express Entry?

Right now, the most wanted migration program in Canada is Skilled Migration. There are some requirements to proceed with this program.

  • The applicant has to have four years of bachelor degree or equivalent to this education level.
  • General training IELTS is must required.
  • The applicant has to accrue the Educational credential Assessment of his or her educational certificates from Canadian selected organizations to justify his or her certificates are valid in Canada.
  • The applicant must have an office Job because of its skilled migration.
  • The job he or she is having, that has to be listed in Canada’s demand list.
  • The applicant has to give a clean police certificate after initially selected.
  • There is a requirement to show the bank solvency certificate, as well.

When an applicant meets all these criteria, then he or she can apply through Skilled migration. It is one of the renowned ways to fly with direct Permanent residency and can apply for citizenship easily.


  • First, an applicant has to evaluate himself according to the requirements of Skilled migration.
  • If the applicant can meet or meets all requirements, then he has to open an account or profile in the Pool of Express Entry, which is the steam or pathway to Migration.
  •  The applicant has to fill up the profile with genuine information.
  • The pool of Express entry usually selects applicants through a draw by a Cut up score number, because when the applicant meets the particular given requirement, then they get points against the requirements.  And only they get the invitation to migrate in Canada, those who meet the cut-up score.
  • After Primary Selection, there is some paperwork as well, like passport verification, police clearance verification, job verification, bank solvency papers, etc.

These are the most basic requirements and process to migrate to Canada for Citizenship. There are many other ways as well, like Quebec Skilled Migration, Provincial Nominees migration, Atlantic Pilot program and so on. But the process is almost the same with slide differences.

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