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How To Change Name In Canadian Passport

February 9, 2020BY Faisal Mustafa

You don’t need to be going to stick to the name your parents have given. Upon being an adult, you can change your name if you wish. Also, your name can be changed after marriage, or more specifically, your surname can be changed.

But what happens to your passport with the old name? How to change the name in Canadian passport? Is it a painful procedure? Well, these questions are valid and can bother you.

But not to worry anymore. Because in this article, we are going to focus on every little detail about how to change the name in your Canadian passport. Stay with us.

Why do you need to change the name in the Canadian passport name?

This is a critical criterion that your passport name and other travel documents because it can create a problem while traveling. Even your visa can be canceled if your name is different on the birth certificate and the passport.

In case of a spelling mistake, if the name doesn’t match with your ID name, the passport will be invalid for travel.

It is always advisable to use the same name in every document.

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When can you change the name in the passport?

There are some cases where you can or must change your passport name.

  • If there is any spelling mistake in your name in the passport, you can change it. You can apply to rectify the error.
  • If you change your full name in court, you can apply to change the name.
  • If you are married and you need to change your surname, you can o the change in the passport.
  • If you are divorced and want to get your previous surname, this procedure can be done.

Note: Although it is not necessary to change the last name or surname after marriage. A married person can use either her paternal surname or a double surname with both parental and spouse’s surname or only spouse’s surname. Canadian authority accepts all the options mentioned above.

How to change the name in Canadian passport?

The process of changing the name is the Canadian passport is different in different cases. Let’s see how the procedure works:

In case of spelling mistake

If your name is spelled wrong, contact the passport office immediately. This is one of the most severe errors. You have to fix it before use. You will have to fill an application and provide the information they need.

In case of changing the name legally

Any Canadian above the age of 18 can change their name legally. In this case, you will have to apply for a new passport mentioning the matter.

Documents you need to provide

  • All the materials for a new passport (Adult passport)
  • Canadian birth certificate (with the new name)
  • Canadian citizenship certificate (with the new name)How long to Get a Canadian Passport?

In the case of marriage

In the case of marriage, you need to apply for a new passport with changed surname and relationship status (married).

The documents you need to provide as part of a renewal of an identity:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Common-law relationship certificate


  • If your username is unchanged, no new username related documents must be provided.
  • If you no longer wish to use a common name, do not indicate anything on the “second name” line.
  • If you want to use another common name, you must provide the same supporting documents as for a 1st request.

In case of divorce

In the event of a divorce, a person may continue to bear the name of their ex-spouse provided they have obtained authorization.

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It must provide as supporting documentation

  • either the court decision (divorce for example) mentioning the authorization to bear the name of the former spouse
  • either the approval of the ex-husband

A widowed person may have the words “widower” or “widow,” followed by the name of the deceased spouse.

It must provide as supporting documentation

  • either the birth certificate (extract, or full copy) of less than three months mentioning the marriage
  • either the full copy of the marriage certificate

But if you want to change the surname or relationship status, you have to follow the procedure mentioned above by applying for a new passport. In this case, provide the court order of divorce or separation.


The cost will be the same as a new adult passport. For a five years passport, it’ll cost 120$, and for a ten years passport 160$.

Final Verdict

Changing the name of an official document is always a complicated thing. So do for Canadian passport. However, all the information given above might help you to know how to change the name in Canadian passport as well as to do it accurately.

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