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How to Fill Up Canadian Immigration Form?

June 17, 2020BY Immigrationincanada

The North American country Canada has become one famous country for immigrating. Canada was always an immigrant-friendly country, but America’s recent strictness against immigration made Canada a hotspot for migration.

When deciding immigration, people always prefer to move into an upgraded economy. Canada is the 10th largest economy in the world. Along with this Canada have lots of other advantages that attract people towards the country significantly.

For immigrating in Canada, you have to perform lots of works and among them, filling the immigration application form is prominent. Today we will write about it so that you clearly understand what steps should you follow and which mistakes can lead to refusal of your application form.

Tips of Filling up Canadian Immigration Form

After your submission of an immigration application form, one immigrant officer will review it. The immigrant officer has many other forms to check and may have immense other work pressure.

So, if you don’t fill up the immigration application form properly, they won’t understand, and it can become the reason for the application being holdup and even refusal. You should make sure you have to fill-up the form accurately, which will be understood by immigrant officers easily.

The followings are some tips to follow for filling up the Canadian Immigration form accurately.

  • Don’t leave any part empty. Every section of the application form should be filled. If anything does not apply in your case, then write ‘not applicable’ there. It will make it easy to understand for the immigration officer that the application is completed
  • You should follow the instructions to know which documents are needed for a different kind of immigration form as there are several types of the immigration process, and each requires various documents. We will discuss it later.
  • So, depending on the immigration type applicants need to attach different kinds of documents such as- academic transcripts, birth certificates, copy of passport, resumes, and so on. If you don’t want to miss any necessary documents, then read the instruction thoroughly.
  • Sometimes such a situation can occur where you can’t provide one or some documents or maybe your application is missing something. In such a case, write a cover letter (mostly like your resume’s cover letter) to clarify the immigration officer why you are unable to provide those.
  • You should keep all the copies of your send document with the immigration application form. And also you should copy the immigration application form. Moreover, if you have used courier service for sending documents, keep a copy of the courier receipt. If any problem occurs, it will prove that you have sent all the documents.
  • For avoiding any inaccuracy and for making sure everything is filled out correctly, you can contact a licensed immigration lawyer. And if English or French is not your first language, it is highly recommended.
  • Sometimes, people hire an immigration lawyer for dealing with the whole application process, as they can support you in the entire application process.

How to Fill Up Canadian Immigration Form?

So, let’s now see how you can fill up the Canadian Immigration form.

In the case of Paper Application

  • Answer every question. When any part of the application doesn’t apply to you even, then you should answer every question. Otherwise, the immigrant officer will count your application form as incomplete and will return it, yet can refuse it.
  • In can happen that you don’t have the answer to any question and you didn’t find any related instructions about that. In such case write N/A, this will indicate that you have thoroughly read the immigration form
  • Sometimes, it can also happen that in the printed form, you don’t have enough space for writing your answer. In such a condition you can write your whole answer on an extra page. But don’t forget to mention the extra paper the number or letter of the question.
  • In case of extra information which can clear your case, you should use additional paper.

In case of Online Application

  • Same goes for the online application form. If you don’t answer every question, the immigration office perhaps returns it or refuses it.
  • Where for a question you don’t have an answer and even don’t have instruction about it on the form then type N/A in the given space. But you should leave the space unfilled if you don’t have UCI (Unique Client Identifier)
  • In online application form if you want to provide extra information then rather than using paper type your information in a document and save it. Then go to your account and from the document checklist section select “Optional documents” and from there select “add a letter of explanation” and upload the document there.

Immigration Categories

As we have mentioned earlier, based on immigration types, your application form will have different questions and will require different documents. Canada has three categories of immigration, and they are-

  1. Through study permits, you will be able to study at one approved Canadian Institutions. With this one, it is also possible to work after completion of the study and convert it into a permanent residence.
  2. By work permit, you will get the opportunity to enter in Canada with work permit
  3. By permanent residence, you will get long term entry opportunity, and it includes express entry and family sponsorship.

Final Words

For immigrating into Canada, you have to fulfil several steps. Among them, filling out the immigration form is one of the most critical parts. As if you don’t correctly fill it you will get a refusal, or they might return it to you.

Many people find it challenging to fill up an application form, but if you follow those upper mentioned tips and steps, you won’t face any problems. All other necessary things will be instructed in the application form.

Here I tried to comprehend some necessary steps along with how to fill up the Canadian immigration form. I believe you will find it useful. Go ahead and fill-up the form and attach all the required documents carefully.

We are experienced in immigration issues and proudly serving people globally. We aim to make the immigration process as easy as water.

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