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How to Migrate to Canada?

December 25, 2019BY Immigrationincanada

Thinking About Migrating in Canada?

Thousands of people are looking forward to migrate to Canada every month. Some are finding student visas easy, and some others are trying for Skill migration or any other visas. Anyone can apply through any kind of visa in which their requirements fit it.

Migration Through Student Visa

Any students can apply for a student visa in Canada to do their Bachelor’s or master’s program. Student visa is the easiest to apply and to get as well. Academic IELTS is compulsory for Student Visa.

Migration through Skilled Migration

Skilled migration is the most renown visa in Canadian migration program. It sounds complex, but it’s not at all so. Any highly skilled people can migrate through this. Skilled migration runs under a steam named Express Entry.

Quebec Skilled Migration

Quebec is a famous province in Canada, and Montreal is its Capital. Quebec has its portal to invite people from all over the world. It has its own requirement list with its own pros and cons. It’s a bit easier visa type to apply.

Migration Through Atlantic Pilot program

Atlantic pilot program is an extremely effective visa type for whom has a job offer letter from Canada. It’s a very fast process to Migrate.

Migration Through Tourist Visa

Anyone can apply for a tourist visa to enjoy Canada or any other purpose. Many people go through a tourist visa and illegally say over there for years. Which is totally forbidden.

Migration Through Business Visa

Business visa is the poshest visa in Canada, and its a bit time consuming as well. Businessman only applies through this visa.

Migration Through Startup Visa

Canada always appreciates entrepreneurs; that’s why they start a new category visa for the startups.  Small companies and organizations can move there for their business with a great idea.

Migration Through Caregiver Visa

Canada has a visa for low skilled people. Caregiver is a very demandable visa in Canada. Anyone can apply for this.

Migration Through Self-Employment Visa

Freelancers and outsourcing experts can apply for this visa, and it’s a unique one. Canada is the only country which invites people through this sort of visa. These are the main ways to migrate to Canada, which are legal as well.

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