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How to move to the USA from Canada?

January 26, 2020BY Immigrationincanada

Shifting anywhere is a huge matter of stress. Moving within a country is a pretty bit easier, but from one country to another is quite a headache.

If you are planning to move outside of the country for living or work purpose, then be ready for the long paperwork procedure. It gets easier for some countries, but mostly it takes quite a long time for first world countries like USA, Canada, Australia and so on.

Many people wonder how to move to the USA from Canada? Which is also a matter of proper Paperwork.

Know-How to move in the USA from Canada

Paperwork is not that tough, but most of the time, it needs multiple papers and informational documents. So basically, paperwork is the primary concern while moving or migrating from one country to another.

Why People Choose USA?

But the question is why people want to move to another country? There could be many reasons behind it. As an example, people are moving the USA from Canada because of education, work, or for any other reasons.

Canada & the USA are both called the first world country. But the economy of the USA is much better than Canada. In the USA there has a lot of opportunities for skilled workers of professionals.

People also choose the US not only to make more money but also to lead a quality life as the USA offers a decent lifestyle.

Moreover,  some are going to the USA to take higher education. Canada also has excellent universities, thou many Canadian people choose schools, colleges, or universities in the USA.

Moving for Doing an Employment

Most of the common reasons to move the USA from Canada is for employment or job. Anyone who tries to move the USA for job purposes, then he has to have a sponsor letter from the employer from the USA. 

There are different categories to get permanent residency in the USA. It basically depends on the employment category as well as skills. There are three categories according to employee’s skills.

  • EB1 is applicable for persons with excellent working ability and skills.
  • EB2 is the visa type for employees or applicants with skills and capabilities in business, arts and culture, or other professional fields. An advanced degree professional can apply for this visa type.
  • EB3 is the visa type for bachelor’s degree completed candidates.

When anyone wants to move in the USA for work, they have to be eligible or fit-out for any of these categories and start doing the required paperwork for a specific category. 

Moving for Education

Students who have an educational background can move to the USA from Canada for higher education, but they need to meet some basic criteria under a particular educational course.

They need to fit in some requirements to apply for study in the USA and has to do the paperwork under the guideline from USA educational visas.

Moving as a Sponsored Family Member

Anyone who lives in the USA for 10 years and having a green card can apply for anyone outside of the country as a sponsor.

But he must prove their relationship to the immigrant visa petition of USA. This petition is also filled out by the relative.

It must be accompanied by proof of relationship. The US citizen would submit all of this information to the USCIS.

Bottom Line

Eventually, People going to the USA from Canada for Job, Money, Family purpose, and so on. Moving from one country to another is all about paperwork.

We are experienced in immigration issues and proudly serving people globally. We aim to make the immigration process as easy as water.

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