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How to Renew Open Work Permit in Canada?

April 19, 2020BY Immigrationincanada

It’s important to know, how to renew an open work permit in Canada? An open work permit means a kind of work permit that is not job-specific. This means that the people applying for an open work permit in Canada do not need to show something like an employment offer. It is vital to have a work permit for international students and people as this document permits them to earn livelihood in the country.

So, to continue earning through small or any kind of job, the work permit needs to be renewed once it’s about to expire. Furthermore, the open work permit allows a person to stay in Canada with permission to work in any kind of job. In contrast, the person’s immigration application is being processed for permanent residency.

It is recommended that a person applies for a renewal of open work permit in Canada at least a month before the expiry. And before that, it is important to gather all the necessary documentation for a complete proper application. In the following section, we’ll see how to renew the open work permit in Canada.

How to Renew Open Work Permit

Usually, to renew work permits in Canada, the Labor Market Impact Assessment is needed, which is very challenging and almost impossible to obtain in the competitive economy. But, as applying for an open work permit does not need job specification, a person can renew the permit without the Labor Market Impact Assessment. Here are the simple steps to renew an open work permit in Canada:

Step 1: Getting Prepared

The applicant first needs to go through the whole process of filling out the application form and required documents from the website. It is easier and efficient to apply online. Also, the payment needs to be online, so the applicant should have his/her credit card or debit card ready. Along with these, the applicant should be determined to apply at least 30 days before the expiry of the current work permit. The application form is available in the IRCC website.

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Step 2: Accumulating the Required Documents

  • First and foremost, in the case of an employee, he/she should have a job enrollment paper or offer letter. The employment contract needs to be signed by the manager. And if he/she is not currently employed, it is not necessary to provide any employment document under an open work permit.

For a student, proof of academic activities is also required; for example, a transcript or provisional certificate from the enrolled university. A copy of the student’s study permit is required too. This is needed in the sense that enrollment and study permit both together show the validity of the applicant.

  • Secondly, a photocopy or scanned copy of the passport is required. The scanned copy should clearly show the personal information page(s), issue and expiry date, visa information, and pages with traveled visas with the passport.
  • For students and non-employees, a financial statement is also required. This will state the financial support of the applicant to at least live in Canada for the whole year. The recent bank statement will provide this information, so showing a recent bank statement is enough for an applicant. For a student, a financial support letter from parents is also accepted with their signature. This document, in particular, helps to ensure that even if the person does not get a job, there is a financial backup to stay in the country legally.
  • The applicant also needs to show proof of relationship through either a marriage certificate or for an unmarried person through the birth certificate.
  • Finally, the applicant needs to provide biometrics of his/her fingerprints and photos physically at the center of the application. But, if the applicant has provided biometrics already, it is not necessary again.

Step 3: Application Fee

The applicant should have the payment document to submit, and this comes after the fee is paid. The open work permit renewal fee is about CAN$100. This has to be paid online through a credit card or debit card. An extra biometric charge of CAN$80 needs to be paid if the biometric is not done already.

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Step 4: Filling the Form and Submitting

On the IRCC website, the applicant must now create an account and fill up the application form thoroughly with the checklist of documents. Once the application form is filled and validated, the applicant is now ready to submit the form along with the checked documents. Thus, the online application is completed.

Step 5: Getting a Renewed Open Work Permit

Once the application is submitted, the committee reviews the application and notifies with a result after the review is done. The total online processing time takes about 3 months. So, even if the applicant has an expired open work permit, the application status can allow him/her to continue working until the renewed document arrives.

Types of Open Work Permit

There are actually two different types of open work permits, and an applicant can choose to renew from one open work permit to another.

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Bridging Open Work Permit

The first one is the Bridging Open Work Permit (BOWP). This type of open work permit allows an already working person to apply for a renewal. The grant is applicable to those who have four months left until the expiry of the current open work permit and is positively assessed by any medical needs or children’s class.

Regular Open Work Permit

The other type of open work permit is the regular one, which is connected to the permanent residency application. If a person has applied for permanent residency and is now looking to stay in the country until his appeal is approved, the person is eligible for a Regular Open Work Permit. This means that the person has a permanent residency application under process under spouse law or humanitarian and compassionate grounds.


One common aspect of any renewal application is that all the documents must be in the English language, and for different language documents, the papers must be translated via an enlisted translator before submitting it with the application form. Renewing the open work permit is extremely important as the permit allows working independently while the person applies for a permanent residency in Canada.



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