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How to Renew Study Permit in Canada?

May 6, 2020BY Anik Chowdhury

If you’re a student of any level and looking to extend your stay in Canada for an extended period, you must renew your study permit before it expires. The whole process is lengthy, but the hassle is very little as any student can themselves take responsibility while they continue their study in the country. The study permit renewal process must be started at least 30 days prior to the expiry of the permit.

However, undertaking the process at the last moment may cause a problematic situation with mental anxiety as well. So, it is recommended for a student to start the renewal process 90 days before the expiry of the study permit. The study permit is essential for a student to get Social Insurance Number (SIN) or even health insurance in Canada.

In the next few sections of the article, we’ll look at when and how a student in Canada can renew their study permit with the elaboration of the complete process.

When to Renew Study Permit

First and foremost, the student visa in Canada is usually 90 days, and there are three extra months allowed by the study permit to stay in Canada while you either look to extend the visa or decide on whether to stay or come back to your home country. So within the last 90 days, it is advised to apply for a renewal of study permit. This way, the student can get the new permission before the old one expires.

However, assuming that the renewal process takes a lot of time and the old study permit expires, the student can continue his/her study as the student has applied and waiting for the new and updated study permit. On the other hand, if the student did not at all apply for the renewal of the study permit even after the expiry of the old one, the student can apply still with a fine of around CAN$200.

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The process to Renew Study Permit in Canada

Step 1: Process Overview

A student in Canada should apply 3-4 months before the expiry of the current study permit. The application form and information is available on the application website from where the student is supposed to apply. The student needs to open an account and pay the application fee. The application fee in total is around CAN$250, among which CAN$150 is for the application and an extra CAN$80 for biometrics.

Step 2: Required Documents

Next up, the student should create a checklist of all the necessary documents for the application for the study permit renewal. The IRCC website has all the information about the required documents. Here’s a list of documents that you need for the application-

  • A letter of enrollment from your university. The enrollment letter will include all the necessary information about the study program, study period, and current status as a student. There is also an option to submit a customized enrollment letter, which is provided by the academic advisor of your department. This letter is usually needed for additional time to complete. However, it is recommended to submit both the type of enrollment letters.
  • The second document needed is proof of the finances of the student. This financial statement must confirm that the student has enough money to support studies and living expenses for a year. A minimum of CAN$10,000 must be shown in the statement. There are also additional funds needed to be shown for spouse and child, of about CAN$4,000 and CAN$3,000, respectively. A student can show either a recent bank statement or a letter from the student’s parents with their signatures stating the student will be supported financially by them. Students can also provide a letter from their employer, mentioning how much money they will be provided for their work in the organization or the company.
  • A scanned copy of the passport with the information page and travel history is needed as the third document. The passport must have at least six months more validity to renew the study permit. The candidate also needs a scanned digital photo along with a scanned passport.
  • A student might also need a letter of explanation for the application. The letter states the purpose of elaborately and supporting documents for the application.
  • If a student is studying for less than 12 months in Canada, then he/she will need a medical exam paper conducted by the IRCC Approved Panel Physician. However, if the student might look to do work that could bring contact to the patient, children, and elderly, regardless of the month’s stay, the student needs a medical exam paper.
  • Finally, the student needs to provide biometrics of his/her fingerprints and photos physically at the center of the application. But, if the student has provided biometrics previously, it is not necessary again.

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Step 3: Application Form

A student should always make sure to download and fill out the latest and newest form from the website as IRCC frequently updates the form. Once the form is downloaded, fill out every information asked with complete carefulness.

When the application form is filled up, there is a blue validate button either on the first or last page, which highlights missing information. If there is no missing information, then clicking the button will certify the form as complete and ready to be submitted.

Step 4: Receiving the Study Permit

Once the committee reviews the application form and all the documents, the student will be notified through the email platform of the confirmation of the study permit. It takes around 3-4 months to get an extended study permit.

It is advised to save a digital version and keep a printed version all the time. The new study permit will allow the student to extend his/her Medical Service Plan as well as Social Insurance Number (SIN). Also, the student can now apply for a Temporary Residency.


Renewing a study permit in Canada is a must job for any student, and it is not much of a hassle. The process takes a long time, though. So, it is highly advised always to make a reminder to apply for the renewal process of the study permit in Canada.

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