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Immigration Issues in Canada

January 19, 2020BY Immigrationincanada

Everyone wants to migrate to developed countries. Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world. People’s first choice is to immigrate to Canada. But there are some issues often encountered by the immigrants after shifting in Canada.

Today, we will know what the most common immigration issues in Canada are. We will discuss these problems in detail here in this article. You should know about these issues before migrating to Canada. It will help you to take preparation on how to handle these issues?

If you want to know, go through the entire content until it is finished. 

Major Immigration Issues in Canada You Should Know

In this paragraph, we will know about some significant immigration issues in Canada. Those are:

1. Language issue:

Canada’s most widely spoken languages are English and French. 58.1 percent of the population are native English speakers. 86.2 percent can speak in English. 21.4 percent of the population speak in French.

If you want to migrate to Canada, you need to learn English or French to communicate with local people. Otherwise, you will face problems everywhere. Most of the immigrants come from different countries and their first language is not English or French.

It is tough to learn a new language at an early stage after migrating to Canada. If you don’t know the official language, you will not get a job. 

2. Climate issue:

The second major immigration issue in Canada is a climate issue. When the immigrants land in Canada, they started facing this issue. Canada’s climate is naturally cold and snow, and in summer, it is hot. In winter, the temperature can fall to -25 degrees Celsius and in summer, it can be 35 degrees Celsius. It is a huge challenge for the immigrants to adapt to this weather.

3. House issue:

After entering in Canada, immigrants need a space where they can live. They need a house. Immigrants often face problems when they are going to rent a home. The landlords don’t want to rent their house to the immigrants. If they do, sometimes they ask for more rent.

This happens because immigrants don’t seem well aware of the rules and regulations of current society. They come from totally different cultures. As a result, landlords find it risky to rent their houses to the immigrants.

4. Job issue:

The ultimate immigration goal is getting a good secure job and living a standard life. Soon after migrating to Canada, it’s challenging to find a new job. If you are not skilled, experienced, productive, and educated enough, you will not get a good job. Most of them are not good at speaking English. It is more difficult for them to find a job.

5. Services issue:

Most of the migrants who just reached don’t know how to get local services. They fail to claim their rights. To give local services, sometimes, the government takes time to verify their document. In the min-time immigrants face a lot of problems.

6. Transportation issue:

Getting a driving license is another issue for immigrants. They have to pass in a written exam that most of the immigrants usually find it hard. For public transportation, the picture is more horrible.

A large number of immigrants come from developing countries. They are not familiar with the advanced transportation system. They don’t know how to use public transportation as well. New immigrants often face problems using public transport. 

7. Cultural issue:

Canadian culture is different from immigrants culture. For that reason, initially, the new immigrants encounter some issues to match with the new culture. As the days go on, they make them comfortable and familiar with the new culture. By one year, they become a part of the new culture.


These are common seven immigration issues in Canada. Though immigrants face some problems, Canada is still one of the most desired immigration destinations. These issues never disappear because immigrants have left their own country and have come new place they don’t know. It just takes a while, adjusting to the new environment. After that, the issues will disappear automatically.

We are experienced in immigration issues and proudly serving people globally. We aim to make the immigration process as easy as water.

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