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Immigration policy in Canada

January 8, 2020BY Faisal Mustafa

Canada is one of the most powerful countries in the world. Canadian peoples are very generous; that’s why people from all over the world prefer to migrate to Canada from other countries. More than 200,000 thousand immigrants and refugees migrated to Canada over the past decade.

Nowadays, almost every year, the number of immigrants in Canada is increasing day by day. The immigration policy in Canada is also straightforward and simple. Once you get the Canada immigration visa for permanent residency, you will be able to live with the same Canadian right. You can accumulate two years of residency in every five years.

So now, let’s discuss the immigration policy of Canada.

Canada’s Position on Immigration Policy

The united state and Canada both are almost the same position on immigration policy. Immigration is one of the significant factors why Canada is more powerful and generous. Immigration is like a tradition for the Canadian nation.

The immigration policy in Canada is so easy. In the early 20th century, Canada started to control the flow of immigration by adopting many policies. But this immigration policy doesn’t stop migration in Canada.

According to the report of International Migration and Development, Canada’s position on immigration policy is 7th among twenty-eight countries. According to the report, Canada hosts almost 75% of all international immigrants.

Who immigrates to Canada?

More than 200,000 immigrants and refugees get permanent residency in every ten years just because of the immigration policy in Canada. The majority of immigrants are from Asia, particularly from China, India, Pakistan, Iran, and Britain. Almost over 175,000 Muslim immigrants immigrated to Canada from 1996 to 2001. Especially the immigration policy in Canada helps to those immigrants to immigrate to Canada.

How does Canada’s immigration policy work?

The immigration policy in Canada depends on three sections. Such as

· Economic

Each year the most considerable part of immigrants represented by this category. There is a scoring system for selecting immigrants who have a higher level of study, job skills, and various language skills. The immigration policy in Canada is so rich with the information-based economy. Canada is in the most economically productive country all over the world.

· Family members

This category depends on the immigrants who are already staying in Canada. The spouse and children can join their Family if their husband or their father lives in Canada. With this category, one of the largest groups of immigrants enters Canada.

In this category, Canada will also recognize same-sex couples. If they are not legally married, they have to give a legal proof of a long-standing relationship. The immigration policy in Canada includes this category.

· Refugees

The smallest number of refugees immigrants admitted to Canada every year. The humanitarian resettlement programs and claims for asylum protection also included in this program. 

How the government accommodates immigrants?

According to the immigration policy in Canada, the government provides immigrants with language training and also gives access to Canada’s national health care. The government has many ways to welcome immigrants and helps to settle down.

Mostly the government offers jobs to the immigrants so that they can live peacefully. But there are specific issues which are now creating problems. Many immigrants are claiming that they are not getting a proper job based on their qualifications.

Most of the immigrants don’t also have language skills, which are essential for getting a job. A large number of immigrants also come to Canada with degrees that are not recognized by many companies.

How much money needed to immigrate to Canada?

Immigrating in other countries can cost some amount of money, that’s for sure. But under the immigration policy in Canada to get citizenship and immigration, it can cost around $10000 CDN per person. To obtain citizenship in Canada, you need to maintain a few rules and regulations of Canada. 

Age limit to immigrate to Canada

The minimum requirement to get citizenship in Canada is one year and a maximum of six years. The candidates who are 18 years to 35-year-old anyone can get citizenship in Canada. The immigration policy in Canada also includes the age limit to immigrate to Canada.


Canada is a very well known country and one of the most influential countries in all over the world. The immigration policy is also very straight forward in Canada. It is a desire for everybody to get citizenship in Canada nowadays. All the information given above might help you if you want to immigrate to Canada.

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