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Invitation Letter for Canada Visitor Visa

March 8, 2020BY Faisal Mustafa

Obtaining a Visa for Canada indicates that for a short space of time, generally six months or less, you may visit Canada. Visits could be made for a variety of reasons, along with traveling, family visits, commercials, etc. In certain situations, a letter of invitation from somebody you know from Canada is sought from the Canadian embassy you apply for.

This article will examine the information on what a visa invitation letter is, how to receive it, and other options that are available for you.

Meaning of an Invitation Letter

A letter of invitation to travel Canada is an easy notarized document from somebody in Canada that invites you to the country; you are familiar with. This individual could be a friend or relative, but it should be someone that you have a close connection to and can check your ethnicity and your intention for your trip to Canada.

This invited individual in Canada requests that the Canadian Embassy offer you a visa and permit you to come into the country. This letter is essentially an invitation. It also provides a kind of assurance from the person who calls you to an embassy that you do not give wrong data about your plans to join Canada and that you are leaving Canada and will not exceed your visa.

This invitation letter provides even more proof of why you are to be given a Canada visa by the Canadian Embassy. It adds to the remainder of the implementation and, therefore, can enhance your situation if the conditions are met.

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Who is Eligible for Writing A Canadian Visa Invitation Letter?

As indicated, someone you know well may write a visa invitation letter. When you are traveling, Canada for commercial purposes or you may become a close family member such as the father or mother, the brother or sister, the wife, the kid, etc.

In all events, the fundamental requirement is to have a PR or citizen of Canada in a person delivering the call letter. You must not be an undocumented immigrant, or you do not have a legal position in Canada.

You should have full compliance designation and employment and income sources to improve the probability of your letter having a detrimental effect on the visa proposal of the Canadian Embassy.

The Invitation Letter Criteria For Canada

The letter of invitation to the Canada visa should comply with several data criteria. If someone sends the letter, he or she has to include everything below. If he or she doesn’t approve the letters, or if he or she does, the Canadian Embassy will damage the possibility of receiving the visa. Three pairs of criteria are available:

  • The visa applicant info;
  • The info of the person who is inviting the applicant;
  • Specified info for Super Visa.

The Visa Applicant Info

The following data on the visa interviewee shall be given in the invitation letter,

  • Name of the Applicant including first name and last name;
  • Birth Date;
  • Contact Number(Phone and Email);
  • Permanent address;
  • The relationship status between the applicant and the person inviting them;
  • The intention of visiting Canada;
  • The time duration the visit takes;
  • Applicant Canadian address where they are going to live and their payment system;
  • Arrival date in Canada and leaving date from Canada;
  • The Info of the Person Who Is Inviting the Applicant

This documentation on the individual who invites the application to Canada should be included in the Canada invitation letter:

  • Name of the inviting person along with first name and last name;
  • Birthdate;
  • Contact Number(Phone and Email);
  • Permanent address in Canada;
  • The intriguing person’s designation in Canada like he or she is a permanent residence or citizen via giving such copy :
    • If the person is a citizen of Canada have to provide their passport or citizenship card
    • If the person is a by a born Canadian citizen, have to give a Canadian birth certificate
    • Providing PR card copy or the IMM 1000 (Proof of Landing document)
  • Job information;
  • Information of close family members (Names and Date of Birth);
  • The whole number of people living in your home, including those funded or who are still supported.

Specified Info For Super Visa

The Super Visa is a visa to parents or grandparents for more than Six months while visiting their kids or grandkids. Since this visa is long-lasting than other TPRVs, further data in the letter, in addition to those mentioned earlier, is necessary. Therefore, the below must be included for such kids and grandkids who invite their parents or grandparents to Canada:

  • A notarized written statement to help your parents and grandparents economically during their entire visit to Canada;
  • Evidence of sufficient resources, as well as for traveling parents and grandparents, for the whole number of individuals in your family.


The above information is detailed information about the invitation letter for Canada visitor visa. This article will help you to write an invitation letter correctly. If you meet all the criteria, there is a high chance to be issued your invitation letter by the Canadian Embassy.


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