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Invitation to Apply (ITA) Document Checklist

October 16, 2023BY Faisal Mustafa

Dreaming of starting a new chapter in the land of opportunity, breathtaking landscapes, and diverse cultures? Well, your Canadian dream is just a step away from becoming a reality! 

If you’ve received the coveted Invitation to Apply (ITA), consider yourself one giant leap closer to planting your roots in Canada. 

The ITA is like your direction guiding you through the complex maze of immigration, and we’re here to make sure you have the map – your personalized ITA document checklist.

Get ready, because we’re about to transform the process of putting together your ITA document checklist into a truly engaging experience! Assembling the required documents might seem like a puzzle, but worry not. Each piece brings you closer to solving the puzzle in your Canadian journey.

Your Invitation to Apply (ITA) Document Checklist: 12 Important Things to Assemble

You’re sipping your morning coffee while checking your email, and there’s a subject line that sends your heart racing. “Invitation to Apply Received.” Your hands tremble as you open the email that could reshape your entire life. It’s official—you’ve been invited to apply for permanent residency in Canada! 

But now what? How do you turn that digital invitation into a tangible reality? Here we go through the guide of assembling your ITA document checklist.

1. Proof of Identity

Every journey begins with knowing who you are. Your proof of identity is like the first page of your travel journal—it introduces you to the world. 

Gather your passport, birth certificate, and any other official identification documents that narrate your life’s story.

2. Language Proficiency

Language is the bridge that connects hearts and cultures. In Canada, proficiency in English or French is your golden ticket. 

Scores from tests like IELTS or CELPIP showcase your linguistic prowess. Dust off your vocabulary and let your words flow like the rivers of British Columbia!

3. Educational Credentials

Your education is the compass that guided you to this moment. Gather your academic transcripts, diplomas, and degrees. 

They’re the evidence of your intellectual voyage and a testament to your dedication. Remember, your thirst for knowledge brought you here.

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4. Work Experience

Every job, every task, and every challenge you’ve faced has contributed to your unique story. Your work experience letters and references are like the pages that bring your professional journey to life. 

It is your chance to showcase your accomplishments, your successes, and the impact you’ve made in each role. This is where you shine like the Northern Lights.

5. Proof of Funds

Just as a car needs fuel to run, your journey needs money to keep going. Proof of funds is like having enough cash in your pocket to cover your journey’s expenses. Imagine it as having both a full tank of gas and enough money to spend while you explore new places.

6. Medical Examination

Just as a ship needs a seaworthy hull, Canada wants to ensure you’re ready for the voyage ahead. 

A medical examination ensures you’re in good health, and ready to explore all the corners and aspects of your new home. Think of it as a wellness check for your Canadian dreams.

7. Police Clearance

Canada welcomes those with open arms, but it also wants to ensure it is safe for all. Police clearance certificates from countries you’ve lived in reveal the black-and-white history of your past. It’s a way of ensuring that your story aligns with the country’s values. 

This step underscores Canada’s commitment to creating a secure environment for everyone, as every individual contributes to the vibrant patchwork of the nation’s narrative.

Through these certificates, you’re not just showing your history; you’re demonstrating your dedication to being a part of Canada’s shared future.

8. Digital Photographs

You’ve probably heard that a picture can tell a story better than words. Your digital photos show who you are now. They capture this moment of excitement as you start your journey to Canada.

9. Express Entry Profile Number and Job Seeker Validation Code

Your Express Entry Profile Number and Job Seeker Validation Code are your entry passes to the possibilities that await in Canada. 

These might sound technical, but they’re essentially your keys to the opportunities there. These codes symbolize your digital presence in this journey, much like a virtual boarding pass to your new start.

10. Relationship Information

Your relationships define you just as much as your personal achievements. If applicable, gather documents that prove your marital status, such as marriage certificates or divorce decrees. 

Think of these documents as pieces that highlight your relationships with people. They’re like threads that connect you to others and show how your life is woven together with theirs. These papers are like a small window into the different people who have been part of your journey so far.

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11. Provincial Nomination (If Applicable)

If a province in Canada has chosen you, consider yourself a sort of ambassador for that region. It’s like they’ve given you a special role to represent them. 

Make sure you gather all the required documents that showcase this nomination—it’s a unique achievement that you can proudly display.

Having this nomination is truly a standout accomplishment, a badge of honour that you can wear with pride.

12. Other Documents

Each person’s journey is different. Depending on your situation, you might need extra papers. These could be things like adoption records, custody agreements, or any other documents that add more to your life story.

In Closing

As you gather these documents, keep in mind that each piece reflects a part of your story—a part you’re bringing to a new country.

So, as you go along, are you ready to turn your ITA document checklist into a record of your goals? Complete the process carefully, because each document is like a brick in the foundation of your new Canadian home.

And someday, when you will be enjoying the diverse cities and opportunities of Canada, you’ll realize that your ITA document checklist was more than just a list. It guided you toward your dreams, showed your determination, and marked your readiness for a new chapter in life.


Why Is the ITA Document Checklist Important?

The ITA document checklist is crucial because it outlines all the documents needed for your Canadian immigration application. Following it ensures a smooth process.

Can I Skip Certain Documents if They Don’t Seem Relevant?

Skipping documents may lead to application delays or rejections. It's safer to submit all required documents even if they seem less significant.

What if I Don’t Have All the Requested Documents?

Missing documents can impact your application. Consult legal experts for alternatives or extensions if necessary.

Are Additional Documents Necessary if I’ve Lived in Multiple Countries?

Yes, police clearances are needed from all countries you've lived in. They ensure a comprehensive background check.

How Can I Ensure My Application Stands Out with These Documents?

Use documents to showcase accomplishments and readiness for Canada. Connect your narrative with Canadian values for a standout application.

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    To get permanent residency, you have to live for at least three years in Canada. You also need some other documents to apply for Citizenship.

    In generally takes six months to get the citizenship after taking the Citizenship Test and Interview.

    People aged between 18 to 54 have to take the citizenship test and Interview.

    Oath taking ceremony generally takes 45 to 60 mins to complete. However, the time may vary upon the number of applicants and citizens.

    Yes, any Citizen who is a Canadain Citizen can renounce his citizenship status if he wants. He may apply for renouncing the citizenship under certain conditions.

    The answer is yes. You can again apply to resume your Citizenship status though you have renounced it once.

    The total fees for applying for Citizenship in Canada is CAN $ 630. Among the prices, $530 is for processing fee, and $100 is for the right of  Citizenship fee. But for minors aged under 18, the processing fee is $100.