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Is It Easy to Get a Job in Canada?

June 24, 2020BY Faisal Mustafa

Everyone wants jobs. People travel from one place to another to get a job. It gives salaries by which people get standard life and ensure financial solvency to people.

Moreover, employment provides social status. Today, here in this article, we will discuss the employment system in Canada, which is a developed country. So first thing comes into mind, is it easy to get a job in Canada?

Is it easy to get a job in Canada?

Many people ask in Google “Is it easy to get a job in Canada?”. The answer is not simple. It is not easy to get jobs in Canada. Employment in Canada depends on skill, knowledge, and expertise. People should find a job according to their abilities, and you might research what the employer wants.

Many people get migrated to Canada to get good jobs. But due to the lacking of preparation, they don’t get a job as their expectation. So, People should take proper training before coming here.

To get a job in Canada depends on some crucial factors. These factors determine the real answer to the question, and new immigrants should follow some elements

  1. Skill levels
  2. How much proficient a new immigrant has?
  3. How much demand for these skills in Canada?

Many people search for a job after coming to Canada. This is a worse idea. Before coming here, they must search for a job.


A job depends on skills. Skills are essential to have a job for everyone. Many people experienced that it is harder to have a job for foreigners here in Canada because Canadian employers want experiences before hiring employees. People need to get training to gather experiences. That is why personal skills are significant.


Employees need skill and proficiency to get hired by the company. Communication skill is essential here. This is very crucial. So, one can get a job by learning a language very quickly.

Skill demand

Skill demand is crucial for getting a job. If you are IT professionals, the doctor then you might have in high demand. But you won’t get a job directly in Canada. Everyone who shifts to Canada must process Canadian work experiences.

But in reality, the employer sees whether the new immigrants have the Canadian work standard or not. Sometimes the company considered this as Canadian work experience. Canadian companies always want to hire a self-motivated, hard worker and still prone to learn knowledge.

Requirements for getting jobs in Canada

Requirements for getting jobs are 2 types.

  1. Canadian citizen
  2. For foreigners

Canadian Citizen

It is easier to get jobs for Canadian people in Canada. They just need citizenship of Canada and work expertise of chosen posts. They graduate from a Canadian university.

For foreigners

Foreign workers need some basic requirements for getting jobs. The requirements are as follows.

  1. They need a valid work permit
  2. Viva office requires that all processes.
  3. Experiences

Barriers to getting jobs

Many people think getting a job in Canada is easy even some of them get a job in Canadian within a week. But some don’t understand because of less skill. Some reasons are available for not getting a job quickly. These barriers are as follows.


In this case, language is fundamental here. It will help immigrants to communicate with his employer. Less communication with the employer during the interview is one of the main reasons for not getting a job here.

Job search inaccessibility

Many people look for a job online, but this doesn’t bring more success. People need to go to the job place directly to see the real situation. This will show the employer the dedication of you getting the job. Furthermore, this will make a great network. So, be diligent in finding a job.

Resume up to Canadian standard

People should make their resume up to the Canadian standard. Many people come from many places, but they will work in the same place. So, immigrants should make the resume up to the Canadian standard. People should research the job availability in the market and the skill required for doing the job. It will help the newcomer to manage a career.

Fewer skill demands

If someone has more career demand than supply, it will be easier to get a job in Canada. The employer will hire him if his career has more demand than supply.

Steps that immigrants should follow

It has already known to all those personal skills, and job demands are significant to manage a job in Canada. Some steps might help a new immigrant to have a job quickly in here.

Good preparation

If someone takes proper training, he will manage a job quickly. So, new immigrants should try to achieve a job before coming here. For this, you need to collect a visual contract number from local Canadian. This cost very little money for about 2 to 5 dollars. This will help you to get a job fast. Moreover, this will help you to get an idea of the real job situation in Canada

Be flexible

People have to be flexible to get a job. The financial situation is a crucial factor here. If someone has excellent financial support, he may get a long time to look for a job. If you have outstanding financial support to stay in Canada for a long time without a job, you may look for a job according to your expectation.

If you don’t have enough financial support, you have to be flexible. You might take a low paid job. Everyone knows that in Canada, no job is seen as small. Everyone is living here with respect.

Come alone first

New immigrants should go to Canada without family because it will help you to manage a job in here. You may find a very cheap house here. You can move anywhere. At first, you have to go to many places for an interview. It is easy to move without family.


Another crucial question is what time you come to Canada. Timing is essential to have a job here. In November and December, it is harder to have a job than at any other time. But it is not impossible to have a job at that time.

Because this is the financial year ending time, most of the companies generally don’t hire employees at that time. So, what is the perfect time? The answer is January and February. Because a new budget of companies come and then they start hiring more new employees. So, new immigrants should come during spring or summer. This is the best time for getting a job in Canada.


Some people may think that it is straightforward to get a job in Canada. But in reality, it is not easy. Personal skill, skill demand, work experience, and proper preparation are essential factors to get a job in Canada. People who think getting a job in Canada is a little bit difficult. But everything is possible if you work for it dedicatedly!

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