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Job Opportunity for Immigrants in Canada

November 20, 2019BY Immigrationincanada

Canada is a famous immigration destination in the world. Its dynamic culture and the least racist attitude make it more fascinated to immigrants.

Canada’s economic growths are noticeable, but at this time of economic growth, many Canadian employers are facing difficulties in finding sufficient workers who meet the demand. For this reason, Canada is relying on the foreign workforce for a strong economic position.

For working in Canada, a foreign worker, most of the time, needed the work permit. But there are some exceptional circumstances when they are exempted from work permit.

However, the Canadian employer who wants to employ foreign workers must have to obtain approval from Employment and Social Development Canada. It is also known as Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Besides that, employers have to verify that recruiting foreign workers won’t influence the Canadian job market unfavorably.

Some work permits are exempt from LMIA as a result of Foreign Trade Agreements such as- North American Free Trade Agreement.

There are some other kinds of work permits like- post-graduate work permits, open spousal work permits.

Canada is the preferable country for immigration. Without a job, you can get PR also, but having a job will give you extra benefits.

In the following writing, I will talk about some jobs which are considered best for new immigrants.

Sales Associates

It is one of the high demanded jobs for immigrants. In Canada, there is lots of leading business organization which need a skilled salesperson for ensuring the sales of their products.

People who have excellent communication skills and sales skills can perform well in this sector. Sales associated can b financial sales representatives, retail salespeople.

Administrative Assistants

Often in any corporate office, administrative assistants are the significant part. Administrative assistants as their job work provide valuable assistance in case of routine filling, related administrative tasks, tools offerings, resources, etc.

Administrative assistants can be-

  • Administrative office assistants
  • Loans & grants administrative assistants
  • Legal administrative assistants
  • Commercial law administrative assistants
  • Real estate administrative assistants
  • Medical administrative assistants etc.


Individuals who have skills, passion, and expertise in technology, website buildings, apps of smartphones, business software, or in other projects which deal with code are considered developers.

The developer jobs are highly demanded jobs in Canada now, and lots of immigrants are immigrating by such kind of situation.

Computer programs and interactive media developer’s jobs are available. Also, web designers and developer’s responsibilities are popular among immigrants.

Account Manager

In all significant industries of Canada, account managers are needed. Specifically, in business to business segments, their skills are prerequisites for prospering in the field.

Excellent skills in finance, accounting, and sales, along with CRM software knowledge, are the requirement for this specific job.

Project Manager

In every industry, project managers are in demand, such as- IT, marketing, engineering, etc. Usually, the perfect candidate for this job has to have skill and experience in dealing with complex projects.

Project managers can be Engineering managers, Construction managers, Internal audit project manager, Organization and productivity project manager, Housing project manager, Interior design project manager, video games project manager, Visual effects project manager.

Registered nurse

Canada is facing a stuff problem and burden on healthcare due to new challenges in the healthcare system.

The demand for nurses, registered nurses, etc. has been increased rapidly in the last few years. For helping doctors, taking care of patients, especially old patients’ demands of a registered nurse, is increasing day by day.

The nurse can work as a registered nurse, call center nurse, contact center nurse, public and community health center nurse, telehealth nurse, etc.


People with crucial accounting skills such as- payroll, budget, government taxation, auditing, etc. are highly demanded in Canada. An applicant who has a CPA designation is getting preference.

They can work as a financial manager, financial auditors, and accountants, supervisors, finance, insurance office workers.

Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineers with expertise in different sectors such as- designing electronics, working in the energy sector are in immense demand in the Canadian job market.

They can work as engineering managers, electrical and electronics managers, bioelectrical engineers, electrical engineering design technologies, an electrical engineering professor at university, electrical engineering technician, etc.

HR Manager

HR managers have a significant role in hiring and recruitment. They look out for, make a shortlist, and hire the best employ for any particular organization.

So, they are in high demand because Canadian companies have to hire so many people every year in each sector.

They can work as human resource managers, such as- employment equity directors, human resource administrators, social resource planning managers, occupational training directors, vocational training directors, pay services directors, etc.

Again they can work as human resources professionals, human resource and recruitment officers, administrative assistants, personnel clerks, etc.

The more time immigrants live in Canada, the more income they can obtain. According to new statistics, recent immigrants of Canada are making more money than ever before.

If you are planning to migrate and work in Canada at first, try to get a PR visa at first, which will help you. The employer of Canada often prefers to recruit people who have PR and PR will increase your chance of grabbing a job offer.

But nowadays it is also common to get a job offer by staying in your country. Through the internet, people are applying in different kinds of jobs according to their skills. In Canada, lots of foreigners are also asking for jobs, and they are coming to Canada after getting a job.


Canada is one of the biggest developed countries. Its economy is also flourishing. For keeping flourish, Canada needs skilled labor force, worker. But often Canadian employer finds it difficult to recruit the perfect one because they have a lack of worker.

For that reason, they hire a foreign worker. Also, Canada is an immigrant-friendly country. Lots of people are immigrating to Canada. For making their life standard and better Canadian government is committed. And that is also encouraging them to provide jobs to immigrants.

For rapid economic growth in Canada, there are numerous jobs. Among them, one immigrated person can find a job that is related to his or her skill.

If you have skill, confidence, and you are committed, then it won’t be a tough task to find a job in Canada as an immigrant.

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