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Langley, British Columbia is a lovely place to raise your family. It makes sense that you’d want your family members to live with you here, especially if they are currently living far away from you in another nation entirely.

Canadian immigration law recognizes the need to unite families and has created several pathways for Citizens and permanent residents to sponsor certain family member, allowing those family members to become permanent residents as well. In some cases, those family members may even live with you here in Canada and obtain employment while the application is being processed.

We can give you the legal help that you will need to successfully help your family members attain PR status in British Columbia.

The Family Sponsorship Process in Langley, BC

You’ll need to fill out an application and provide the government with a series of forms to back the claims in your application. Before you get started you should always consult with an immigration attorney so you can catch potential problems before you get started and make your application as strong as possible. It can be expensive to correct problems later and difficult to defend your application on appeal.

You will be required to pay an application fee. You’ll also have to provide CIC with fingerprints and take a medical exam. CIC will conduct background checks both on you and on the family member you are trying to sponsor. In some cases you and your family member may be required to attend an in-person interview where you can be asked in-depth questions about your application. Your immigration attorney may attend this interview with you.

Sponsorship Eligibility

Sponsors must:

  • Be over the age of 18.
  • Be Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
  • Must sign a sponsorship agreement to providing financial support for your relative including food, shelter, medical care, and other needs for three years after the relative becomes a permanent resident.
  • Prove that you are financially capable of providing this support and that you don’t owe money to Canadian Social Services.
  • Affirm that you will pay Canadian Social Services back for any services your relative receives during that three-year period.

Who can I Sponsor for Permanent Residency in Canada?

The person you are trying to sponsor must be:

  • Your spouse, common-law spouse, or conjugal partner.
  • A dependent child.
  • Your parent.
  • Your grandparent.
  • An orphaned brother or sister who is under the age of 18 and unmarried.
  • An orphaned niece and nephew who is under the age of 18 and unmarried.
  • An orphaned grandchild who is under the age of 18 and unmarried.

You can’t sponsor a sister or a brother, another relative of any other age, or a fiancée. If you are attempting to sponsor a spouse, a common-law spouse, or a conjugal partner, you must be able to provide evidence that the relationship is a bonafide relationship and not one that was entered into solely for the purposes of helping the partner obtain an immigration benefit.

Any relative you sponsor must be eligible to come to Canada. This means they:

  • Have not committed any crime that would require them to serve ten years or more in prison in Canada.
  • Are not engaged in spying, terrorism, or organized crime.
  • Have never committed any human rights violations.
  • Are not likely to become a medical burden on Canada’s public health system.
  • Have not violated Canadian immigration law at any point.

Your immigration attorney can help you spot and handle potential issues so that they may be addressed before you apply.

How Much Income Do You Need to Sponsor a Family Member in Langley, BC?

It depends on your family size and the number of people you’re already supporting. 

In 2021, you’ll need $32,270 if you’re supporting yourself and one other, $39,672 if you’re supporting yourself and two others, and $48,167 if you’re supporting yourself and 3 others. You can find the full chart here.

You will also be required to show the last 12 months of income…it’s not enough to have recently picked up a job with the requisite salary. 

How Long Does the Sponsorship Process Take?

It can take 6 to 12 months to get through the entire process. Your Langley immigration team will try to help your family member obtain permission to live and work in Canada during that time.

What Happens If My Sponsorship Application is Refused?

You can file an appeal, if you work quickly enough. Usually your attorneys will handle this on your behalf from the moment CIC issues the refusal decision.

In some cases, your immigration attorneys will be able to help you rectify the reasons why your application was denied. In others, we will try to find new evidence that we can present at your appeal hearing.

Why is It So Important to Get Legal Help for Family Sponsorship in Langley, BC?

Not everyone who applies for family sponsorship will get their requests granted. Bring in legal representation as soon as you start the process to give your family its best chance at uniting within Canada’s borders.

In some cases, family sponsorship will not be the best pathway to bring your family member to Canada. Sometimes the Provincial Nominee Program or the Express Entry program provides a more sensible pathway. We can review your unique situation and ensure that you and your family are choosing the right immigration class for your situation.

Why Choose Us?

All of the immigration attorneys in our office have over 20 years of experience handling tough immigration litigation. We’ve helped thousands of individuals immigrate to BC and we’ve helped thousands more sponsor their family members in as permanent residents.

We’re responsive, caring, and known for being some of the toughest lawyers in Canada. We even have attorneys on staff that speak fluent Mandarin and fluent Punjabi.

Call us at  (604) 394-2777 to make an appointment today. We are happy to set up a video chat appointment.

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