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Do you have any plan of shifting to Langley? In Langley, there are thousands of people every year who apply for different purposes. However, visa processing is more accessible now as people can process online, but still, applications get decline for wrong documentation.

If you are having issues, we can help you to get your documents right. Langley Immigration Lawyers is a law firm from Canada. Our experienced immigration lawyers are top-rated for the achievement rate. With the professionals, we can tell your application will process conveniently.

Types of Immigration

Are you confused about the different types of immigration? There are four different types of immigration.

Economic immigration

Economic immigration is for skilled workers who can support the economy of Canada. The immigrants need to have proof of being financially stable in resettlements. In addition, they need to have work experience of job offers from Canada.

Business Immigration

Business immigration requires investments. People who are applying in this category need to invest in Canada. On the other hand, they can also create an interest loan through the Government.

Spouse sponsorship

Spouse sponsorships are a part of family sponsorship. You do not need any financial statements if you want to sponsor your spouse or your dependent child. However, the case is different for parents and grandparents as there are financial requirements.

Humanitarian and refugee sponsorship

Humanitarian and refugee sponsorship are for refugees as they are private applicants. A group of Canadians raise funds to help the refugees resettle. Therefore, they do not require any financial statements.

Types of Immigration Services

In Canada, there are many immigration services. If you take Langley Immigration Lawyers services, you will get a wide range of immigration services. We can guarantee our lawyers will help you know about the beneficial options that are perfect for you!

Some of the available immigration services are:

Express Entry Application

Express Entry is a program for skilled immigrants who want to be Canadian permanent residence. Nevertheless, entry-level applications are complex for some people, and we are ready to help you through the steps.

People need to follow four steps while applying for express entry program:


Being a working immigrant, you need to show some legal documents and applications. Some documents are language results, educational certificates, medical reports and bank records.

Opening a Profile

You need to open a profile through a Canadian website and wait for the invitations.

Permanent Residence Application

After receiving an invitation, you will get a form to fill up and pay the fees. Lastly, apply.

Interview process

With proper documentation, your application is accepted. However, the interview doesn’t need to be in Langley.

Provincial Nominee Immigrates

Provincial Nominee Immigrates are people who want to be a Canadian PR in a specific territory or province. They can apply for the provincial nominee program. The Canadian PNP is tough, so it is better to take the help of lawyers.

Provincial Nominee Program

People who want to get a provincial nominee program need to follow four steps:

Finding the right PNP

Being a part of the province and territory, you first need to consult the list to find eligibility for the program.

PNP application

When you get the right choice for yourself, you can apply directly to the province or territory.

Getting nomination certificate

If the province or territory accepts your application, they will nominate you and then, you can apply for PR.

PR application

Finally, you need to apply for PR through the Federal Government. You need to choose Express Entry or a paper-based application through your PNP preference.

LMIA and Renewal of temporary visa

LMIA is a labour market impact assessment which is a new service from 2019. In Langley, workers can immediately start working if they have LMIA or hire a person with LMIA exemption.

Extending work permits

When a temporary worker is in employment, an owner can extend or change their work permit. In addition, they can also change occupations, salaries, work conditions and can even hire them from other companies. Nevertheless, if a temporary worker does not want to change their status, they need to apply for a work permit before a month.

Importance of LMIA for temporary Entry

There are two options for temporary workers related to LMIA. If a temporary worker wants LMIA, they need to apply in Employment and Social Development. On the other hand, if they do not wish for LMIA, they can pay a compliance fee to the employer and submit a new application.

Openwork permits

It is not necessary for temporary workers who own open work permits to extend work permits. They can only extend the expiry date of their available work permit.

Super Visa

Super visa is for people who want parents or grandparents to stay with them. If someone has a super visa, they can visit Langley for two years without visa renewals. To apply for a super visa, a person should be aware of some requirements. However, there are complications in understanding super visas, so it is better to take the help of lawyers.

Super Visa Application Process has two steps:

  1. Getting proper documentations
  2. Apply for a super visa.

Tourist Visa

Since 2019, there have been many restrictions on tourist visas. However, the Government is still processing applications by lifting some restrictions. Your eligibility depends on the place that you are travelling from.

If you are a tourist with valid status, you can apply again to extend your expiry date. However, if your tourist visa has expired, you can still restore your status.

Student permits

Many people apply as international students but start working in due time. When their permit expires, they can easily extend the permit. You can begin preparing for student permits by applying in Canadian schools, learning about student life and applying for scholarships.

How to apply as an international student?

There are five easy steps to apply as an international student:

  1. Inquire to find whether you need a study permit
  2. Getting study permits
  3. Extending study permits
  4. Restoring permits
  5. Study as an international student.

Seeking refugee protection

Langley protects refugees whose life is in danger or ran away from their country in fear of persecution. In your country, you have life risks, so that you can ask for help in Canada. However, you have to remember that you are eligible for a refugee claim:

  1. Cannot have a removal order
  2. Refugee needs to be in Canada
  3. Resettle as a refugee
  4. We need to use one immigration program.

Immigration Lawyers

Why hire an immigration lawyer?

The immigration application process is very complicated and challenging. If you are thinking about moving to Langley, you should take the help of professional immigration lawyers. No one would like to waste time in getting denial after working hard.

Langley Immigration Lawyers have experienced lawyers with successful cases of immigration. We can assure to help you so call us now:(604) 535-7777 or contact: [email protected]ncanada.ca!

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s look into the answers to your frequently asked question!

What do Immigration Lawyers do?

Immigration lawyers fight for individual and business clients. In addition, they also deal with immigration issues, visas, permanent residency and similar cases.

When Can I Apply for Permanent Residence in Canada?

You can apply for permanent residence in Canada in two ways:

  • Full time (or equal part-time) work experience of 12 months in three years before applying
  • Maintaining a level of NOC skill in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

How Long does It Take to Become a Permanent Resident of Canada?

It takes 45 days to process new PR cards after IRCC receives an application and 104 days to renew PR cards in Canada. In rare cases, it can take several months.

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