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Are you new to Canada? Are you an asylum seeker? Do you need to apply for refugee protection in Canada? Are you facing any trouble monetary trouble being a refugee in Canada? Being a person outside of Canada seeking survival or making a living is a matter of process and needs some legal action.

For that kind of situation, a refugee and asylum protection lawyer can be the most suitable individual for you to bring the perfect solution and peace in your life,

We have years of experience in this arena and a class of expert refugee and asylum protection lawyers. Who is trained to deal with the complex legal process of asylum-seeking and give you ease in your way to your new home in Canada?

What is Refugee Protection?

Refugee protection in Canada is for those who face prosecution in their country. When a person enters Canada, they can apply for refugee protection. You can ask for the help of protection staying outside of Canada under the Convention refugee abroad class.

If You have any confusion with refugee protection in Canada, you can hire our expert on refugee laws and protection for a more detailed understanding

In Canada, their regulatory act known as Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA)

Who Need Refugee Protection?

There are several laws and conventions regarding the protection of refugees in Canada that ensure security and protection for people outside of Canada. A person is subject to torture, risk of losing life in his home country, and a person is in prosecution.

If you feel that you need a strong helping hand to make your way easier and give you a better chance to have refugee protection in Canada, consult with us.

Refugee Claimant

The IRB accepts and rejects the claim of any refugee after the refugee hearing. After the acceptance from IRB, you will be considered as a protected person. And finally, you can live in Canada and become a permanent resident in the process.

What is the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act in Canada?

It is the primary federal law that deals with the immigration regulation of Canada. Section 9 of IRPA protects the information of classified or non-classified individuals in the process of immigration.

Convention Refugees

A convention refugee is an individual who is in the threat of facing prosecution for his race, religion, political opinion, nationality or being a member of a particular social group. A convention refugee needs to meet the 1951 Geneva Convention Refugee Definition.

We have a reputation for helping the convention refugee of Canada, ensuring they are treated well here in Canada. If you are one of those people. Be at your ease to come to us.

Canadian Refugee Status

You can achieve permission to live in Canada and refugee status by following the proper legal process and proving to the Canadian authority that you face problems in living in your homeland. The status also includes:

  • A person referred to as a refugee under the Geneva convention act 1951
  • A person drove out from the homeland or left for fear of facing prosecution

Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications

H&C application is the permission documents for officially residing in Canada. To apply for that permission, you need to be within Canada.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the people who somehow make their way to Canada and want to be legalized here.

Physical Protection of Person in Need of Protection

It’s a protection-giving process for those individuals who are driven out of their country in the face of life threat, misjudgment, the possibility of facing severe physical injury and more injustice. Under this kind of situation, you can apply for protection from Canadian authorities.

We have the most reputed and skillful lawyers to deal with that kind of situation make your application.

Am I Eligible to Make a Claim?

To be eligible for claiming a refugee in Canada, you need to be a referred refugee under UNHCR. You can apply for a claim of refugee protection at any port of entry. Then you need to go through an interview process for your eligibility.

To be more explicit about the process, come to our highly reputed professionals and know what you really need to be an eligible person to live in Canada legally.

What Happens After the Refugee Protection Division Hears My Claim?

The refugee protection division hears your claim, and then it will grant you the validation of your protection in Canada. The division can reject your claim if they are not satisfied. The order will be applied in an organized period.

If you face any kind of confusion and don’t really know what to do after the protection hearing. Feel free to take assistance from our expert panel and consult with us.

How Can We Help You?

It would be challenging for an asylum seeker to find every possible solution in one place if a new person comes to Canada. It’s our privilege to serve and become a trusted companion in Langley to find their new home in Canada. So do come to us for:

  • We have a long and successful history of leading through the process of asylum-seeking in Canada.
  • You can take our consultancy for your physical protection and personal protection in Canada.
  • If you don’t know the criteria for becoming an eligible refugee, feel free to come to us.
  • We have the most affordable service provider strategy in Langley
  • We carefully listen to you and make sure that you are going to get permission in Canada.

Contact Us- Langley Refugee and Asylum Protection Lawyers

You don’t need to waste your time looking for a lawyer or any kind of guidance. Just mail us at the following address [email protected]  or call us directly (604) 535-7777. Feel free to contact us anytime. We are always ready to hear from you with care and guidance.

Frequently Asked Question

We thought about your ease and tried to make your way more comfortable. So we have crafted some frequently asked questions.

What is the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act?

The immigration and refugee protection act is an act of the Parliament of Canada. The core objective of this act is to support Canada’s economy and competitiveness. This program attracts new immigrants, including the new labour force in the market, and makes a successful journey through Canada.

Who Can Claim Refugee Protection in Canada?

If anyone feels unsafe in his country of origin and looks for safety, he comes to Canada and can seek refugee protection. The person needs to give an interview under the immigration authority.

Can I Withdraw My Refugee Protection Claim?

Yes, you can withdraw your refugee protection claim. And for that, you may lose different kinds of rights and claims in the process. And once the protection claim is removed, it is challenging to make a new claim.

How are Refugees Protected?

Under the resettlement assistance program, the Canada Government helps refugees with essential support like providing monetary help and housing when they arrive in Canada. The authority also considers permanent residency and other fundamental rights.

How to Apply for Refugee Status?

Applying for refugee status starts with applying as a refugee under UNHCR and then directly applying as a refugee. To be referred, you must fall into two refugee classes.

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