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Life in Canada for Immigrants

June 28, 2020BY Immigrationincanada

Nowadays, Canada is the most famous place for immigration. Its diverse culture, quality education system, strongest economy, etc. has made it eminent among people.

Many of you maybe want to apply for immigration in Canada. Before that, you may want to know how your life could be in Canada as an Immigrant. So, here we will discuss what you will get as an immigrant in Canada as well as what Canada has to offer you.

We believe from here you will get a broad idea about Canada. So, let’s get started.

Life in Canada for Immigrants

Seasons and Weather

At first, we are mentioning about Canada’s seasons and weather. As we all know, it plays an important role in our daily life. Canada has four different seasons. The temperature here differs widely, somewhere in the winter -40C and in the summer it can be 40C even.

So, be ready to face those, and it will be really a tough task to properly outfit you for every season. The best is to buy clothing after landing in Canada.

Summer is everything in Canada, and Canadian’s enjoy summer immensely for surviving the upcoming winter. People like me who are from subtropical climate are not familiar with enjoying summer that much. But in Canada, you will enjoy it with shorts and sandals.

Diversity and Inclusivity of Canada

Canada has also become renowned for its diversity and inclusivity. Canada supports the LGBTQ community, and in 2005, it became the fourth nation to support same-gender marriage.

And if you are a woman immigrant, you might be thinking about your facilities and rights. Women have a strong voice in Canada, and some basic women’s rights, such as- access to birth control and abortion, voting rights, and so on are established here.

Also, in the workforce, women have a high participation percentage, between 2554 ages, almost 82% of women in Canada choose to work outside of their home. So, as an immigrant, you are going to enjoy such a diverse and inclusive culture of Canada.


As applying for immigration or entering Canada as an immigrant, one thing will definitely pop up in your mind, and that is “Will you be accepted in Canada?

In 1970 Canada approved a policy to promote multiculturalism, and since then it is a vital part of Canada. More than 30 ethnic communities are there in Canada and urban cities like- Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal people from different ethnicity are living together. Moreover, Toronto, most of the time referred to as ‘the most multicultural city in the world’.

Canada has one famous approach, and that is the mosaic approach to multiculturalism, where different cultural people live together; meanwhile, they practice their religion and maintain their cultural heritage. So, as an immigrant, you will also be part of such fantastic multiculturalism.

Economy and Tech Industry

The 10th largest economy of the world is the Canadian economy, and Canada’s economy is mostly dependent on the service sector. Canada’s oil and petroleum industry is experiencing small but stable growth. We are mentioning this because perhaps it will assist you in finding a job here.

If you have tech talent, then Canada can be the place for you. As the Canadian tech industry is growing speedily, you will get a great job opportunity in that sector.

World-Class Education System

Canada, one of the most educated countries in the world, spends a lot on the education system. Canada has some renowned universities such as- McGill University, the University of British Columbia, the University of Toronto, and so on.

In some provinces of Canada, education is partially or fully free for low-income students. So, if you want to immigrate to Canada as a student, you will get the best, and for any other type of immigrants, they also don’t have to be worried about their child’s education.

Universal Health-Care System

In 1960 the universal health care system started in Canada. Under this system in every province of Canada, there is a healthcare plan which provides reasonable medical services to every resident. Canada also spent a lot in its healthcare system, according to the OECD Canada spent $6,323 per person.

Safe Place to Live

In the Global Peace Index 2018, Canada was in the 6th position as the most peaceful country in the world. This index ranked countries based on various factors such as- political stability, diplomatic relations, homicide rates, militarization, terrorism impact, etc.

In the case of foreign diplomacy, Canada is well-known, and it has a strict gun control law. Also, Canada’s crime rate is low. So, you can consider it as one of the safest places to start your new life as an immigrant.

Some Tips for Immigrant

  • Learn to use sorry, thank you, excuse me, please, etc. in your daily life
  • Not everything related to health care is free such as- dental care. Also, if you need antibiotics, you must have to see a doctor. Otherwise, you can’t get the medicines from the pharmacy
  • Grow the habit of tipping especially in restaurants, saloons, and taxis. It’s mostly common in Canada
  • Canada offers the same rights and freedom for everyone, for every gender, race, religion, etc. So, get rid of your prejudice to live a good life
  • If you want to repair your shoe or even toaster, you will find it challenging to find a repairer. Even if you find, it will be almost the same cost as purchasing a new one
  • Canadians are like to be bit private. So, keep mind while behaving

Final Words

Canada is one of the best places for immigrants. Here we discussed what you would get as an immigrant. So, don’t take tension about life in Canada for immigrants. You are going to get the best, perhaps from this multicultural, diverse, economically robust, and safe country.

We also mentioned some tips. Those are very basic; when you will be here, you will learn more from your experience. So, now properly do all the procedures to come in Canada as an immigrant and if you are here already start enjoying and follow those essential tips.

We are experienced in immigration issues and proudly serving people globally. We aim to make the immigration process as easy as water.

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