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Best Neighborhoods in Surrey, BC

October 7, 2021BY Faisal Mustafa

Which area in Surrey is the best to live in? Which part of Surrey is dangerous? How many neighborhoods are there in Surrey, and where should we search for housing? Is Surrey an expensive place to live?

If you’re thinking of immigrating to Surrey, BC because you’re taking advantage of one of the many British Columbia immigration programs that are out there, then you no doubt want to know where you and your family should be settling. That’s why we’ve put together this survey of different communities in Surrey.
Living in Surrey is fun and rewarding, and plenty of our immigrants are here because they have job offers and work visas bringing them here. As Surrey, BC immigration lawyers, we want to help ensure our clients and future clients are as comfortable and as informed as possible. 

City Centre

If you want walkability, proximity to hot restaurants and the entire transit system, and the ability to stay close to some great art and cultural landmarks, then living in or near the downtown area will suit your needs nicely. 

It’s also a highly affordable area to buy in or rent in, and is undergoing a rapid transformation that is making it more vibrant and interesting by the day. 

If you’re working in academia or here on a student visa City Centre will keep you close to the educational heart of the city, as it’s the location of Simon Fraser University (SFU), Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU), Douglas College, Sprott Shaw College, and Stenberg College. It’s also a major healthcare hub as it is home to Surrey Memorial Hospital and the Health & Technology District.

You may never have to get far from home to find entertainment here! You’ll be close to many of the city’s best parks, including the Green Timbers Urban Forest, and you’ll be right on top of the festival grounds, which means you’ll be able to enjoy Surrey’s festivals year-round.  


If you’re looking for a family-friendly neighborhood with a great deal of access to top-notch shopping and dining then Guildford is a great choice. In Guildford, single family homes dominate diverse, multicultural neighborhoods. New build subdivisions go up often, offering the opportunity to enjoy some very nice housing indeed, but some older homes provide opportunity for the bargain-hunter. 

Residents enjoy the close proximity of one of Surrey’s biggest shopping malls as well as a variety of recreational opportunities: the neighborhood is full of trails, parks, pools, playgrounds, trails, baseball diamonds and soccer fields. The Guildford Recreation Center is especially worth a look given its 8-lane Olympic-sized pool, fitness center and weight room. 

Indian immigrants will easily find a welcoming home here; 20% of the residents in Guildford speak Punjabi. 


Whalley has gotten sort of an unfair reputation over the years. It used to be run-down and crime ridden. Thanks to the fact that Surrey’s main road cut straight through Whalley it tended to give many visitors the impression that this neighborhood was what Surrey itself was all about. Over the years it has begun to revitalize.

Yet residents passionately defend it as a friendly neighborhood where the residents know one another’s name, and where they all look out for each other. 

You’ll have access to a culturally vibrant community and a busy transit hub, which makes it a great neighborhood for commuters. It’s a highly affordable neighborhood as well. Amenities include the Sport & Ice complex, the Chuck Bailey Recreation Center, and the Bridgeview Community Center. You’ll also be close to Bear Creek Park, Whalley Athletic Park, and Bridgeview Park. 


This is a family-friendly neighborhood boasting 36 neighborhood community parks. Despite being a city neighborhood it maintains a small-town sort of atmosphere. The school system is strong. Families can take advantage of the community center, bike trails, youth park, ice arena, and golf course that pepper the area. 

It’s also a highly walkable community; many people choose to stay out of their cars in favor of just taking a stroll down to the grocery store. It has its own historic main street. 

It’s home to several of Surrey’s festivals, including the Cloverdale Rodeo, the Blueberry Festival, and the Christmas Light Parade. 

It is pretty far from the city hub, which can be a pro or a con depending on what you’re looking for. 


Immigrants may feel right at home in Newton, home, as it is, to the area’s largest South Asian communities. Many immigrants have opened restaurants, clothing, and jewelry shops throughout the area. Newton is also home to one of the world’s largest Vaisakhi Parades outside of India, boasting attendance by more than 400,000 people each year.

It’s also home to a burgeoning scientific community as it hosts Powertech Labs and the Simon Fraser University Fuel Cell Research Lab. Yet the arts find plenty of purchase here thanks to the Bell Center for the Performing Arts and the Newton Cultural Center.

Want a huge playground? Check out Unwin Park. The Newton Recreation Center offers a swimming facility, and the Newton Arena offers a chance to go skating, to play hockey, or to enjoy other winter sports.


A fast commute, a big yard, access to the Sky Train, and a great deal of diversity combine to make Fleetwood one of Surrey’s hottest areas. It’s got a huge South Asian population (32%) and a huge Chinese population (10%), making it a popular spot for many of our clients. Quiet streets, lots of amenities, and plenty of stores make it a fine place to raise a family.

There is a good mix of new homes and old homes here, with a strong school system. It’s a solidly middle class neighborhood with access to a fair cross-section of parks. Residents enjoy spending time at the Surrey Sport & Leisure Complex and the Fleetwood Community Center, as well as Fleetwood Park. The city is building a new athletic park there, scheduled to finish in 2022. Pet owners will find they’re near two dog parks.

The Fleetwood Business Association ensures a thriving business community representing about 350 shops, restaurants, spas, clinics, and light commercial concerns.

Need help immigrating to Surrey, BC?

Before you can settle into the perfect Surrey, BC neighborhood, you have to navigate the complex immigration process. Our attorneys have decades of experience and we can help you take advantage of any of British Columbia’s immigration programs.

We even have attorneys on staff who speak fluent Mandarin and Punjabi. Get started by calling our Surrey office at (604) 394-2777 today. 

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