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Parent Immigration in Canada

November 13, 2019BY Immigrationincanada

One Canadian citizen or permanent resident can apply for PR for their parents and grandparents under the family class sponsorship program.  They can also sponsor them, and you can invite them to stay with you.

Many Canadian citizen family members are living far from them. And who doesn’t have the wish to stay together with their family members? If those family members are our parents, then the urge to live together is quite high.

The Canadian government provides you the opportunity to bring your parents to Canada by family class immigration program. So, if you are a Canadian citizen, you can invite your parents to come and live with you.

By sponsoring them, you are committing to that you will take their responsibility for financial help when they are in Canada. You have to make sure that they do not need any social assistance from the Canadian government.


Who is eligible to sponsor parents? The answer is in the following part.

  • If you are not a minor and at least 18 years old
  • You reside in Canada
  • You have to be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • You have to have enough money to sponsor your parents.

For verifying that you have sufficient money to sponsor, you to have to show your proof of income. Either you can permit the related authority to get your tax information directly from CRA or you can provide them the papers of your notices of assessment.

If you are living in other provinces than Quebec, you have to pledge that you will financially take care of that sponsored person for a certain period. It is known as the promise of an undertaking.

This undertaking commits you to provide financial support for your sponsored family members for 20 years from the time when they become a permanent resident.

You will repay any social assistance provided by the Canadian government, which your family member gets.

If you are in Quebec and want to bring your family members in Quebec, you have to meet with Quebec’s immigration sponsorship requirements.

If you are-

  • Underage 18
  • A temporary resident who is visiting, studying, working in Canada
  • Not a Canadian citizen and your permanent resident application is still in the process
  • Unable to show the required amount for sponsorship
  • Then you are not eligible to sponsor your parent.

Besides these, if you are-

  • In jail
  • Accused to pay an immigration loan, a performance bond which you didn’t pay
  • Alleged for not giving financial amount previously in another case of sponsorship
  • Announced to be bankrupt
  • Receiving social assistance other than a disability
  • Charged with any criminal offense inside and outside of Canada
  • Under any removal order for which you can’t live legally in Canada

Then you are unable to sponsor your parents. There can make other reasons. The related authority will tell you if you are not eligible to sponsor and with purpose.

The Super Visa

The super visa is one particular visitor category for parents and grandparents. Some requirements of a super permit are the same as typical visa requirements, and some are different.

At first, parents and grandparents who are applying they have to have a child or grandchildren who are a permanent resident of Canada. If their child is a temporary resident of Canada, they have to apply under the general visa category.

Again super visa is only for your parents and your grandparents. Your siblings who are dependent on your parents cannot be included in the application.

You, child or grandchild, have to show $31,061 income for two people, and it will increase for each additional person.

Your parents have to undergo an immigration medical exam and will also need valid Canadian medical insurance coverage for a minimum of 1 year. Lots of Canadian insurance providers supply insurance coverage. Before buying any insurance, be sure that insurance covers all the requirements for a super visa.

Difference between Super Visa and A visitor Visa

Super visa gives your parent permission to multiple entries for up to 10 years. That means your parents and grandparent can leave and re-enter Canada for the next ten years. Also, at a time they can stay in Canada for up to 2 years.

On the other hand, the maximum length of stay with one visitor visa in 6 months and have to re-apply for re-entering and extend visas.

By knowing the difference between these two, maybe you can make a decision which one is perfect for your parents.

Parental Sponsorship

A super visa is an excellent option for people who want to bring their parents for visiting, but it won’t relocate them entirely.

If you have the desire to bring your parents to Canada permanently, you can sponsor them. Eligibility for such kind sponsorship is mentioned in the upper part.

In super visa, dependent siblings cannot be included, but here they can be added.

The processing time for sponsoring parent application can be prolonged. In the meantime, you can bring your parents to Canada by visitor visa.


Canadian citizens can bring their parents who are living in another country by sponsoring them. For that, they have to have the required income and have to follow some procedures. These procedures are quite time-consuming.

But at least the Canadian government is providing the opportunity to reunite with your family because the Canadian government cares for its people.

Recently Canada has become one of the attractive destinations for immigrants because of its facilities. Among them, family class sponsorship one by which you can bring your parents to Canada as a permanent resident.

Canada has the most robust economy in the world. Its medical facilities are widely known in the world. For our parents, who are aged medical facility is one important thing. For them, Canada can be hugely advantageous.

Besides, Canada has the lowest rate of criminal cases, which indicates that it is the safest place for living. And the job market of Canada is also flourishing from where you will be able to earn if you are a skilled person.

So, all of these making people more attracted to Canada. And if you are a permanent resident of Canada and want to bring your parents here, wait for the next opening of interest to sponsor form as 2019’s has been closed.

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