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Positive Effect of Immigration in Canada

January 5, 2020BY Anik Chowdhury

Canada is a very generous nation all over the world. Every year many immigrants and refugees come to Canada. The immigration policy in Canada is very straight forward. The government of Canada has many facilities to welcome immigrants. About 300,000 Syrian refugees immigrated to Canada last year.

Canada is very well-known for welcoming immigrants by providing jobs depending on educational qualifications. As we know, to appreciate a large number of immigrants in Canada may have many problems like giving them shelter, food, and job. There is some positive effect of immigration in Canada.

So let’s discuss the positive impact of immigration in Canada.

The history of immigration in Canada

Most of us don’t know about the history of Canada. But Canada has a rich history of immigrants. According to the history of Canada, we can see that Canada has been a country for immigrants. A massive number of immigrants from all over the world come to Canada every year. Immigrating immigrants in Canada has both advantages and disadvantages. There are also many positive effects of immigration in Canada.

Population shrinking

A shrinking community is one of the main reasons for immigrating immigrants in Canada. If Canada didn’t accept immigrants, the people of Canada would shrink because of the low rate of birth. We all know that Canada is a country where the birthrate is too small.

To maintain the balance of the population of Canada, the government of Canada welcomes immigrants every year. The birth rate must 2.1 per woman to maintain the balance of people in Canada, but the birth rate is lower than 1.6 per woman.

Immigrants help to control the population of Canada by giving birth; otherwise, the population of Canada would shrink due to the low-birth rate. Immigrants are the main reason for maintaining the people of Canada. Immigrating immigrants is one of the positive effects of immigration in Canada.

The economy of Canada

The positive effect of immigration in Canada is with the economy of Canada. While the full economic condition effects of immigrants are under consideration, population growth is usually necessary to maintain a growing economy.

If the population of a country falls, the economy generally follows. Fewer workers are less likely to produce goods and services, so economic performance decreases. So, the Canadian economy is currently rising at a steady 1.5% a year.

It is doubtful that Canada would be able to maintain this level of economic development without immigrants to encourage population growth. Young Canadians contribute to Canada’s growing purchasing power in addition to providing the jobs. More people with money are focusing on local products and services.

Drive down wages

Drive down wages is one of the positive effects of immigration in Canada. As you know, the immigrants are willing to work with lower payments. But Canadian don’t prefer to work with lower wages. The unemployment rate in Canada is to low.

There are many jobs or work available for everybody, but it depends on the educational qualification. Many factories in Canada are also experiencing labor shortages. And to help with that, the immigrants are always willing to work. They don’t even care about payment. So we can see that immigrants contribute to driving down the wages in Canada.

Skilled workers

Every company and organization seeks skilled workers. Most of the immigrants are skilled workers in various kinds of sectors, which is very helpful for many organizations in Canada. According to the Canadian government, about 58,000 refugees migrated to Canada in 2016, and most of them are skilled workers, which is very useful for many organizations.

The Canadian government is always looking for skilled workers for their country. That’s why the government is offering many facilities to the immigrants. So this is one of the main positive effects of immigration in Canada.

The steady supply of skilled workers

Immigrants help to fill up the vital sector in the job market because many immigrants are skilled workers in various kind of industry which the Canadian job market is looking for as employees. Immigrants maintain a steady supply of skilled workers in Canada. If the government stop welcoming immigrants to Canada, the amount of skilled worker will shrink.

To maintain the steady supply of skilled workers, the Government of Canada has a program designed explicitly to promote the immigrants of skilled workers to Canada. In other sectors like education and IT, a similar pattern exists. The steady supply of skilled workers is one of the positive effects of immigration in Canada.


Although immigrants may cause many problems in a country in various ways. But there are many positive effects of immigration in Canada. The immigrant can balance the birthrate in Canada. Many industries are looking for workers, and immigrants are fulfilling the vacancies. They are getting many skilled workers from various countries.

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