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Pros and Cons of Living in Alberta

September 12, 2021BY Immigrationincanada

If you want to move to a new place inside Canada, you have plenty of options to pick a city. Also, if you are moving to Alberta (willingly or unwillingly), you will still have many questions in mind.

To clear your doubts regarding moving to Alberta, go through the article to make up your mind. Remember, it is not only Alberta, but any state — any city — will have some plus points and some shortcomings. So check the pros and cons section carefully to estimate the compatibility of moving in Alberta.

Places to Live in Alberta

Alberta is considered one of the finest states to live and reside in Canada. Below are the top cities of Alberta for living with a short detail:

Lacombe, AB

It has an extensive range of recreational amenities and facilities. The city has enough outdoor pitches to nurture one’s athletic ambition. Kinsmen Aquatic Centre (KAC) is a notable facility to explore with your family or solo.

Canmore, AB

Located 66 miles west of Calgary, AB, this city promotes the traditional Treaty 7 territory and oral practices of the Iyarhe Nakoda and Tsuut’ina nations and the Blackfoot Confederacy. Tourism is the major economic base of Canmore. Canmore is also an excellent choice for a wide array of outdoor activities.

Camrose, AB

Camrose has excellent health service records in 2020 and extensively praiseworthy achievement during the covid-19 pandemic. This city also offers an ideal combination of indoor and outdoor recreational and learning activities.

Red Deer, AB

The city of Red Deer was established in 1901. Red Deer is almost to a buffer city — if not an entire buffer city — being located in Central Alberta, midway between two other major cities — Edmonton and Calgary.

St. Albert, AB

The city of St. Albert is one of the most popular places to start a family in Alberta, Canada. St. Albert offers excellent facilities to meet your basic needs of modern-day life and live in tranquillity.

Bonnyville No. 87, AB

The Municipal District of Bonnyville No. 87 is a decent place to live in Alberta. One of the most exciting attractions of this city is the Kinosoo Ridge adventure. The charges vary based on age group.

Lloydminister, AB

The city of Lloydminister has a colourful and active community that is genuinely welcoming to newcomers and individuals from different cultures from the bottom of their hearts.

Calgary, AB

The city of Calgary has a longer history than most developed cities in Canada. It started its Municipal history in the late 1800s, marked by the construction of Fort Calgary.

Geographically Calgary has been a prominent location for being a confluence of the Bow and the Elbow rivers. Calgary has a worldwide familiarity to attract people from outside and inside of Canada to settle down. In Calgary, you can have a fast-paced tranquil life!

Grande Prairie, AB

The County of Grande Prairie is located in northwestern Alberta, on Treaty 8 Territory. This place is a mix of light striking city life and peaceful rural experience.

Sylvan Lake, AB

Sylvan Lake is a reverberant lakeside place to reside with a unique set of recreational activities. The local community has a strong appreciation for the environment, eco-friendly products and cultural assimilation.

The above-listed cities are the best places to live in Alberta based on past history and recent statistics.

Pros of Living in Alberta

Alberta is one of the most sensational states in Canada to provide you with an adventurous and surprising life that will reduce the chance of monotonous weekends. The following aspects are prime reasons to move to Alberta from states like Quebec and Ontario:

Higher Rate of Income

Residents in Alberta usually enjoy a higher family income than parts of Canada. According to the 2018 Canadian Income Survey, the average family income after tax is a median of $98,400. Looking forward to switching to here, most prospective residents find this the most attractive inspiration about Alberta.

Lower Cost of Living

Compared to the higher income rate, Alberta has a lower cost of livelihood. For instances:

  • No provincial healthcare premiums
  • No provincial sales tax (PST)
  • Tax rebates and credits to further help with your finances

A lower cost of living makes it easier to fulfil payment for individuals’ long-cherished hobbies or tours. It also makes a great opportunity to save a larger amount for your future.

Warm Welcoming Community

Alberta has a generally warm, welcoming population that promotes diversity. Thus, Alberta is a popular target for people residing within Canada and for future immigrants planning to move to Canada.

Health Care Cost & Accessibility

Most individuals prioritize the health care facilities offered by the new states they are heading out to settle. Health care facilities in Alberta are highly consumer-friendly for its residents. In short, an individual usually enjoys more health care services than the insurance one is paying. Alberta residents typically get almost all common health-related checkups and treatment covered under Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan.

People of Alberta enjoy the ease of access to healthcare facilities in case of emergency. These ease of access facilities include:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • A wide range of social services
  • Consultation and supervision of qualified doctors and health care workers

Health is wealth, and your wealth should not be a reason for you to spend too much that you become almost broke. So calculate wisely.

Natural Environment
Alberta has passionate care for the natural environment. The local communities strongly prioritize the reduction of any form of pollution that damages the environment.

Permanent Resident (PR) for Immigrants

Availing PR is a significant achievement for non-Canadian aiming to settle in the country. Alberta is one of the easiest provinces to secure PR in Canada. The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) has two streams for foreign workers, three streams for entrepreneurs from which any skilled individual is looking to have a Canadian PR.

Affordability of Education

Alberta’s provincial government maintains fundamental aspects of education. It ensures government-certified and highly qualified teachers for schools. The provincial government continuously works to facilitate its schools across Alberta to modernize with technology. Alberta has a decent academic calendar and holidays. They are as follows:

  1. Summer Holidays: 2 months (July & August)
  2. Winter Break: Two weeks (at the end of December)
  3. Spring Break: One week, either late March or early April
  4. High school first semester: September to End of January
  5. High school second semester: February to End of June

This is a well-balanced school year with adequate and appropriate leaves to reduce mental pressure on students.

Cons of Living in Alberta

Noting is beyond limitation. We are talking about this city, and no one can guarantee that you will like everything about a city. However, you can know the following things before moving into Alberta to be prepared mentally.

The Weather

The weather in Alberta is challenging for individuals who have not lived in a cold climate previously. Days are short during winter, so you have to start early for your daily work. On the other hand, the nightlife is not glamorous compared to other big cities — like Toronto.

Transportation and Communication

To be fair, Alberta does not have excellent roads and highways. A major portion of the roads is badly in need of maintenance. Moreover, snow-covered or wet roads make driving challenging during the winter, plus motorcycle enthusiasts have to take a break from riding their two-wheelers.

Social Safety & Crime Rates

Alberta has one of the highest crime records in Canada. So you might be a bit worried about your belongings and other valuable items at home, particularly when travelling far from home to enjoy a good vacation.

The Nature

Alberta has some beautiful mountains, but it has no ocean. The views of mountains are spectacular without any doubt, but nothing makes the mind more tranquil than the scenery of the sunset at a beach and the euphony of waves breaking on the shoreline. To have a great time at a beach you have to travel to other provinces.


For some people living in Alberta is the best option compared to the whole world, let alone Canada. Humans are subjective about their place of living — either they assume their residential area as the Garden of the Eden or like a battlefield to survive each day.

So don’t get lost in calculating the pros and cons of living in Alberta. Give it a tryout, and you might get bitter-sweet memories to widen the horizon of life.

Frequently Asked Question

Should I Move to Alberta?

It depends on many variables. If you are looking for entry-level jobs with a satisfactory salary, then yes. If you are adventurous, you should move to Alberta for a wild experience.

Moving from Ontario to Alberta What Should I Know?

You should know the energy provider in Alberta, the internet and cable service provider, and calculate moving costs. You should also prepare documents for identification, home security, home insurance, health card and driver’s license.

Is Alberta a Province?

Yes, Alberta formally became a province in 1905. Edmonton is the capital of Alberta. It is ranked sixth based on the total area among other Canadian provinces.

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