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Pros and Cons of Living in Yukon

February 5, 2021BY Immigrationincanada

Yukon is one of the smallest Canadian territories. More or less, only 30 thousand people are living in this territory, which makes it the least populated territory in Canada. It has only a capital city in Yukon, which is known as Whitehorse. Since it is a small and least populated territory, then again, it has so many benefits.

The weather condition of Yukon is really favorable. And the least population makes this place more live-worthy. Despite having all these benefits, it has some drawbacks too. But advantages and disadvantages will depend on the individual who is planning to live there.

So in this writing, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of living in Yukon in detail. Keep reading this article if you want to learn more.

Living in Yukon

If you are planning to shift to Yukon for any reason, then it is really very important to know about the advantages and drawbacks of living there. Because if you have no idea about the place where you are going to live, then you may face some difficulties and hardship.

Likewise, when you find the benefits of living in the Yukon, you will also have to concern about the disadvantages. Because if you do not look at the disadvantages, then it may cause some trouble in your life later on. So, you will find all the benefits and downsides in the following.

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Benefits of Living in The Yukon

There are so many advantages or benefits of living in the Yukon. The small population and excellent weather conditions make this place more favorable than other territories of Canada. Below are given some of the benefits of living in the Yukon.

1. Beautiful and peaceful nature

Yukon is well known for its beautiful and peaceful nature in the whole of northern Canada because it is surrounded by nature – flowing rivers, tall mountains, deep forests, and glacier lakes. Nonetheless, Yukon has the tallest mountain in northern Canada. The highest and tallest mountain in Yukon is called Mount Logan.

Mount Logan is almost 19,551 feet long. Other than these, Yukon’s beautiful weather makes this place more favorable to live in. Moreover, this place is best for people who love fishing, hunting, hiking, adventures, and so on.

2. Good education system

In the whole of Canada, people with a permanent resident can have their education for free up to secondary school, and the government of Canada handles all the education fees for Canadian residence. So, when children go to school, they can study up to their secondary school for free of cost.

Likewise, Yukon is also the territory of Canada. So people who live in Yukon also can enjoy this government-funded educational system. Also, Yukon has an education institute, which is also known as Yukon college, which is located in the Whitehorse. This college is a part of the University of the Arctic.

So, it would be a very good option for people who are planning to move to Yukon for their higher study. Even they offer a very good scholarship for their international student, which is also funded by the Canadian government.

3. Friendly people

The people of Yukon are well known for their humbleness and friendliness. Comparing to other territories of Canada, Yukon has the smallest and least populated. So, by default, people from Yukon are so interactive with others. They always welcome the foreigner with a great attitude.

They also have some cultural events, and they always try to welcome different people from culture to join them. This area also has some indigenous descent. So, they always try to maintain and respect everyone from a different culture.

4. Great living place

Yukon can be classified as a great living place for many reasons. One of the topmost reasons is, this territory of Canada is a very safe and secure place for living. It has a very peaceful environment where people do not rush, and it rarely has any traffic jams, read more if you need any information.

They have cultural programs and festivals all over the years, and they always respect all people from different cultures. Some mention-worthy festivals in Yukon are mountain bike festivals, trail marathons, dog races, and many more.

5. Limited jurisdiction

Another advantage of Yukon can be its limited jurisdiction. Comparing to the big cities or territories, Yukon’s jurisdiction tends to solve any case very swiftly and easily. It has a democratically elected parliament with 18 different representatives.

So, when someone has to deal with some family issues or any court-related issues. They can make it very easily and very quickly. For that limited jurisdiction of Yukon’s government, many people would like to move to that place.

Yukon for adventurous life

6. A great destination for new immigrants

We have already known that Yukon has the least population in the whole of Canada. For that reason, it makes Yukon a very good choice for the new immigrants especially, in the time of the gold rush, new immigrants always would like to enter this place. Because in that time, they find new opportunities in the mining sectors.

Not only these, but it also has so many ecumenical opportunities. So it is a very good option for people from different provinces. Yukon’s government also initiates some Provincial Nomination programs that help the new immigrants to settle in that territory.

Disadvantages of living in Yukon

Despite having so many benefits of living in the area, Yukon also has some disadvantages. But comparing to the advantages, the disadvantages are really insignificant. Some mention-worthy disadvantages of living in a place like Yukon can be the higher living standard or the cost of living.

Below are given a very brief explanation of some disadvantages of living in the Yukon:

1. The high cost of living in Yukon

Usually, this territory has one of the most expensive costs of living out of the whole of southern Canada. The house rent and basic essentials costs are also quite higher than other territories. So the people who have recently shifted to Yukon need some time to adjust to their cost of living in the territory of Yukon.

In some cases, the new immigrants or newcomer needs to deal with some difficulties with basic essential costs (e.g., house maintaining costs, basic costs, and so on). In Yukon, generally, a one-bedroom apartment rent can go up to $700. On the other hand, a one-bedroom basic house cost can go up to $900.

2. Less social contact

Another drawback of living in Yukon is less social interaction. The population of Yukon is relatively lower than other territories. So people who live in Yukon have very little social contact. But people here can enjoy the excellent outdoor activities, which makes this place more socially distanced.

Sometimes, it may seem so difficult for the newcomers who shift there from a crowded area. Even when someone needs any help or anything, you need to drive miles after miles in order to get the proper help. In certain cases, you may find yourself totally isolated from others.

3. Very cold weather

Like the other provinces and territories of Canada, Yukon also has very cold weather. But in Yukon, the weather is cold all over the year because of its geographical location. During the winter season, the temperature can fall up to -30 degrees Celsius. For newcomers or immigrants, this temperature can be very threatening.

In the winter season, the daylight hours also become smaller. In Yukon, the daylight hour can be 5-6 hours in the winter season. On the other hand, in the summer season, this daytime can be longer, up to 19 hours. So, this big difference from the day and night hours can be a very big issue for the new immigrants or the people who are planning to move to Yukon.

The Bottom Line

From the above writing, we have come to the conclusion that living in Yukon has its pros and cons. But the good thing about this territory is really noteworthy. And if you are planning to move to Yukon for adventurous life or study.

It can be a very good option for you because you can experience new things and enjoy the great natural beauty of it. But generally speaking, this Canadian territory is not for everyone—especially people who have issues with cold weather. Then you may have to choose another territory.

Also, before moving to Yukon, you always have to be concerned about the cost of living in Yukon. Apart from this, Yukon is a very good and amazing Canadian territory for any reason without a doubt. Hopefully, this writing helped you to know about the pros and cons of Yukon.

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