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Regina Immigration Lawyer

June 23, 2021BY Immigrationincanada

Settling down in Canada is a dream of almost every human on this planet. Among several provinces, Regina could be one of the prominent places to immigrate. Regina is the capital city of Saskatchewan, a province of Canada.

If you intend to move to Regina, an immigration lawyer in Regina should be the ideal support you need. A Regina immigration lawyer would guide you through the whole process. You can also know a lot about the city from immigration lawyers in saskatoon.

Nevertheless, we can understand that it could be a tough decision. Therefore, this article focuses on providing a thorough knowledge of the city of Regina and immigrating to Regina.

Why Immigrate to Regina?

Regina is a center of culture and commerce in Saskatchewan. Moving to the city can give you a comprehensive experience of different weathers throughout the year. The cultural life, the art, the music, education, and other social facilities make the country a get place to live. Let us look at a few aspects of life in Regina to aid your decision to immigrate to the city.

Geography & Climate

Regina is the sixteenth largest city in Canada. As mentioned already, it is the capital city of Saskatchewan. Therefore, the city is quite big in size and an epicenter of business in the province. The total area of the city is 118.4 square kilometers.

Once you start living in Regina, you will experience 4 distinctive seasons throughout the year. First, you can expect the sunniest climate in Canada. Along with summer, other seasons are spring, fall, and winter. The average temperature in summer can be expected to be around 27 degrees Celsius. In winter, this temperature can get down as much as -11 degrees.

There is not much rain in Regina. However, snowfall is very common during the winters, and June is the wettest month in the city.


The City Council is in charge of governing Regina. The City Council is made up of 10 City Councilors and a Mayor. The governing body is responsible for creating several policies, legal authorities, budgets, and other aspects to run the city. In addition, there are several committees given specific power to assist the works of the City Council.


There are 3 different functional school systems in Regina. First, all the public elementary, high school, Christian, and Muslim schools are administered by the Regina Public School Board. Second, the Roman Catholic school system is administered by the Regina Catholic School Board. Finally, there is a French school, namely Conseil des écoles fransaskoises.

Regina has three universities. These are the University of Regina, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, and the First Nations University of Canada.

Health Care

Many local, provincial, national, and international organizations work together to set up the Regina health care facilities. The provincial Ministry of Health administers the health system of Regina.

Along with several walk-in clinics, Regina has 2 hospitals. The Saskatchewan Health Authority runs the hospitals and manages other health and welfare programs.

Regina Immigration Lawyer


If you are a reader, Regina is a great place to live. The city’s Public Library offers a massive resource of books with nine branches all across the city.

If you have a living address in Regina, you can get a free library card. You can use this card to get your hands on the resources of the library.


Regina is a city where you will find the Canadian National Railways and the Canadian Pacific going through the city. There is also the Regina International Airport located in the city. Regina also has several trucks, cars, and bus facilities for the residence of the city.


One of the key features you would consider is the housing facilities of a city. To begin with, you need to contact the Association of Regina Realtors to find the listing of houses to buy.

Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association can guide you to build your dream home in Regina. In addition, there are several local websites available to help you rent an apartment. The housing facilities are well-affordable in Regina.


The city owns the sewage and water services of Regina. SaskTel provides telecommunication facilities. The electricity provider is SaskPower, and the natural gas provider is SaskEnergy.

Resources & Major Industries

The economy of Regina is primarily accumulated by gas, agriculture, and oil production. The telecommunication industry is also a significant profitable development.

In terms of affordability, Regina has become well-renowned. As a result, the city is a lucrative place to set up private businesses.

Services for Newcomers

Regina is a welcoming city to newcomers. You can find all the necessary information, support, assessments, and other services to smooth migration to the city. The immigration office Regina is highly responsive and specialized in assisting the new immigrants to settle down in the city.


Opportunity to Migrate to Regina

The city has passed an effective plan to accept thousands of new immigrants over the next few decades. Regina is an ideal city to migrate to right now with its growing economy.

With a low unemployment rate, Regina is the most optimum opportunity for a migrator to shift. You should contact immigration lawyers in Canada to get yourself a skilled worker visa.

Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program Could Be Your Ticket

The recently designed Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program (SPNP) can support your path towards immigrating to Regina. As well, the skilled worker visa will allow you to check the requirements you fulfill. As a result, you can successfully settle down in Regina fairly quickly than most other cities in Canada.

Assessment to Know If You Qualify to Migrate to Regina

To migrate to Regina, you must first assess yourself. This assessment will prove your qualification to immigrate to Regina under specific programs.

Saskatchewan Canada immigration lawyers can guide you through the assessment process. It is a simple procedure. Attorneys can suggest to you the best options to migrate to Regina with only 15 to 20 minutes of an interview.

How Our Immigration Lawyers Can Help?

Taking the support of an immigration lawyer is a must when you intend to migrate to another city. This is also true if you want to relocate to Regina.

Our immigration lawyers are incredibly skilled and experienced in successfully placing an immigrant in Regina after all the paperwork and official procedures.

Furthermore, there are so many works to be done even after you arrive at Regina. For example, you must apply for your Social Insurance Number, Saskatchewan health card, and open a regional bank account after your arrival. Our lawyers can help you with all these activities without any headache.


A Regina immigration lawyer could be your best buddy when you are looking to migrate to Regina. The city being the capital of Saskatchewan is one of the most attractive places to spend your life. If you still feel confused, do not be late in consulting the best lawyers around you for your support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Appeal an Immigration Refusal Decision to Canada?

If your immigration application has been refused, you need to appeal against the decision. The appeal must be made to the Immigration Appeal Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board. You will need to get a copy of your refusal copy to complete the appeal.

What happens if your refugee claim is rejected in Canada?

Even if your refugee claim is rejected, there are several other options for you. First, an appeal must be made within 15 days of the refusal.

How do you perfect your appeal to the Refugee Appeal Division?

The best way to perfect your appeal to the Refugee Appeal Division is to ensure you provide all the documents with your appeal application.

What does the Refugee Protection Division do?

The Refugee Protection Division (RPD) is a part of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB). The division is responsible for the hearing and claim decision of refugee programs in Canada.

Can You Win an Appeal?

Yes, you can win an appeal against the Refugee Protection Division. However, for that, you must perfect your appeal application.

What Happens If You Lose an Appeal?

Losing an appeal means that your permanent residency will be lost as well. In addition, you will receive an order to remove you from Canada after you lose your permanent resident status.




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